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Channel the Reality You Prefer

A lot of fear is being pumped into the media right now, and many empathsEmpaths take back power are tuning into that energy. Remember, we are POWERFUL frequency transmitters (feeling is our expertise) so whatever energy we are tuning-in to will dominate us in powerful ways. But we get to choose what we we transmit.

Just because there is a lot of pain/suffering (and fear) being broadcast right now, does not mean we are subject to it. Feeling awful does not “help” anyone who is suffering. In fact, by participating in the reality of fear/suffering, we ADD to that frequency (we don’t lessen it).

Compassion is key. So start by giving it to yourself. What do you need to give yourself in order to release anything that may be causing you suffering? Give it to yourself, and then consciously tune-in to the reality you PREFER. There are millions (trillions) of beautiful acts of love being demonstrated, and people thriving. That is a a reality too. Which reality gives you more energy to love and be present? Which energy serves you? Which energy benefits the collective? Which energy provides  creative SOLUTIONS? What you choose to tune-into holds a POWERFUL vibration for everyone around you. So choose wisely.

Here is an excerpt from the “Empathic Communication” class that I thought I would share (as I know many of us are in the process of making up our minds as to which reality we want to allow into our sphere).

PS. This class is still available

Empaths: Time to Work Your Magic


It’s been an INTENSE energetic storm this past week. How are y’all doing?I know we’re feeling the effects in different ways, but it’s important to remember that YOU are the touch point for your vibrational signal. Ask yourself what will wake you up, what will help you feel more engaged and alive, and go do that. Don’t shut down. Don’t give way to fear. Don’t believe the lie that you are powerless. In fact, it’s times like this we get to experience just how powerful we are.

Regardless of what anyone around you is feeling, it’s important that you get clear about how you feel and what you need, so you can get in vibrational alignment and hold that space of harmonization and flow.

The more of us that choose to hold space of acceptance with what is noseparation(which means radical acceptance of ourselves), the more smooth this transition will feel. Hold strong. The vibration of harmony is only as strong as we allow ourselves to be present with where we’re authentically at.

Don’t bypass how you feel, or even allow it to be “out there” (believing you are a victim to what others are feeling) — feel it deeply. You are everyone. Now is not the time to be in the “us vs them” mentality or to see anything as separate from you. Let’s embrace our connection and then strongly take care of ourselves so we can powerfully radiate that vibe to the world. We can feel. We can be present to pain and loss, without allowing it to overtake us or become our story.

Let’s embody the validation and love we want the world to receive at this time. We have to receive it first. If we want to give that kind of acceptance, healing, love, and grace to the world, we must experience it ourselves first. We have to authentically know we can feel and love and embrace and accept and stay powerfully present, even in the face of things we don’t like to look at.

DON’T BYPASS HOW YOU FEEL. But don’t feel like you need to take on the weight of the world. You are the touch point. Get in touch with the vibration you’re sending out right now. Is it fear? Hope? Hatred? Get present with where you are authentically resonating and work from there. THAT IS YOUR ONLY POWER. What is your intuition saying? Listen. Love. Embody. And then take action from that place of clarity. 

Embrace every emotion with open arms, let it be okay — let there be room for all aspects of you to simply BE. Then release what no longer serves your well-being and allow the soothing release of relief to fill your entire grid. This is how we hold the space for harmony. It starts with US. If we don’t take care/take charge of our vibration, we’ll be caught in the world’s shit storm and believe the lie that we are powerless to change anything.

Remember: your ability to feel IS YOUR SUPERPOWER! This is the time for you to shine! Work your magic.

Empathic Communication: Love is the Key

Empathic communication is all about trust. It’s trusting our emotional guidance system, and the Source we come from. But, Illusion of separatenessit’s also about trusting our HUMAN experience. Building the pathwork for empathic/telepathic communication (in other words, harmonizing the energies on this planet) is about listening, learning, observing, and feeling. The human is experiencing the greatest impact of every vibration we carry because it is the physical world — the physical body. From Source perspective, there is nothing but appreciation and love for what we, through our limited human perspective, go through. It’s up to us to communicate back (through our vibrational blueprint) what we would prefer — what is in more harmony.

It takes time, but once we’ve dissolved the old paradigm of punishment/reward and evolve into experience/consequence, it is much easier to not see ourselves, or “God” as an enemy we are in a power struggle with. Rather, we are allies, siftng through our human experience and learning how to hold the vibration that feels the most soothing/exciting/expanding to hold, while trusting that the Source guidance within us is always pointing North.

This week I’ve been housesitting/dogsitting a puppy who has not been trained. At first I felt like I was being punished, wondering what I did “wrong” to attract such a stressful experience. But after some trial and error (I’ve never trained a dog before, much less a totally wild puppy) I realized that she and I are just learning how to communicate. She’s looking to me to show her the boundaries of this dimension (in a way that keeps her safe, AND keeps her spirit alive) and I’m learning how to communicate my needs to her. When I tried to be her “god” (and overpower her) it didn’t work — the situation turned into a power struggle. But once I began (energetically) communicating to her that I am her ally, and that it is her decision to jump on the couch, jump on me, bite, etc., that is the problem (not her) we started having clear communication. She began to trust my guidance more.

Of course, because she’s so young, the communication looks like immediately removing her from the situation (without shaming her) and putting her in her kennel. Before I would say “bad dog” but I could feel, on some level, how soul crushing that was energetically, because it was the energy of shame directed toward her most basic instinct (and personality) which is to PLAY.

I realized, of course, how much I’ve done that to my own inner-child, and how much my dad did the shame game with me. I choose to stop that energy and redirect it toward energy that builds, not destroys.

Wow. Who would have thought an experience with a dog could teach me so much? And the most amazing part of the experience is how GROUNDED this dog keeps me, because with a puppy, you have no choice but to be entirely in the moment. This has always been the most complicated piece of my self-love journey: how to stay present in the moment AND be aware of my needs/meet them (my past tendency was always to dissociate).

Empathic communication is the communion between our sense of personal power, and the heart, and we’re learning to smooth out that transmission. Let’s move out of the shame/guilt/punishment paradigm and begin to see our emotions, our sensitivities, our “higher self” and our human experience as an ally that is only trying to give us the best experience possible, not an enemy to overcome or destroy

How is your week going?

Come Forward and Be Counted, You Are Precious Beyond Measure!

Today in the “Empathic Communication” class, we’re talking about embracing, loving, and learning from all versions of ourselves that show up in the “now.”

Often when we talk about “being the best you” or even “the most harmonic” version of ourselves, we simultaneously imply heartthat all other version are “wrong” or “bad” or “less than. The same applies to thoughts and emotions.

But as long as we are at war with ourselves, we can’t have peace. True integration is about acceptance, and true mastery is about unconditional love. It’s seeing every version of ourselves (every emotion, feeling, and thought) as VALID and useful. It may not be “true” (for example, if you’re feeling worthless), but the feeling is VALID, because it’s trying to tell you something about what you need: more self-love.

So today, I challenge you to embrace every version of yourself that shows up. Listen to it, validate it, forgive it, and release judgement.

Then open your heart, and like the sunflower, turn it toward the light. Keep pushing your heart forward (the ‘kingdom’ is advancing) to make love to this physical dimension. The illusion will reflect back to you the same acceptance/love/freedom/joy, and ease that you give yourself.

Come forward and be counted, every version of you! You’re needed, you’re valid, you’re precious beyond measure…every single one of you!

Happy Thursday!

*The “Empathic Communication class is still available for registration. Come join the fun, love, and support! Check-out this welcome video to get an idea of what we’re diving into! 

A Letter from Source

How about this? Write a letter to yourself today from your “Higher Self.” What advice would the most objective/connected aspect of you give to soothe your fears? Smooth your vibe? Relax your tension in relation to the energy around you?

Here’s what came through from me:

“The best thing you can do for yourself in this moment is to relax, receive, laugh, love unconditionally – without fault-findingmoon nature or judgment. Release everyone, including yourself, from the need to be ‘right’ or worthy. You don’t need to justify your existence by your behavior.

Yes. Everything you think/feel/do has a consequence (produces a vibrational response that will be interpreted by you based on your judgment and beliefs) but you’re at a point in the game where you know YOU GET TO CHOOSE WHAT MEANING YOU WILL GIVE THE EXPERIENCE. Meaning is everything. It’s also nothing. Because it’s all subjective.

So don’t take yourself too seriously. Just breathe in-and-out and feel what it’s like to BE here. What does it mean to BE? This is a much more interesting question than ‘what do you know?’ or ‘how do you know?’ ‘what do you believe?’

Don’t you think?

Knowing is limited. Being is unending – eternal – unrestricted.
Feel the expanse of your being. Feel the great relief of opening yourself up to nothing and everything – the great sigh of being released from having to ‘know’ or believe, and simply exist in a space that is full of breathing poems. 

Language is too limited to express the great relief of Being. Being requires no explanation, no description, no creeds or beliefs. If you have to ‘believe’ in something you are simultaneously agreeing with its opposites. Belief only serves you if it brings expansion, life, relief. Let go of anything else. And keep growing.

Being includes no-being, for everything is contained in the space of nothingness. Feel the pleasure of that. There is no fear here. It is – beyond fear. Beyond hope. Beyond heaven, even. It is complete harmony with all that is.

Just Be and allow the I Am to continue its song to sing you Awake. Till the end of your days.” <3

Happy Fall Equinox: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

We’re in the full swing of eclipse season/mercury retrograde, and today is the much anticipated Fall Equinox. fantasy tree

There’s been a lot of foreboding predictions about this month, everything from end-of-the-world scenarios to alien disclosure. But I’ve found that the more serious and stoic energy we put into energies like this, the more intense we feel (it’s one of those mass self-fulfilling prophetic creations) . For me, keeping it light is key. I choose to remember that this is all a game we’re playing — an illusion we’re co-creating simply for the joy of expansion and contrast. Why take it so seriously?

No doubt life can be intense, painful, and overwhelming. Belittling or minimizing the reality of hardship is futile, but putting all of our focus there is not necessarily constructive, either.

As subconscious programs (old beliefs/paradigms) come up to be cleared, visualizations work well for me — fire energyparticularly using fire energy. Maybe it’s all the Armageddon talk, but fire is so pure and transformative, that when I’m feeling overwhelmed, I like to imagine my entire auric field being cleansed by the blazing flames of cosmic energy. Rather than fear the transformation, use it!

We’re not alone! Collective energy is co-creating more harmony, which means we’re also shedding a lot of old crap. Let’s be vigilant about what we focus on. Don’t give attention to any thoughts that steal  peace. Just let it go. Take a deep breath, remember this is all for the joy of expansion, and don’t take life too seriously right now.

Happy Fall!

Upcoming class:

Empathic Communication

Other available classes:

How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath

Empathic Communication Online Class

For those who have taken my previous class “How to Heal and Thrive as an Empath,” I am now releasing “Empathic noseparationCommunication” — the accumulation of everything we’ve worked up to.

In this class, we will be covering how empathic communication is a vibrational conversation with the Universe (and everything/everyone around us), why developing a greater sensitivity is more effective/powerful than shielding/protecting, and shutting down, and we’ll explore the implications of how empathic communication may be laying the ground work for telepathic communication.

(This video goes a bit further into my thoughts about this concept: 

In this pre-recorded, online class, we’ll cover:

*What it means to navigate the world with the emotional body (vibrationally), in our sensitivities 

*Gill activation (the concept of “breathing in” the emotional world — like breathing underwater)

*Trusting it’s safe for us to be sensitive in an energetically dense world

*Harmonizing the physical and the emotional body (and their close relationship with the sacral chakra)

*Using imagery, visualization, writing, and meditation to explore the “astral bodies” (our more subtle sensitivities)

*Symbolism and the subconscious mind (how symbols communicate to us vibrationally)

The class is meant to be a fun approach to our sensitivities, not something to take overly serious. These concepts have really helped me have more fun and thrive, rather than feel like being sensitive is something to “overcome” or merely cope with.

Hope you’ll join us!

The class is now open for PRE-REGISTRATION. All material/content will available through videos/audios to access at your own pace/convenience and will be emailed to you on October 11th. Everyone who pre-registers will be added to the private Facebook mentoring group where other members of the class share their questions, experience with the material, triumphs, and struggles. It’s a powerful support group and an excellent way to connect with other like-minded people.

To register for “Empathic Communication” complete purchase through the paypal button below. You will receive a confirmation email withing 24 hours:

Empathic Communication $33

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Spiritual Elitism: The Ultimate Bondage

A lot spirituality thinking in the past 2000 years seem to bear one thing in common: a distrust of the physical dimension. In holier than thouChristianity we are taught to “die to the flesh.” In Buddhism we’re told to “rise above” our desires — even snuff them out entirely. In many esoteric spiritual traditions “enlightened” gurus emphasize the spirit as our super hero and the “ego” as our enemy. And because we are programmed from birth to believe we are fundamentally flawed, we spend our lives seeking a way to perfect ourselves and be free from what we are: human.

Those of use who chose the religious or “spiritual” path became obsessed with a sort of moral competition. “Who is right?” “who is the most pure?” “who is the holiest of all?” “whose god is the most powerful?” We quickly devised a spiritual class system in which our worthiness was defined by what we deny ourselves, what we exclude ourselves from, and what we don’t do.

The problem with spiritual elitism is it only creates more separation. The “us” and “them” mentality has been brewing conflict for thousands of years, but we’re starting to wake-up and realize the “them” is us. We’re not better or more spiritual than someone else because we don’t eat meat or cooked food, or drink, or wear “immodest” clothing (or whatever rules we’ve created that we believe sets us apart from others). When our self-imposed rules and lifestyle become the guidelines by which we measure our goodness or judge others, we miss out on the point of it all: our hearts.

When we bury ourselves in rules and spiritual elitism, we kill the most precious gift of all: our ability to love, forgive, accept, Naked pastor2empathize, and embrace. All of these things come from the heart, and when we deny and punish ourselves for being human (in physical form), we kill our desires, and we harden our hearts. It’s no coincidence that some of the most “spiritually” moral, and religiously elite people are the least embracing, the least forgiving, the least empathic, and the most empty.

Proverbs 4:23 “Above all else, watch over the heart, for it is the wellspring of life.”

Rather than measuring our goodness by what we deny ourselves and who we exclude, what if our goodness was expressed by what we embrace and who we include?

Freedom is precious. And far too many of use “spirituality” as prison to keep us from truly living life, from true communion with others, and from real intimacy with the Source we come from.

Yes, we want to make wise choices. But living on purpose in not an excuse to us set apart from others, it’s a tool to enjoy life to the full. The only reason to have a rule or restriction is to keep us safe. If we use our freedom to harm ourselves or others, it becomes a prison, but once we learn to use awareness and intention – once we deeply experience the true nature of this experience (that everything is connected, and we are all one), it can no longer be about “right” and “wrong,” saved and unsaved, “them” and “us” – but rather “how can I best harmonize/make peace and love all aspects of myself that are being reflected to me in this physical dimension?” Because everything we observe is an aspect of us, and an extension of Source. As soon as we make an enemy of the external, we make an enemy of ourselves. And we all know how that battle ends.

Why would we want to live life in a never-ending struggle with ourselves? Our “spirit” attempting to kill and deny our flesh inangel devil on shoulder a battle that doesn’t end until we die? And then we can pass on to the other side with pride, knowing we didn’t embrace life at all, but fought it every inch of the way, in order to not be “human”? What a sad life, indeed.

What if we practiced (submitting) to the lead of the ‘spirit’ and making love to the flesh (the physical experience)? Rather than making our “higher self” the close minded boss who takes no pleasure in the physical dimension and has a list of rules for us to follow in order to be ‘set apart’, what if we allowed our spirit to lead us into all things that bring joy – to open up and make love to this experience, and to declare this life ‘good.’ The trick is to live with AWARENESS and intention, making decisions from the perspective of oneness, connectivity, while remembering this is a dream we are continually creating with our thoughts and emotions. We are not victims of circumstance, we are products of our beliefs and programs.

When we begin to see everything in our environment as a gift; food, walks in nature, relationships with people, jobs — all of the physical dimension becomes an experience to be enjoyed and embraced (rather than denied and “overcome”). From this perspective, an intense shift of power occurs in the solar plexus, and a potent outpouring of our inner kingdom unfolds. It’s a wondrous experience, related to the idea of opening up, spreading out, and breathing-in the energy around (rather than shielding/protecting, and essentially seeing “others” as a negative influence on our holy, righteous living). It may sound radical to some. No doubt many will assume I’m suggesting leading a reckless life, over-indulging in every manner of pleasure. But that’s not what I’m saying at all.

Glutinous living comes from a lack mentality – a belief that we can’t have or don’t deserve pleasure, so we grab what we can because we don’t believe we’ll ever have the chance again – it’s the “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die” mentality. But when we realize that every good and perfect gift is meant for our enjoyment — is created for us in this life – that this experience is simply for the joy and expansion it will bring us, and there is more than enough pleasure and joy to go around, we suddenly release to need to over-consume, to make reckless decisions, and to fall asleep at the wheel of our life.

When we remember we are eternal beings and this “reality” is only one tiny fractal of the entire experience, when we realizeembracinglife there is more than enough life to be had, we suddenly slow down, we take our time, we want to savor every precious moment because we see what a gift we are being offered through this experience. It’s merely a shift in perception, but it’s a powerful one indeed.

Living a life of rules and obligations will never bring true freedom. Measuring our goodness by what we don’t do can’t bring the depth of relationship and intimacy our hearts long for. We must let go of a life of denial and rules in order to receive the abundance of living with a scandalously free heart. A heart that embraces ourselves and “the other” with true empathy, understanding, and love. Choose to be set free from the bondage of “religious” and spiritual elitism — that world will only ever separate us from our true selves. We are so much more than we ever imagined, and our lives are meant for greater things.

Be free.

Life After Religion

Over the past two years, the majority of people who have contacted me for mentoring or taken my classes have either left, or are in the process of leaving religion.

Many empaths and highly sensitive people find religious environments debilitating to their sensitivities because it is often spiritual bypass2preached that emotions are “wicked,” and unreliable. Many religions ignore emotions at best, or demonize their purpose and function.

(So why do we have them, then? Small malfunction on God’s part, I suppose?!)

Although Jesus’s message was all about the heart (and he was the ultimate empath), many churches value the mind, “right practice,” and “right doctrine” over personal experience, and prioritize doctrine above individuals. Spiritual bypassing is rampant, congregants bury their emotions in duty in an attempt to “die to themselves” (rather than nurture and expand “the well-spring of life”  — which is THE HEART – Psalm 4:23), and in the end, they’re left feeling spiritually empty and exhausted. They kill their passion, lose heart, and call it moral fiber.

Being ardently committed and passionate about doctrine or a “plan of salvation” is not the same as spiritual growth and expansion, and for empaths, this kind of “mind over emotion” environment is deadly.

Because I have SO MANY empaths contact me who are in this transition period out of religion, I thought I’d share some common themes I’ve noticed, things to be aware of, and resources that may help the process.

Themes I’ve noticed:

*Most people who outgrow religion feel they have nowhere to go. They either carry a chip on their shoulder about religion and turnemotional bypass

off all aspects of spirituality out of (understandable) anger, OR float around aimlessly with no sense of connection to others and no clear moral compass.

*For those who come from a strong Christian background this is especially true, as most Christians have a deep sense of community/family, and when you leave, no one knows quite what to do with you. It’s not that they’ve stopped loving you or no longer care, they just don’t know how to relate to you anymore. And leaving the religion feels like you’re leaving THEM. And in a sense, you are.

*Many who leave religion often go through a pendulum swing, trading a life of duty/service/rules, to a maelstrom of drugs, sex, and partying. This swing typically causes them to eventually go back to religion and shut down their hearts even further, because they never learned to trust themselves. They never learned moderation. They never figured out who they are OR resurrected their hearts. They simply tried to numb the pain by releasing all their suppression in one fell swoop. And because they made a mess of things, they feel even further convinced that they “need” religion to babysit them, because they’re convinced they are sinful to the core. In my experience (with the people I’ve worked with), this is the most debilitating conclusion one could come to.

Having a system that babysits and monitors your behavior might be good when you’re spiritually young and immature, but Spiritual abuseyou are meant to eventually grow-up. A parent wouldn’t keep their kid in a play pin for the rest of their lives. That’s abuse. We are meant to grow, make mistakes, and learn how to take care of ourselves. Sadly, many churches and religions foster an unhealthy dependence on their system, emphasizing that without them and their rules/standards/structure, the people would be utterly lost and hell-bound. This is the most destructive and emotionally/spiritually stunting system a person can submit themselves to.

So what can you do?

If you’re coming out of religion, here are some tips to help you stay grounded/healthy:

*Connect with others who are in your shoes: When I first left religion, I didn’t have friends for a while – at least not any that I felt truly understood my heart. I still believed in (and had a relationship with) that which I called “God,” but I was exploring what that meant outside of the programming I’d been raised with; I had no desire to abandon it entirely. I simply needed to feel authentic, a feeling I deeply lacked in the religious environment. There were too many things I did not resonate with, and I just couldn’t lie anymore. It wasn’t until I connected with others who were on a spiritually “open” (and expanded) path that I began to truly find myself again.

Check-out Meet-up groups in your area, or connect with groups on online (Facebook has a ton). I also explored YouTube videos and found others like me (YAY), some who have become very close friends. Finding your “tribe” is an important part of the exit journey. You might be surprised how many people out there are on your same path.

*Know the withdrawal stagesThis will vary for each person (depending on how severe the religious programming hasYield to Love been). For me, it wasn’t entirely excruciating, because although I was raised around religion my entire life (including fundamentalism) I managed to escape all the extremes, and the one church I grew up going to was pretty mild, open, and free (emphasis on having a relationship with Jesus, not on the “church” itself). But I also never deeply connected to it. I’m not sure why that is, but I have NEVER been able to connect deeply to any organization. It just didn’t resonate…and never has.

But for some of my friends/family who were in pretty extreme/fundamentalist groups, it is a much more painful, excruciating, and even terrifying process to exit. If you were raised or deeply programmed in a religion that preaches legalism and constant fear of hell, it’s extremely difficult to leave (and all the more crucial that you do, when you’re ready).

*Join support groups – especially if you’ve been in anything that resembles a cult. Again, Facebook and Google communities have groups that help people who are leaving fundamentalism. It’s important to connect with others who understand the process you are going through (so you don’t feel alone). And it wouldn’t hurt to consider therapy. A lifetime of religious programming takes times to be free from. You don’t walk away unscathed. A lot of unhealthy beliefs stay with you. And frankly, most religions don’t equip you for living a healthy life outside of their boundaries. Get the support you need.

*Have compassion on yourself. I think one of the biggest challenges people who leave extreme fundamentalism have is spiritual abuse 2the ridicule and tone of ridiculousness they (and others) have toward them(selves) “how could you have ever believed in that?!”

Remember that the reasons you were in religion is because on some level it served a purpose, and the purpose is different for everyone. For some, religion was simply a stepping stone on their path of spiritual awakening, for others, it served as an escape from a destructive or abusive life.

Extreme religion often appeals to those who’ve been abused because of the strong boundaries many fundamentalist uphold. The organization will often feel “clean” and “safe” and offers an immediate sense of family and support. This is not only appealing for the abused person, but can initially feel deeply healing. The strong boundaries gives the initiate an opportunity to feel “safe” and hear messages about God – and that initial experience, regardless of how abusive the church/cult may turn out to be, is always the hardest thing to grapple with when one considers leaving. They feel the church “saved” them or that God spoke to them (or led them) there, and if they leave, it would be denying that experience.

Leaving religion also causes people to question their ability to hear God speak. This alone can be devastating. When you are raised in an environment that teaches you to listen to them (or their doctrine) above your own intuition/inner-knowing, it severely damages your ability to tune-in to your own inner guidance system. Putting your faith and trust in something external from you is disempowering. Period. It is impossible to be truly (ultimately) free when you give your power away to a person, an organization, or any doctrinal idea.

It’s okay to honor and respect your decision to be in religion. You don’t have to demonize the experience, but you also don’t have to stay in it. Every experience we have is here to teach us, and when we judge the process, we limit the understanding.

However, it is equally important to realize we grow out of things. Just as we go to 1st grade, then 2nd, then 3rd, we’re not meant to stay in the same place spiritually forever, and after a person gains a sense of safety/foundation and feels strong enough to go deeper, they often feel stunted and trapped, the once appealing religious standards now become stifling to further growth.

This typically causes one to feel a tremendous amount of guilt, (with the extra bonus of fear if the church is one that stressed the consequence of eternal damnation.)

Leaving fundamentalism can be a huge psychological mind f*&K and it takes some time to be free from the fear. But Spiritual abuse 3freedom does come, and often, if you love yourself enough to continue to go deeper with your spiritual growth, you find more freedom, love, and harmony than you’ve ever had in the church/group you were a part of. God is not a building, and spiritual growth is not limited to a group of people. Peace and expansion, as well as a deeper (and more freeing) experience of the Divine awaits all who love themselves enough to receive it.

God is not in a box. Why should you be?

Here are some resources:

Withdrawal Stages from Spiritually Abusive Systems (check out link)

(For those who ARE Christian, but have left religion or are perhaps feeling spiritually dead, this John Eldridge talk is the perfect reminder that there is nothing religious about Jesus. It’s possible to be a Jesus follower and be deeply in touch with your heart, your emotions, and your vulnerability. In fact, it’s essential:

For those who are ready to move beyond religion entirely, here are some things to challenge your spiritual journey for further growth:

4 Ways to Transmute Difficult Emotions

Check out the article I wrote for ModBod:

Emotions can be overwhelming. Feelings like sadness, anger, grief, and loneliness can seem unbearable, especially when we live in a society ill-equipped in understanding the purpose and function of human emotion.

The typical formula is suppression, repression, denial, or some form of intellectual or spiritual bypass. We’d just assume not have any emotion, than to feel the painful ones.

Unfortunately, we need our emotions to function optimally as a human. Emotions are an integral part of our internal guidance system, and when we ignore or suppress them, we cause major damage not only to our mental health, but our physical health as well.

Here are 4 tips to deal with difficult emotions:

1. Allow yourself to feel: The reason difficult emotions feels so…well…difficult, is because we resist them. We want to feelEnergy-and-Girl good, and when emotions arise that conflict with what we want, we typically suppress, repress, or bypass. The resistance between what we feel and what we want to feel causes immense intensity in the emotional body — this is because the emotions are being held back. When we release into the emotion, the pressure eases.

Emotions are meant to be felt. They are our vibrational indicators and are necessary for our survival and happiness in this life. Emotions let you know where you are (vibrationally) in relation to where you want to be. When we resist how we feel, our guidance system has to resort to other measures to get our attention (like sickness in the body). Give yourself permission to feel what you feel. Feeling is not failing.

2. Validate how you feel: Once we allow ourselves to feel what we feel, validation is crucial. Often we feel as if our emotions are out of context: perhaps we feel we are overreacting, or maybe we’ve been told we’re just “too sensitive.” But emotions are always valid. We feel what we feel for a reason. The intensity of what we feel may not be directly related to what is occurring at the moment, but the emotions come from somewhere, and they matter, nonetheless. For true healing to take place, the emotional body must be trusted. You don’t have to act on the emotion for validation, simply tell yourself “What I feel is okay.”

3. Release the emotion: Now that our emotions have been felt and validated, it’s time to let them go. Emotions, once felt, butterfly releasemust be released. Release is not the same as suppressing or bypassing. It’s not forcing yourself to feel differently or ignoring the pain. Release is about allowing our emotional body to run efficiently. Emotions are meant to flow. When we block the flow, it causes imbalances in the body and (as noted above), sometimes illness. If you’re having a hard time releasing an emotion, it probably has not been fully validated. Go back to step 2 and take time to validate how you feel. Deep trauma takes time to heal.

4. Direct your focus toward relief: Relief goes hand-in-hand with releasing emotion. Once you’ve let an emotion go, ask yourself what you need and give attention and focus to the feeling of relief. Your internal guidance always knows what it needs, and it’s always speaking to you. You may have to practice listening, but it will communicate. What do you need? Maybe it’s a hot bath, a walk in nature, or dinner with a friend. Don’t hesitate to pamper yourself after the release of a difficult emotion. Taking care of your emotional needs is how you develop trust with yourself and build a strong emotional body.

Emotions can be powerful tools, but terrible masters. Treat them with respect but don’t fear them. They are your friends and comrades in this life experience. Welcome them in.

Magic Makes Everything Better!

Lately I’ve been feeling so BLAH. Uninspired. Pointless, even.

As this particular brand of “low” has lingered longer than I care to entertain, I figured I might as well make the best of its visit. So I decided to pull up cozy chair, pour some hot tea, and gather a list of some of my favorite things (to add a note of enchantment to the misty fog and heavy rain that seems to have taken up residence in all the shadowy places of my being).

Thought maybe you’d all get something out of it to:

Trees. They just make me happy. Especially these enchanted ones:

woman tree

purple tree

magic tree3

Water. The perfect element to evoke when having tea with sadness (or any emotion, really).

river enchantment3

river fantasy


The Sun. Ah the clearing, restorative, empowering energy of sunlight. Bon appetit!

(This first one, I took last fall in Utah, the second I took at a nature park in Sacramento, the third one I found on google images):

nature magic



Magic stuff. Always helps me feel more alive (all from google images):.


richard doyle pics

Fairy food2

Now I’m off to write about magical worlds — at winter time. Gotta work with where I’m at.

Happy Monday!

Body Magic

What a beautiful gift we’ve been offered:

A chance to be released from the prison of the body’s programming. I’ve come to believe that harmonizing our sacral chakra angelexpanded consciousness with our body is necessary if we are to truly experience bliss in this physical dimension. The body is our space suit (so to speak) and is programmed to respond and interact with our physical world in a way that serves our soul best. The problem is, our missions are changing.

Our understanding of how this dimension works has expanded to include everything we need to not only survive, but thrive. It only makes sense, then, that our body (the most physical representation of us on earth) would need new programming in order to line-up to a new reality.

This goes far beyond “being healthy and in shape” — it’s about releasing ourselves from all the protective cocoon layers we’ve created as we’ve gone through this metamorphosis. It’s about allowing our deeper, more vulnerable aspects to be “exposed” and harmonized with our life here on this planet. Our vulnerability is a superpower, because it is the catalyst for true change and transition…and we need ALL that we are now — half versions of our Being just doesn’t work anymore.

The body is where we store everything about who we are and what we’ve experienced here. It can feel like a prison or a chariot of ascension, depending on our own beliefs about who we are and how the body reflects us. I’m learning that our inner creative energy — our spark – our flow, is designed to transform the body into everything it needs to be for the type of experience we want to have on earth.

It’s not about beating the body into submission, but rather releasing into its unique, transformative healing. It’s about surrender. It’s about trust. It’s about feminine magic.

When we connect our sacral chakra energy to our inner knowing/Source Self (and release into the experience of our divinity and our humanity making love) it is an experience unlike any other — the true reason I believe we incarnate into human bodies in the first place. This is a bliss many will never experience because to trust our bodies into a state of total surrender, naturally releases our built-in triggers, programs, and trauma.

During the process, we can either stay in a state of surrender and trust (like the caterpillar in the cocoon dissolving into a liquid goop while being transformed), or we can hold on to the identity our pain and survival has given us and resist every step of the way. That is pain. I believe this is why many get sick with diseases like cancer. Our bodies are not meant to eat us alive, but that’s what resistance looks like. That’s what depriving ourselves looks life. That’s what “giving without receiving” looks like. Need I say more?! It’s okay to release into a state of receiving. It’s okay to trust. It’s okay to believe your body, the Universe, and the Source energy within you wants to GIVE to you. Its okay to accept that gift.

I’m still removing “protective” layers I’ve had for a long time — they were my survival up to this point, but are no longer chakra magicneeded. My physical body is learning to trust all of me, and I’m learning to trust my body. It feels like a deep cleansing of the DNA and healing of the trauma I’ve experienced as more expanded aspects of my consciousness harmonize with my physical form, and “lower” (sacral chakra stuff, especially) rises up to create me anew. Baptism by fire.

We must be gentle with ourselves. Make sure to tune-into what is *REALLY* needed. What feels harmonious and self-loving? Let yourself receive it. Not in a way that says “I allow myself to feel pain” but rather in a form that says “I give myself permission to receive pleasure” — the kind of pleasure that comes from the healing only our Goddess nature can bring — the healing that comes from our Sacral Chakra — our creative and restorative energy.

Aligning with our sacral chakra energy is about receiving and trusting our feminine nature. In the process, old programs will inevitably come up for release. It’s important not to identify with your thoughts OR emotions. Just let them be released and FEEL the catharsis — the “pleasure” that follows the healing. This is what sexual energy does. It’s not “dirty” or “low” or even “fleshly” — it is Divinely nurturing and awakes us to our deepest desires/passions.

The transition from a life of surviving to a belief that it’s possible for us to thrive is a form of release that can be experienced with resistance or flow. Let’s not demonize any version of ourselves. We are human — a mix of vibrations compressed into physical form. There’s no need to judge any part of us in our desire to grow and expand. Harmony in this experience is possible if we release our need to be right or perfect. We just are. Allow. Trust. Surrender. Receive. That’s the formula.

I think the magic we’re unfolding is unlike anything this planet has ever experienced. Our “job” is not to “DO” anything — but to BE in love with every aspect of what we are — to make love to this Universe by receiving ALL of what we are (and trusting it).

I keep feeling the need to take it slow so I can unwrap every nuance of this experience like a unique piece of magic, rather than a chore to be done or a test to pass. Let’s treat ourselves that way — like dazzling treasures of darkness, not problems to be fixed. That paradigm is ending. The real question is, what do we do with all this creative/restorative/transforming energy?

Let’s make love!

What it’s Like to Die

(Shadow integration = Poetry Night)

What it’s Like to Dieblack and white flower and woman

I shut my eyes to see the room inside my head

where I collect fragile things:

One dried flower

a doll hung by the neck

And four vacant walls that whisper names of those I tucked deep into shadow.

It’s like a cemetery for the breathless forms that turn water to ice.

In the corner of a vacant window a spider web reaches forward

with one lonely thread, as if to rescue me by silk.

I scrape the red off a rose to make blood between my thighs

so I can feel what it’s like

to die.

Empowering the Sacral Chakra Online Class (Women Only)


In this LIVE, online class FOR WOMEN, we will be focusing on clearing, healing, and releasing the creative/sexual energy in the 2nd chakra.

Almost every women I interact with in my intuitive work have blockages/trauma in their Sacral Chakra. The social and chakra magicreligious conditioning throughout history has done untold damage not only to female sexuality, but to our experience with the physical world around us.

We’ve been told that to take care of ourselves, to have desires, or to enjoy life (or the “flesh”) is to be selfish or unspiritual. We’ve been told our sexuality is dangerous.

Most of us carry untold amounts  guilt and shame when it comes to allowing ourselves to enjoy our senses and our physical bodies. We’ve been taught there are “spiritual” ways to live (which usually involve abstaining from anything “pleasurable”) and that there are “fleshly” (or sinful) ways of experiencing the world (typically anything involving desire).

This class is going to flip that concept on its head. We will focus on transmuting the negative energy in our sacral chakras to a divine experience of our lives as we interact with the pleasures of the physical dimension.

We are meant to enjoy the physical world. All of it.

It is through the energy of our sacral chakras that we bring heaven to earth.

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful, misunderstood, magical energies a woman possesses, and because of social programming /fear of female power, it has been completely misused/abused by the society (for centuries!).

There was a time when women would study in Priestess houses together — perfecting their sexual art and studying the deeper mysteries/magic of feminine energy, the art of seduction, and how to use those powerful energies to bring people into alignment with their God Self. History, of course, makes it appear that these sacred temples were merely brothels (and unfortunately, as society turned away from Spiritual Wisdom they became that), but the essence — the true meaning of those mysteries is still within us.

I’ve been healing/experimenting with this on my own for the past couple years, and I’ve had some PROFOUND/POWERFUL/HEALING/MAGICAL revelations and experiences. There is nothing quite like feeling empowered as a woman (especially with sexual energy) and learning how to keep it in balance, but not feeling shame about who and what we are.

This class is about understanding/experimenting with our female sexual energy (through energy work/manifestation/creative outlets) and being able to connect with other women about the process.

There is nothing less spiritual about the physical senses than our extrasensory ones. Allow yourself to enjoy both! Live with passion! That is truly how we will bring heaven on earth.

In the class we will focus on:

*Deleting shame/guilt programs stored in our Sacral Chakra

*Acknowledging and soothing sexual trauma

*Ignite our passions/dreams/desires

*Using Sexual energy to upgrade and activate our Higher dimensional awareness

*How to move our passions into a 3rd dimensional experience (without guilt!)

*Transmuting negative energy in the sacral chakra to a more positive flow/experience with the world

*Exploring sacred sex practices (energy work with the sacral chakra)

TO REGISTER for the class, fill out the form below and complete your purchase through Paypal. I will open a private kyanite stoneFacebook group for anyone who registers so we can share our experiences with the process and support one another. We need our sisterhood allies!

*Please make sure to register with the email you have associated to Facebook so I can add you to the forum

Class starts April 22nd and goes until  May 22nd. All who pre-register will receive a free orange kyanite stone necklace (a powerful sacral chakra healer/activator stone) and an online workbook on healing and empowering the sacral chakra.


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