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Empowering Empathic Abilities Part Two: Online Class

cropped-chakra-center2.jpgIn part 1 of the “Empowering Empathic Abilities” online class, we covered the basics of empathic healing, understanding the link between empathic abilities and low self-esteem, and learned how to heal and transmute energy. In part two we will be using some specific quantum energy and vibrational translation techniques to:

  •  Read and translate emotional vibrational through our chakra energy points
  • Change our reality through empathic shapeshifting
  • Master our energetic hygiene through daily energy pulses and exercises
  • Keep our auras bright and shiny through specific energy point techniques
  • Use personal body work (self-massage, movement, and pulse-point release) to move blocked energy out of our body
  • Entrain with the vibrational frequencies of crystals

Everyone who signs up for the class will receive a bracelet bearing raw, rainbow titanium and clear crystal quartz. A large part of the class will be learning to use the subtle energy frequencies of these crystals to balance, heal, and transmute energetic residue in our auric field.

*You do not need to have taken Part One to sign-up for this course. But for those who are interested, the class videos/materials are still available for purchase (it just won’t be live). If interested in part one, click here

TO REGISTER for the class, fill out the form below and complete your purchase through Paypal. The entirety of the class will be held in a private Facebook forum. I will post weekly videos/workshop content, as well as be available daily to answer any questions you may have. The forum format also gives participants the opportunity to interact with each other, have personal access to me, and even post video responses to the material (should you wish to do so).

*Please make sure to register with the email you have associated to Facebook so I can add you to the forum.

Class begins May 11th – May 31st, 2014.

This three week course is only $55.

*Your spot will not be reserved until payment is received.

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megan 4

Intuitive Traveling: An Interview with Megan Abbott


As many of us are consciously unplugging from the Matrix, we’re megan 4learning new ways of being and manifesting in this world. We, as a human race, are collectively moving toward instant manifestation.

What use to take years to come into our experience is now only taking weeks, sometimes just days. And it’s only getting quicker.

I’ve found in my own journey that one of the most effective ways to practice the art of manifesting is through intuitive traveling. It’s a way of traveling that removes “plans” and agendas (and even budgets) and allows you to simply follow your intuition, allowing the Universe to provide the “how.”

Although I’ve done this in small doses while living in Italy and other places on the planet (and I currently just began a new intuitive travel journey — which I will share about at a later date on Chakra Center), I’ve asked seasoned traveler, Megan Abbott, to stop by and share her experiences with intuitive traveling and offer any tips/advice about how to get started.

Megan has been to many countries around the world, with very little money, planning, or agenda. The experiences and miracles she has encountered on her trips have been nothing short of epic.

*What exactly is “intuitive traveling” and how long have you been doing it?

I was guided to begin my practice of intuitive traveling three years meganago when I found myself spontaneously buying a one-way ticket to Alaska. At the time, the idea of travel was altogether foreign to me, as well as exhilarating and terrifying.

All I knew at the time was that I was hungry for adventure, for the opportunity to experience liberation, to explore and connect with unknown places and new people, and to develop my connection with myself and my source. I also intended on facing and understanding all of my shadows along the way with the hopes of creating the best possible version of myself which is still in the process of becoming.

I had no idea what I had signed myself up for at the time, but going with the flow of my intuitive feeling to “just go” was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I wasn’t planning on getting so hooked on travel, but my experience in Alaska was so mind-blowingly expansive and positive that I proceeded to continue my journey through Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, and Puerto Rico. In May 2014 I will continue my journey through South America.

All of these travels were done on EXTREMELY minimal money, connections or planning. They were made solely possible through playing with the energies of creation, manifestation, love, visualization, joy and through trusting that the universe has my back every step of the way.

*How does traveling make your life more magical and add to megan6soul expansion?

Intuitive traveling presents us with the opportunity to take leaps of faith, to liberate ourselves, to practice mindfulness, to live in the present moment, and to reconstruct and reprogram ourselves to become more aligned with our true purposes.

*What is your favorite thing about traveling?

My favorite thing about traveling is the way that it has opened me up and connected me to Source energy and to my vital life force. From traveling alone I have learned to become my own best friend and to create an incredibly strong friendship with the universe. This connection has allowed me to see myself in everyone I’ve met along my journey and to feel at home no matter how unfamiliar the element.

From being away, I’ve also developed my overall sense of appreciation and gratitude for my family, loved ones, humanity, and the process of life.

*How would you recommend someone getting started with an intuitive traveling journey?

To anyone that would like to start an intuitive traveling journey– megan butterflyyou must own your power and believe that it is completely in your own hands to create and manifest the journey of your dreams. Believing that it is possible, it is in your power and creating the space in your life for a life-changing journey are huge factors in manifesting an epic trip.

I would like to note to remember to have fun and to play around with this process as much as possible, for instance, look at a map, choose the place of your dreams, announce to the universe when you will be going and then create the space in your life for it to manifest, then watch the way things magically unfold. I have watched the most beautiful manifestations materialized by using this exact method.

*What are some of the magical ways the Universe has provided for you/surprised you on your travels?

I have encountered many magical people and experienced many miracles throughout my journeys. The one that stands out to me the most actually occurred early on in my travels, it was my third day in Homer, Alaska.

I met a super kindred spirit, a man in his 70′s named Chris at a little restaurant called the Cosmic Cafe (ha! the beautiful irony of that name in retrospect…) and I began speaking to him excitedly about my new adventure. After connecting over the beauty of the universe for some time he told me that the universe had been incredibly generous to him throughout his years and that he had been waiting for the opportunity to give back in some way.

He asked me to please accept a gift from him, I agreed to be open to receiving. It turned out that the gift was a car (he happened to have a few extra that sat unused in his garage) he excitedly insisted that he didn’t want anything in return. The next day we met at the DMV and he signed the title over, it was an absolute miracle!

Up until that point I had planned on hitchhiking as my main mode of transportation but the car changed everything and opened up many doors for more magic down the road

*How can people hear more about your travels?

I intend on starting a blog (or possibly a youtube vlog) for my megan natureupcoming trip to Peru. I will be working with Ayahuasca in the Amazon jungle, so I’m excited to share my experiences. I will most likely use facebook as my main mode for updates regarding the status of my blog, as well as to regularly post photos and status updates on my trip.

*What is your number one tip for living an enchanted life?

Live through the heart, align with your purpose, follow your bliss, and trust in the Universe.

megan 2For more information about Megan and her travels, visit her Facebook page.

sacral chakra

Empowering the Sacral Chakra Online Class


**Registration Now Closed**

In the class we will focus on:

*Deleting shame/guilt programs stored in our Sacral Chakra

*Acknowledging and soothing sexual trauma

*Learning how to ignite our passions/dreams/desires

*How to move our passions into a 3rd dimensional experience (without guilt!)

*Transmuting negative energy in the sacral chakra to a more positive flow/experience with the world

*Allowing ourselves to luxuriate in the senses (through essential oils, amazing food, intoxicating art, epic experiences with nature — anything and everything that makes us feel ALIVE!)

In this intensive 11 day online course for women, we will be focusing on clearing, healing, and releasing the creative/sexual energy in the 2nd chakra.

Almost every women I interact with in my intuitive work have blockages/trauma in their Sacral Chakra. The social and religious conditioning throughout history has done untold damage not only to female sexuality, but to our experience with the physical world around us.

We’ve been told that to take care of ourselves, to have desires, or to enjoy life (or the “flesh”) is to be selfish or unspiritual. We’ve been told our sexuality is dangerous.

Most of us have a belief that the material is bad — that there is lack — not enough to go around for everyone and therefore to enjoy life is to take from someone’s potential happiness. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

I’ve found that one of the quickest ways to heal and empower the Sacral Chakra is to fall in love with yourself, with life — with creation, with our creative/sensual power, and with enjoying and luxuriating in the beauty of our five senses.

It’s about understanding that Source is limitless, and therefore the amount of love and creation we can experience in this world is limitless too.

Most of the healing work done in the spiritual community focuses our energy on the top chakras, and although these are important aspects to heal/activate, prayer/mediation/extra sensory awareness usually do little to help dissolve the guilt and shame lodged in our Sacral Chakras.

In my own experience healing my sacral chakra, I’ve had to learn it’s not only okay to enjoy this physical dimension, it is ESSENTIAL to expansion and thriving.

Most of us carry untold amounts  guilt and shame when it comes to allowing ourselves to enjoy our senses and our physical bodies. We’ve been taught there are “spiritual” ways to live (which usually involve abstaining from anything “pleasurable”) and that there are “fleshly” (or sinful) ways of experiencing the world (typically anything involving desire).

This class is going to flip that concept on its head. It’s about finding the beauty/divine in EVERY experience. It’s learning how to transmute the negative energy in our sacral chakras to a divine experience of our lives as we interact with the pleasures of the physical dimension.

It’s about enjoying the physical world. All of it.


It is through the energy of our sacral chakras that we are going to bring heaven to earth. And I’m here to tell you its okay to enjoy your life with your five senses. In fact, it’s one of the greatest experiences of “spirituality” in these physical bodies!

There is nothing less spiritual about the physical senses than our extrasensory ones. Allow yourself to enjoy both! Live with passion! That is truly how we will bring heaven on earth.

TO REGISTER for the class, fill out the form below and complete your purchase through Paypal. The entirety of the class will be held in a private Facebook forum. I will post daily videos/workshop content, as well as be available daily to answer any questions you may have. The forum format also gives participants the opportunity to interact with each other, have personal access to me, and even post video responses to the material (should you wish to do so).

*Please make sure to register with the email you have associated to Facebook so I can add you to the forum

April 1st – 11th

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Enchantment Through Art: An Interview with Akiane Kramarik


The first time I came across Akiane’s work I was in a “New Age” book store in Portland, Oregon. The fact that I was there in the first place was ironic, because I had grown-up Christian and built a pretty strong resistance around myself to ideas outside my faith.

But it was time to explore what was out there. I was in the middle of my own existential crisis and found no relief within the box of my upbringing.

As a child I often heard voices. I couldn’t see the world they whispered from, but I sensed and felt their dimension around me. At times it felt dark and scary, but mostly it held an enchantment of comfort and magic that gave me a sense of being “home.” Curious, I thought, the way the adults move and slipped through this unseen world with no mention of its existence.

Eventually I found a way to curve my way through this invisible realm too. The 3rd dimension has a way of forcing our attention to see only what it wants us to see. We forget we have a choice. Magic is lost to us.

Lost. That’s the overwhelming feeling I had as I timidly flipped through books in this store that, though I had been warned was “dangerous,” I felt as if the pages here contained the sense of mystery and wonder I had lost as I child — if there was any magic left in the world all.

That’s when I looked-up and saw the face of Jesus looking at me from the cover of Akiana’s book. It was a painting she had done herself at the age of 8, and it captivated me.

Before I knew what happened I was devouring every page — her poetry brought back the rhythm of the world I felt and heard as a child. Her paintings were a photo album of a home I had forgotten. Even her face looked familiar — like a distant cousin I hadn’t seen since childhood games.

Like me, Akiane had experienced the magic that weaves in-and-out of our world since a very young age. Her gift was painting — a powerful medium for revealing the beauty through her ability to portray the visible and invisible realms with emotion and dream-like realism.

I’ve been a fan of Akiana’s work ever since that day. The worlds she paints were an activation for me. There is a beauty she brings to life to remind us there is MORE — so much more magic than we allow ourselves to experience. It’s right here — waiting for us to see.

An excerpt from Akiane’s website defines the power of her vision beautifully:

“Most of her priceless masterpieces carry a mysterious result: she often uses an unidentified golden dust substance that once ‘materialized’ in front of her eyes. Her painting “Innocence” is a hologram: from the front the lady appearing young and serene, but from the side she is all in tears and wrinkles.

Akiane believes that people in the future will be able to study her originals with special microscopes revealing quantum relationships of the deepest colors and stories in her works. She has even been able to document her own masterpieces from beginning to end on film for educational purposes, and remains always open for many scientific and artistic collaborations.”

As Chakra Center continues to grow and encompass more magic, I thought it only fitting that I ask one of the most enchanting artist I know to stop by and share some of her quantum vision with us.


Through your work you lend a sense of magic and mystery to the world – a feeling that everything has a purpose and is divinely inspired. How do you experience magic in your own life?

It’s not something you can teach, it’s something that you learn through experience.

Every day I see ordinary things in this extraordinary world, and I see extraordinary things in this ordinary world. To be able to create cinematic-like experience from a simple sound, object, color, emotion or a scenery takes patience and confidence.

Your newer paintings have a deep sense of wisdom, dimensions, and other worlds. What is your perspective on the relevance of other worlds/dimensions to our own?

What we all share is “awareness”. We are in a invisible intertwined web, the more we move there, the more we get to experience a wider range of relationships .

I hope my art would be part of that web. When people get the chance to see other worlds, I hope, they trust their own compass to navigate through true reality…

You’re a big advocate of using creativity as a means to tap into our true essence and see the world through a more magical, divine perspective. What are your tips on how people can tap into that creative world inside of them?

Experiment with various art forms. Try doing what people don’t expect. Going against the tide is one of the many hurdles a creative person must take. Mix things, put them upside down, hang them, combine them. If for the first week after all your energy is put in a project you do not feel any accomplishment, then it is a sign to start again something more innovative.

Some of your paintings have a very “extra-terrestrial” feel to them. What are your thoughts on ETs/life on other planets and their role in the co-creation of the multi-verses and our own universe?

I believe in my early experiences I came across multiple encounters. Throughout our history MANY other beings have lived on this earth side-by-side with the human race. There is definitely a purpose for so many trillions of beings to co-exist. Just look within our own bodies: there is a discovery every week about another living organism that has lived inside us without our knowledge.

Describe what inspiration feels like to you…

Inspiration and epiphanies are experienced when mind and heart meet.

What would you tell someone who wants to follow their joy path, but has no idea where to begin?

Get immersed in an environment that matters to you. If it’s in teaching, then volunteer at a school and get a first hand experience. If it’s in sculpting, research nearby local sculptors’s guild and visit their studios. If it’s in film-making, find a group on the internet like a weekly meet-up, invest in a camera and start with small projects with your family and friends and etc…

You’ve said in interviews that you believe, eventually, the human race will become vegan and that eating a plant based diet lends to a higher frequency of love on the planet. Could you share a bit about your experience going vegan and how it has changed your life/perspective? 

Yes, in the future we will find a loophole in our biological system that will allow us to change our molecular programming. A few years ago I did experiment with veganism. As I matured and researched more, I understood that all living things have emotions and capacity to experience fear and pain. In the future, I believe we will naturally find a better treasure for our energy resources, so no flora or fauna would suffer because of our existence.

We do not contribute to the nature’s system, we intervene like parasites. I am still 60% vegan, I am an advocate for preserving lives. And I thank everything that sustains me. Praying before eating is a thanksgiving time: someone has died so I could live.

What’s your number one tip for living an enchanted life?

Spend time with your friends and family , watch comedy , make comedy, and once in a while do something unexpected…

Flash Questions:

Private concert, who’s playing? Tony Bennett, Chris Botti or Joe Hisaishi.

Your stranded on a deserted island with only one book. What would it be? Ilia’s, my little brother’s book “The Future Never Gives Up”.

Favorite color? Manganese blue.

Living or dead, who would you like to have dinner with?

My grandparents.

Ocean or mountains? Oceans, without a doubt!

For more information on Akiane and her work, visit her website. You can also find her on Facebook.

Check-out this in-person interview with Akiane for more about her childhood experiences, stunning vision, and dream for the world:

Raven shadow

Attention Light Workers: You have a Shadow (and it’s GOOD)!


In many religious and ‘spiritual’ circles, emotions are often viewed as an enemy to be reckoned with, Shadows are feared, and egos are to be slain. To be ‘emotional’ is to be weak and to be weak is to be undeserving. To have darkness is to be devoid of Light. To enjoy the unique perspective of our ego, is to be without empathy.

Suppressing these fundamental aspects of our humanity is a detrimental belief system to ascribe to. At its core, the good vs. bad mentality teaches us that being human is somehow wrong. When we put ourselves under this belief system, we have no choice but to view our ‘human condition’ as one we must continuously fight.

Downloaded with this program and raised within it, most humans either feel a call to raise up arms and slay the human aspects of our experience (anything pertaining to the ‘flesh’) or simply surrender to their “base instincts” and choose to luxuriate in them. Hence the human drama as it has been from the beginning: fight against your flesh or succumb to its debauchery. Those are our options.

The ones who choose to “fight the good fight” arm themselves with good intentions, moral behavior, and beams of light as they proceed into the “darkness” to slay anything (and any one) that would dare cause them to experience contrast. The term “light worker” itself comes from this energy, and many of us who feel drawn to this “higher calling” often feel separate from the rest of humanity, as if we are on a sacred mission to save the world. The very words themselves (“light worker”/ “higher calling”) suggests there are those with a “lower call”/less important life path, or imply we have no darkness – a belief that is in fact, destructive. We don’t realize we ourselves often strengthen the “darkness” by our resistance of it.

The energy imbued in the very spiritual language we use (and the hierarchy we place ourselves in) makes us feel we must belong to a special category of humans and therefore are above feeling/experiencing the challenges every other human faces. As a result, when we go through periods where we don’t feel particularly high vibe, wise, spiritual, or ‘moral,’ we feel the need to protect others from our emotions and hide-out in a prayer of self-analysis until we fix the ‘problem.’ Or we simply deny how we feel, suppress our Shadow, and continue acting like the good light worker (or religious person) we feel we should be. We do everything but BE REAL.

Here’s the deal:

*We’re no more special than anyone else on this planet. We don’t need a calling, super human soul path, Star Origin, or Church to justify our existence and make us valuable.

*We all have a Shadow, and contrary to popular negative sentiment toward darkness, the Shadow can be our Greatest Teacher. It’s okay to integrate it. In fact, it’s necessary for true freedom and expansion.

So many “light workers” have been caught-up in the mundane rat race of the Matrix, the battle between good and evil, and the struggle to survive, that we believe the only way to justify our existence is through living a life of perfection, or by ascribing to a path that makes us feel more special, moral, or ‘gifted’ than the rest of humanity. We feel the need to separate from our own Shadow because we’ve come to see humans as weak, stupid, emotional, unwise, ‘sinful,’ and dangerous. The pitfall in this type of thinking is twofold:

*It cuts us off from a fundamental aspect of who we are (regardless of our soul origins, religious beliefs, or spiritual practices, we are here, participating in the human experience as a human and co-creating this reality with everyone else).

*It perpetuates the “us and them” mentality which fuels the illusion of separation.

We are all powerful in our own ways, all weak in our unique wounds/chosen path of expansion, and we have all chosen to come into a holographic dimension that reflects our thoughts/emotions back to us. How we perceive this hologram is only a reflection of US, not of the hologram itself. We see the world not as it truly is, but as WE are.

We can’t hide from ourselves here. Everyone we judge is us. Every experience we have is a reflection of us. Every belief we have will show up in our experience, in the exact vibration in which we believe it can manifest. It’s all us. This dimension is a training ground for our soul’s expansion and our judgments only serve to limit the possibilities of what we experience here. Judgments offer no salvation – regardless of how safe they make us feel.

Ultimately, we are all One, and our experience of the One is unique to our soul’s chosen path. There is no “elite” group (or cursed group), or any group that is more accountable to this hologram than another. We are ALL co-creating this experience, and we are all powerfully fueling this illusion — some of us are just more conscious of it than others.

As we increase our awareness of how and what we are doing with the energy in this dimension, it becomes imperative to continually remind ourselves that every person who comes into our experience IS a mirror of us — of our own thoughts. Any judgment or belief we have about another is ultimately one we have about ourselves. The journey of freedom from the Matrix is an inward path of expansion – not an external battle.

When we experience pain, it is crucial that we ask ourselves “what thought/wound/emotion is this experience reflecting back to me?” Then we listen without judgment. We allow our souls to learn from our experiences — to Shift our perspective. There is freedom in surrender.

Let’s let ourselves off the hook. We don’t need to justify our existence through good works. Freedom won’t come by suppressing the darkness. Salvation from the illusion of separation won’t come by denying our humanity. True release is as simple as shifting our perspectives. Our Shadow has no power over us when we embrace it as the Teacher it is meant to be.

Let’s stop fueling the lie that we need to be set apart from the rest in order to be worthy of love. Let’s free ourselves from the belief that some of us are above humanity. Let’s put down our “light sabers” and choose to radically surrender to unconditional love in EVERY aspect of who we are. Only in this way can be free the pendulum swing of extremes within us.

And so it is with you.

Empathy and Weight Gain

Yes. They are linked.

Most doctors and psychologist focus on the ‘depression’ aspect of uncontrollable weight gain, but the connection with extreme sensitivity to other people’s emotions is often overlooked.

In the “spiritual community” there’s a permeating false idea floating around that to be spiritual means to look like a supermodel. Maybe it’s the frenzy with social media spirituality (who’s the most popular and 100% raw?!), but it seems our societal obsession with perfection has lead us to believe that if we don’t look a certain way, we’re just not spiritual enough (as if women need one more thing to feel guilty about).

Some of the most tuned-in, loving, wise, altruistic people I know carry a few extra pounds. Many of my clients who have extreme empathic/physic abilities almost universally struggle with weight gain and/or health issues. This is due to the way their body translates the energy of others around them.

Often, this over-sensitivity to environment/people stems from a childhood of abuse. In order to compensate for the overhaul of energy felt by those with empathic abilities, their bodies will often carry extra weight as a type of insulation between themselves and others (it’s a form of self- protection).

Even after they’ve worked through their emotional issues/past abuse, many empaths find the extra weight is the last adaptive mechanism remaining with them. Because the excess physical insulation has been so psychologically useful to them in dealing with others’ emotions (and their own), it is often difficult to build the neuropath ways to other soothing forms of self-comfort. Learning to self-sooth is one of the most important healing modalities an empath can learn.

What’s interesting about weight gain caused by empathic abilities, is that often those carrying the extra pounds do not over eat (though some do). Many overweight empaths eat extremely healthy vegan and/or raw food diets. It can be frustrating for these people to lose weight because the issue is emotional/psychological, not an eating obsession or lack of self-control.

The most self-aware empaths are conscious about their body’s tendency to hold on to weight and learn to accept/love themselves as they are. But I find so often that they (women in particular) carry an enormous sense of guilt and shame when it comes to their weight, constantly feeling the need to “fix” themselves. This added stress often leads to additional weight gain.

I personally have dealt with this issue my entire life, often going on extreme (and potentially harmful) deprivation diets in an effort to rid myself of my body’s natural response to processing an overabundance of energy.

Through much therapy and emotional awareness, I’m learning how to have balance and control over how my empathic abilities affect me, and I find that the more I accept my body as it is, the more grounded and powerful I become.

As I’ve learned to love myself unconditionally, I’ve notice my body holds on to less and less weight, because it feels safe with me. It feels loved. Self loves soothes the body and helps it feel less vulnerable in this chaotic world of emotions.

I will be exploring the topic of weight gain in much more detail in my “Empowering Empathic Abilities” online class, but I wanted to send this out for any of you empaths out there who struggle with your weight and feel guilty because of it. Don’t.

Carrying extra weight does not make you any less spiritual or less valuable than anyone else on the planet. Learn to love and accept yourself. Thank your body for how it protects and takes care of you. I promise it will do wonders in your overall health and sense of well-being!

Self-acceptance is always the first step to self-love (which is the ultimate state of enlightenment).

Much love, family!

The Power of Words-marca água


Intuitive Reading/Mentoring Session

Intuitive readings are not something mystical or otherworldly. They LoveHeals(2are not a demonstration of any special “gifts” I have that you don’t have. They are not psychic readings. An intuitive reading with me is an opportunity to open you up to your OWN abilities – a chance for you to take a deeper look at what is going on in your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. It’s an experience of seeing yourself outside of the 3rd dimensional perspective and remembering who you truly are.

My intention and hope with every session I do is that you feel uplifted, spiritually and mentally clear, empowered, and confident about your own unique abilities. I want you to see how magnificent and beautiful you are, and to truly know and experience how much you are loved by the Universe. I want you to feel seen. You have infinite value and worth, and it is my belief that all dis-ease begins (at some level) with you forgetting who and what you truly are, and there is usually a vibrational thought/emotional pattern that keeps you from accessing that knowledge. Through these sessions, I help you find those vibrational patterns and change them to reflect your true essence.

The way I access this information is primarily through intuitive chakrasempathy (otherwise known as clairsentience). I often “feel” within my body what a person is feeling, or pick-up on blockages and energy within another person. I usually receive pictures and images in my mind that also relate to a person’s circumstances surrounding their current energetic expression.

When I connect with your energy I do a body scan of your Chakras. I physically see colors and impressions/images in my mind as I look at your energetic field, but mostly I feel your energy within my own body. As I tap into your energy, I write down all the impressions/downloads that come to me. These impressions come in the form of visuals and can include anything from herbs, rocks, and crystals, to geological features, sounds and colors. It’s different for every person.

Sometimes I receive images of past lives (or symbolic lives that are a vibrational match to your current energy), but I find that if something like this does come up, it is ALWAYS related to this life and your current vibrational expression (rather than calling them past lives, I like to think of these types of energy as “themes”).

Intuitive Reading/Mentoring Session $122

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Mentoring Empathic Abilities package

One of my unique talents is helping people uncover their own inner spaceempathic abilities and helping them see what might be blocking them from accessing/thriving with these “superpowers” (as I like to call them).

Everyone has an ability to tap into their extrasensory abilities, but some are more sensitive than others. I’ve found with my own life (and the clients that I’ve worked with) that learning how to live with an extreme sensitivity to energy can be exceedingly difficult and cause problems such as

  • Depression
  • Weight gain
  • A sense of isolation/invisibility/and a constant feeling of being “unknown.”
  • Co-dependent relationships
  •  Anthropophobia

Because the Universe tends to bring people to me with this specific need (and because I’ve had to learn how to work with these abilities in my own life), I do offer month long mentoring sessions for people who feel that they need healing/guidance on a deeper level in order to really understand their empathic abilities and how to thrive with them.

If you are interested in mentoring, please fill out the form at the top of the page, along with dates/times you are available (and your time zone) so we can arrange a 15 min phone consultation to see if the mentoring sessions fit what you are looking for.

Mentoring Empathic Abilities package $444

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“I recently experienced Amanda’s Meditation Healing Elixir and to say it was profound would be an understatement. To go through cropped-7chakra.jpgthis process is truly unique, and one that I had never experienced before. Amanda has a genetic ability to perceive and translate information specific to an individual that is simply cutting edge in this spiritual industry. She also has the ability to remove her own ego from the process so the information you get is truly for you. My elixir contained within it so much validation and direction along this path I have chosen to walk. It was such a beautiful experience and one that I can truly say assisted me in a great leap forward on my journey. The whole process is one that I HIGHLY recommend ” Amy Woods, Numerologist

 “The whole experience we shared together was life changing for me! You really set my mind straight with what I’m feeling, and the things that are flowing through my mind, body, and soul. You gave me MORE of a push to my potential. Since our session I get more excited everyday about LIFE itself and the path that’s ahead for myself and the people around me, and the world around US. Really exciting times right now. I’m glad I got to have that time with you. Thank you, Amanda!” Piotr F., Canada

“Amanda has such amazing energy! Our session flowed so beautifully. I didn’t feel like I was getting a reading, I felt like I was possibilityspeaking to a friend. The conversation was casual but extremely informative. Amanda takes the time to go into meditation before a reading to get a better understanding of her client and it definitely shows. Her insights were accurate and eye opening. She was able to answer every one of my questions with great detail. Amanda went above and beyond to make sure that I was satisfied with my reading. After my reading I felt so great. I went on with my day feeling empowered and enlightened. For anyone looking for a reader who is down to earth but also deeply insightful, I would highly recommend booking a session with Amanda.”  Justin Lemus, California

“Speaking with Amanda was amazing. I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly, and was very nervous to say the least. But once we connected, it was like talking to an old friend. She opened me up to parts of myself I’m still learning about. Not only did it help me spiritually, but her energy reading physically cleared up blockages as well. It was a fantastic experience! Amanda was wonderful to work with and I definitely recommend a session to anyone & everyone!” Tabitha Johnson, Georgia

 “There’s absolutely NO way I can describe the absolute joy, peace and oneness I encountered during my reading with Amanda! It was so complete. She channeled many of my past lives, images of me in this life and little snippets of my future! She beautifully elaborated on the images she was receiving and gave me her interpretation. I went through an emotional roller coaster that left me so aware of myself, my past and my future. By the end I felt so in tune with the universe, I get shivers every time I think about it! I was completely activated by Amanda. She lit a fire in me a few weeks ago and now that fire is blazing. This activation doesn’t end when the conversation ends, it’s with you for a lifetime! Amanda’s gifts are beautiful, otherworldly and incredibly guided by the divine universe. LOVE you Amanda!” Athena Ziegler, Aromatherapist

“The night I visited Amanda she did a life activation in me – I literally felt high for days afterwards and I’m still feeling that way now; the morning after I actually felt euphoric. Amanda helped me realize some huge things about myself and helped me heal a friendship, too. She just went with the flow of what she was ‘getting’ and I’m really glad I got to experience that with her.  It was definitely the most fulfilling experience I had had in a long time. “ Andrea Nance, Portland, Oregon.

Flower of Life2

About Amanda

Who am I? Writer. Intuitive. Teacher.  Seeker of magic. amandagraduation

Intentions/Dreams/Passion? To create a vortex of magic, imagination, and conscious bliss on this planet. I’m passionate about traveling and meeting people who are creating/revealing beauty. I share their stories on this blog, too.

Loves: Music (all kinds). Enchantment. Travel. Books. High vibe food. Poetry. Beauty. Self-awareness. Human potential.

Current Projects: Teaching online workshops on understanding and empowering empathic abilities.

Upcoming Adventures: 2014 is a year of traveling to magical places, meeting magical people, and creating more magic in my life. I’ll be bringing Chakra Center readers along with me. Stay-tuned.



20 Things to Let Go of This Year!

You all know I love the content on MindBodyGreen. Yesterday, a ID-100219792good friend sent me this article and I felt myself sigh a deep breath of relief. Seeing all the limiting beliefs I’ve carried around — paraded before me in a long list — somehow gave me the permission I needed to finally let them go. I, for one, am choosing to make a conscious decision to release all of these beliefs for the New Year. I choose to believe I am worthy of living my dreams, worthy of love, and I am physically, spiritually, and emotionally ready to take responsibility for what I have created in my life. This year I am replacing all of these beliefs with words and emotions that bring empowerment.

So today, Jan. 1st, 2014, what limiting beliefs do you want to let go of? Start your New Year with healthy and empowering perspective of who and what you are. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.

Here are 20 things to let go of in order to reach unlimited happiness.

1. Let go of all thoughts that don’t make you feel empowered and strong.

2. Let go of feeling guilty for doing what you truly want to do.

3. Let go of the fear of the unknown; take one small step and watch the path reveal itself.

4. Let go of regrets; at one point in your life, that “whatever” was exactly what you wanted.

5. Let go of worrying; worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.

6. Let go of blaming anyone for anything; be accountable for your own life. If you don’t like something, you have two choices, accept it or change it.

7. Let go of thinking you are damaged; you matter, and the world needs you just as you are.

8. Let go of thinking your dreams are not important; always follow your heart.

9. Let go of being the “go-to person” for everyone, all the time; stop blowing yourself off and take care of yourself first … because you matter.

10. Let go of thinking everyone else is happier, more successful or better off than you. You are right where you need to be. Your journey is unfolding perfectly for you.

11. Let go of thinking there’s a right and wrong way to do things or to see the world. Enjoy the contrast and celebrate the diversity and richness of life.

12. Let go of cheating on your future with your past. It’s time to move on and tell a new story.

13. Let go of thinking you are not where you should be. You are right where you need to be to get to where you want to go, so start asking yourself where you want to go.

14. Let go of anger toward ex lovers and family. We all deserve happiness and love; just because it is over doesn’t mean the love was wrong.

15. Let go of the need to do more and be more; for today, you’ve done the best you can, and that’s enough.

16. Let go of thinking you have to know how to make it happen; we learn the way on the way.

17. Let go of your money woes — make a plan to pay off debt and focus on your abundance.

18. Let go of trying to save or change people. Everyone has her own path, and the best thing you can do is work on yourself and stop focusing on others.

19. Let go of trying to fit in and be accepted by everyone. Your uniqueness is what makes you outstanding.

20. Let go of self-hate. You are not the shape of your body or the number on the scale. Who you are matters, and the world needs you as you are. Celebrate you!

For more inspiration and a guide to help you let go, get this FREE kit on loving life to the fullest.

See original article here.


Signs That You’re An Empath

Ever since I posted my experience with understanding my own ID-100152875empathic abilities, I’ve received dozens of emails and questions from people who realize they are deeply sensitive but unsure if they are “empathic” or what do about it. Understanding what’s going on with your emotions is the first step to living a  balanced, healthy life as an empath, and in my experience, beyond that it is learning how you uniquely read other people’s emotions so you can develop the skills to control that gift, rather than allowing it to control you.

Anna Sayce wrote an excellent article outlining signs of empathic abilities a couple years ago, and in light of recent questions I’ve received, I thought I’d share it with my readers here at Chakra Center. Be sure to check-out her site for related articles on empathic abilities and how to control them. You can also check-out my own video on understanding empathic abilities below.

Signs That You’re An Empath

“What’s an empath?

In short, an empath is someone who feels what other people are feeling.  This doesn’t mean you can get an idea for how other people feel just some of the time.  Being an empath means you were born with the ability to enter someone’s aura and explore their feelings and experience of life on an intimate level. Much of the time this is done unconsciously. On the upside, you know what it feels like to be another person, so you’re often great at relating to others (empathy is, after all, a psychic gift and you can use it to read other people).

On the downside you are like a sponge who is often wet and full of other peoples’ emotions – the conscious one and the unconscious ones. This can be a heavy burden of energy to carry around.

It gets tiring.  That’s why I wrote this article.

Signs that you’re an ‘unskilled’ empath include:

  • Feeling the world’s suffering on a large scale and wishing you could do something to help. Ironically, this makes you less equipped to help, because you feel overwhelmed.
  • Finding it difficult to watch the news or distressing images because you feel the pain of the person/people you’re watching – as if you’re them
  • Finding it difficult to fully be present to yourself and your own feelings when conversing with other people. This is because you’re busy exploring their aura and responses to life – not your own.
  • Shyness – empathy can make you somewhat self-conscious as you’re very aware of the effect your words have on another person and what they’re thinking and feeling in response.
  • A tendency to say yes to the requests and demands of other people – almost as a reflex; without thinking about whether you actually want to. When you’re so immersed in another person’s experience of life and what they need – how can you say no? It’s only afterwards that you realize you forgot yourself and your own needs.
  • A general tendency to put your needs last, or serve others at your own expense.
  • A liking for distance in relationships, and for solitude.  This occurs because as an empath, intimacy and closeness is your default.  But when you don’t know how to stop yourself from exploring other peoples’ auras, you need some space on your own, where you aren’t around other people.
  • Feeling an affinity with the animal kingdom.  When you’re an animal empath, you can get a feel for how other species experience life and you are able to relate to animals on a deep level.  Some people are plant empaths, so the same is possible for plants.
  • Feeling responsible for how other people feel – and going out of your way to help them to feel better (even when it doesn’t serve you.)  After all – you feel their emotions so keenly.
  • A tendency to let relationships and friendships get too heavy (and too close) – too fast.
  • A strange tendency to feel aches and pains, but only around certain people.
  • Finding yourself often in a counseling role, where people dump their emotions on you, and being very drained by it.
  • An emotional over-identification with characters in novels, films and plays. It doesn’t matter that they’re not real – you can still feel how they felt.
  • A tendency to forget to have fun and lighten up.

If you related to many of the above signs it is important for you to understand that you can control these feelings. Instead of automatically exploring the aura of most of the people you meet, you can turn your empathy on only when you need it. That makes life a lot lighter.”

For more details on how I’ve learned to control my own empathic abilities, you can check out the video I posted below:

How Our Brain 4-D Prints Reality


Let’s Shift our brain’s processing to 4D!

Originally posted on The Committed Parent:

“We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.”                    ~ The Talmud

Okay, this is a hard one. Why? Because the world feels real … and solid … and mostly outside of everything I consider to be me. But let’s begin with a brief, simple example.

The Love Emporium
Ollie’s Love Emporium

I recently built a small outbuilding in our woods: “Ollie’s Love Emporium.” It’s a segregation pen and a small building for visiting female Bernese Mountain dogs in heat for the breeding business my wife has recently started up. It’s made of real wood and metal and glass, and you can touch it and walk inside it. But interestingly when we showed the Love Emporium to three different people they each had their own take on it. Zack, who’s exhausted from being a primary caregiver for his ill significant other, said, “What a great retreat…

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8 Tools To Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person

As an sensitive/empathic person myself, I found these tips highly useful. Thanks again, MindBodyGreen:

It’s not an easy job being a human. But for those who decide to go big and step into our full potential in this lifetime, it’s through the chaos and challenges that our true nature is revealed—the beauty, wisdom and limitless possibilities of our being are cracked open.

From a spiritual perspective, highly sensitive people came here to do just this, as did all humans—and feel it all even more intensely because, well they have a big mission on the planet. We must go against the grain a little bit in order to teach by example; we do this by honoring o

As an sensitive/empathic person myself, I found these tips highly useful. Thanks again, MindBodyGreen:

It’s not an easy job being a human. But for those who decide to go big and step into our full potential in this lifetime, it’s through the chaos and challenges that our true nature is revealed—the beauty, wisdom and limitless possibilities of our being are cracked open.

From a spiritual perspective, highly sensitive people came here to do just this, as did all humans—and feel it all even more intensely because, well they have a big mission on the planet. We must go against the grain a little bit in order to teach by example; we do this by honoring our bodies, minds and souls with foods, relationships and work that nourish us. This is something that’s foreign to most people on the planet right now, but health and happiness is our birthright and we all need to take responsibility to lead the way back to balance and harmony.

When life’s challenges finally brought me to my knees, I aligned with my spiritual path and an awakening to the larger part of myself that I never fully understood or honored. The adventure of harnessing my superpowers began, and miracles I never thought possible became my daily experience.

My mission is to inspire you, uplift you, and give you the tools to move from a space of feeling like a victim of your circumstance, moving beyond a label and separation and into a place of empowerment.

Every human needs these tools and deserves to feel a deep sense of love and belonging—and most don’t—highly sensitive or not.

1. Connect with yourself.

Create a daily practice to cultivate self-love. Prayer and meditation is the act of asking for loving perceptions and then listening to the guidance you receive in meditation and throughout the day when you’re slowing down and being present. When we choose self-love and listen to our inner guiding system, it will never steer us wrong. The more you trust yourself and act from this aligned place, the more miracles you’ll experience; life will start to flow and struggle will release.

2. Clean up your side of the street.

Do the inner work and purify thoughts and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. Get honest with yourself about the stories your ego has been telling you, making you feel separate, small, or unworthy. Begin to have the willingness to see things differently. What we believe in, we create, so begin to believe in your fairytale so you can create your happy dream.

No one else is responsible for our happiness and no one else is to blame for our unhappiness. Begin to differentiate between what’s yours and what’s someone else’s so you’re not taking on everyone else’s emotions. We are only serving if it’s from a place of joy—never a place of sacrifice.

3. Spend time with those who see your light.

As we release old ideas and come into a space of self-love, we let go of those who are not aligned with who we really are and attract new relationships that support and nourish us. Being with people who see our light is deeply healing and fulfilling. There is never a situation that we’re meant to compromise our happiness in order to please others. Create healthyboundaries and honor your inner guiding system that knows what’s best for you by walking away or saying no when it’s best.

4. Eat right.

Detox from toxic foods and drinks to clear the blocks to stronger focus and clarity and move to a clean, plant-based diet. We don’t usually connect food with intuition, but when we clear out the sugar, alcohol, caffeine and other stimulants, we are able to connect with our intuition on a higher level, allowing us to make even more healthy life changes and live a life of empowerment.

5. Get grounded.

Sometimes because it’s difficult being here, we want to float away. It’s important to remember that we chose to be here on a soul level and to experience everything that life has given us. Making the commitment to being here on the planet to fulfill our mission is important. A simplemeditation once or twice a day with a visual of dropping a chord from your heart center down into the heart center of the earth, is a great first step to grounding more.

6. Practice shielding.

This one might feel a little more esoteric, but a daily shielding technique is very helpful before leaving your home or entering social situations. It looks like a short meditation: close your eyes and bring in a vision of pure white light from the crown of your head and out through your heart, surrounding your entire body. Do this until you feel completely enveloped in the warm, white light. Set the intention to allow only loving energy to flow your way and to flow from you to everyone else who needs this healing energy.

7. Flex your superpowers.

Harness your natural psychic abilities which is any moment you feel something is going to happen, or you know what someone is thinking or feeling without them telling you, by paying attention and trusting it. The more you recognize these moments as real, the more power you give them, and the more you strengthen your personal divine gifts in this world, given to you to bring more love and anchor it on the planet.

8. Celebrate life every day. You feel so much because you are alive.

Being numb, bored, dull, and blocked is not what we came here to do! To have the capacity to feel the gamut of human emotions is a gift and one that allows us to fully be in this human experience. How we show up in the world is our choice and we can choose to suffer or we can choose to be happy.


To Hell With the Facade!


Keeping it real with Teal Scott!

Last night, we did an episode on our live stream show called shadow house, all about racism.  It was by far the most frightening show I’ve done yet.  To tell you the honest truth, it is much easier to simply raise my frequency to a perspective that does not facilitate any kind of identification with fear or pain.  This is the vibrational space that I teach from.  But when I am not deliberately focusing myself into that vibration, I am…where I am.  Like anyone incarnated upon the earth, I am both shadow and light.  I too, have pain relative to certain races of people and certain religions.  I too, carry the wounds of my individual experiences.  And the spiritual journey of my life is to marry those two perspectives.


For thousands of years there has been a strict rule among spiritual teachers.  The rule is: be the role.  It is considered career suicide to deviate from the role.  It is considered career suicide for spiritual teachers to come clean about the shadows of their own psyche.  It is a commonly held belief that no one wants to follow a teacher that is anything less than the perfect image of enlightenment.  Enlightenment, like heaven has been treated like a goal.  People want the promise that one-day it will all be over, whether that version of an end is the state of enlightenment or resurrection after death to a celestial paradise called heaven.  But enlightenment is seen as a kind of retirement, like heaven.  And we treat it like we treat retirement, as if it is the pay off at the end of a road of pain.  When we are disillusioned by our spiritual teachers (who turn out to be real people too), we loose the dream of an end to pain and goodness.  We feel betrayed.  We feel the same way we felt as children when we found out that Santa Clause didn’t exist.  And most spiritual teachers are too afraid of hurting people in that way.  What’s more than that, most spiritual teachers are too afraid of the consequence of publicly airing their own dirty laundry in a world that expects that they have none.  But the consequence of not doing so is covert corruption.  Shadows have a way of making their way to the light.  And so, for thousands of years we have seen story after story of spiritual teachers and leaders (who we all thought were perfect) whose dark sides have reared their ugly head.  We come to find out that they are having sex with their students (young children even), or embezzling money, or pocketing money from charity donations or even acting as an accessary to (or committing) murder.  If we, as spiritual teachers, do not confront our darkest shadows, they will remain forces that are hidden, covertly taking themselves out upon the world.  And it does not serve our own wellbeing.  Few people can truly imagine the pressure of trying to hide the skeletons in your closet from a world that keeps its eyes firmly fixed upon you.


When spiritual teachers pretend that there is such a thing as a state of enlightened retirement from the contrast of the world, they perpetuate a painful lie.  They make it impossible to teach their students how to fall in love with the present moment and find joy right here and now because they promise them a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  The lie is: it is possible to live as a physically incarnated being without experiencing that which is unwanted.  Contrast (the experience of both that which is wanted as well as that which is unwanted) is what fuels expansion, which is the entire reason we came into these lives that we are living.  If we find a state of being where there is no longer any contrast, we will cease to be physically incarnated.  There is no longer a reason to be alive.

It does not serve people to believe that enlightened perfection is possible.  It keeps us desperately grasping.  It keeps us constantly aware of our shortcomings.  It makes us believe in a vertical world, where it is possible to be better than or less than someone else.  It makes us put those who we perceive as perfect, on a pedestal and in the process, forget the capacity of our own power.   It makes us believe that there are things about us that need to be eradicated in order for us to be good or to be loved.  We condemn ourselves for where we are when we believe that enlightened perfection is possible.  And because we cannot openly own up to where we are, we cannot find healing for the actual issue.  We only put Band-Aids on top of gangrenous wounds.

It does not serve me as a spiritual teacher to continue to perpetuate the role we have been playing for so many years.  It does not serve me as a spiritual teacher to lie to those who exalt me for the objective truth of my perspective.  It does not serve me to let fear bury the truth of who I am when I am in the public eye.  This is a new age that we are living in.  A time when people will come into a knowing of their own god-hood.  Conformity to an ideal, no longer serves us.  It cooks us in the furnace of self-suppression.  And I have decided that even if it kills me, I am going to lead this shift by example; knowing that when I expose myself, I give people permission to be where they are without making them wrong, unlovable or bad for it.


The entire reason I started shadow house as well as this blog, was for the sake of transparency.  On a personal level, there is an ineffable freedom when there are no longer any secrets.  A freedom that I believe is an unclaimed birthright for everyone in existence.  On a worldwide level, we are all sick of the façade.  I’m sick of the pain that this façade causes people.  It perpetuates self-hate and disillusionment.  And in the absence of the nitty gritty truth of where we are, we cannot find our way to where we want to go.  There is no healing to be had.  It is like trying to use a map to get to a destination, but being unwilling to admit to where we currently are.

People who identify themselves as spiritual, do not often admit to the difficulty of practicing the art of alignment in the real-time, modern world.  But I can tell you that spiritual practice is a lot easier when it is being practiced from an isolated monastery or ashram somewhere.  But regardless of whether we have isolated ourselves from the world to practice or walked right into the bowels of the world to practice, spiritual practice is still difficult.  And it is just that… A practice.  It is a practice that cannot be mastered because source (also called god) is always changing.  We feel guilty that we struggle with our spiritual practice.  We feel ashamed of our shadow sides.  We do not allow ourselves to indulge our true feelings because they do not line up with our vision of what a spiritual person SHOULD be.  And I am done with it.  I will be as unconventional as I need to be for the sake of demolishing this harmful condition.

Lola meditate Encinitas

I feel fear when I commit the cardinal sin of spiritual teacher-hood, by airing my dirty laundry in public.  I feel fear when I expose my multiple Achilles heels to the world.  I feel fear that people will withdraw their love, abandon me, write me off or even seek retribution.  But the vision I have and the passion I feel for this change far outweighs my fear, as liberation always does.  I know that many will not “get it”.  But I am not catering myself to them.  I am offering myself and my expository actions to those who will “get it”.  I am not an authority figure, whose place it is to give or deny any one else permission; but sometimes feeling like we have permission from others, liberates us.  So, I am offering myself to those who are as sick of the spiritual guru façade as I am and who are ready to act on the permission that I am giving them to be themselves completely; and to be wherever they are.  Because of this, I am committed to owning up to my shadow and exposing my shadow to the world because I have decided that it is worth it, whatever the cost may be.  And so it is.

​15 Simple Ways To Reduce Toxins In Your Life


Another informative article from MindBodyGreen!

Every day, we’re exposed to toxins, from our food, water and air! Our body therefore, has a built in, efficient detoxification system which works 24/7, through our liver, gut, skin, kidneys and lungs.

The liver, our main filtration system, has two detoxification phases, and each is very nobpa important. The Phase 1 pathway leads to the production of toxic intermediates (free radicals), which then must be rapidly acted upon by the Phase 2 pathway so as to render these harmless. If Phase 1 is overactive and Phase 2 is sluggish for any reason, we run a risk of build-up of the toxic intermediate products from the Phase 1 pathway. These intermediary chemicals are more detrimental than the original toxin itself!

Some simple strategies to reduce your toxic exposure:

1. Stop eating canned food (even if it’s organic)!

Cans are lined with BPA (Bisphenol A), a Persistent Organic Pollutant (POP). POPs can linger in the human body for up to 100 years! POPs preferentially induce Phase 1 enzymes (Cytochrome P450 enzymes) of your liver detoxification pathways, causing production of free radicals, which in turn deplete the antioxidant reserves of your body.

2. Avoid plastic water bottles.

Drink water all day long, but don’t drink it out of plastic bottles! These also contain BPA.

3. Read your make-up ingredients carefully!

Most makeup products (even the brand name ones) contain phthalates and Triclosan, which areendocrine disruptors and hormone mimickers. Your makeup should contain only natural ingredients. Remember, if you can’t eat it, don’t apply it on your skin or body!

4. Use only natural household cleaners!

Synthetic cleaning chemicals produce a byproduct called dioxin, an endocrine disruptor, immune modulator, and carcinogen which induces Cyp1B1, an enzyme of the Phase 1 liver detoxification pathway. This leads to increased production of 4 Hydroxy Estrogen, a “bad” estrogen, associated with breast cancer development.

5. Find a biological dentist and get any silver-mercury fillings, removed safely!

Mercury accumulation in the body can cause autoimmune and neurological problems. It binds to sulfhydryl groups in Glutathione (GSH), the master anti-oxidant of the body, rendering it ineffective in its job as a free radical quencher. Mercury depletes GSH and selenium, a crucial mineral for thyroid health and proper production of thyroid hormones.

6. Stop eating toxic, denatured, pesticide-laden, genetically modified and processed “dead” foods!

Consume grapefruit, onions, garlic, cruciferous veggies, cilantro, parsley, all of which help the liver in its detoxification role. Eat organic whenever you can. Consume a good quality protein at each meal as both the detoxification phases need amino acids to function optimally. Avoid charbroiled meats, which selectively induce phase 1 enzyme, Cyt1A1. If you have concerns about your diet not being optimal in nutrients for any reason, at least consider consuming a good quality multi-vitamin multi-mineral supplement. I’m partial to this brand. (Full disclosure, it’s my line of supplements!)

7. Stop any form of substance abuse.

This includes tobacco, alcohol, drugs, even stimulants like caffeine!

8. Know that pharmaceutical drugs can be the biggest burden for your body to attempt to detoxify.

Always discuss with your physician in detail regarding the need your prescription medications. Review safer options, and understand their side effect profile well.

9. Drastically reduce your stress levels.

Stress is a toxin, especially when chronic! Our body cannot differentiate between emotional and physical stress, and reacts similarly to both, by producing generous amounts of the stress hormone cortisol. When elevated for long periods of time, cortisol can lead to undesirable chronic diseases and symptoms like high blood pressure, weight gain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, IBS, sleep issues, and it even increases your risk for heart attacks and strokes.

10. Investigate any food allergies.

Food allergies and poor gut health are inflammatory! Excess inflammatory markers chronically circulating in the blood behave like toxins and slow down the efficacy of the liver detoxification mechanisms. A Comprehensive Stool Analysis and a food sensitivity test can help you identify your trigger foods.

11. Lose excess fat.

Fat stores toxins! Lose excess body fat, especially the inflammatory Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT). Our body’s intelligence believes that the solution to pollution is dilution, and since most toxins are fat soluble, it tries to dilute the blood content of these by pushing them into the fat cells!

It’s crucial to remember that fat reduction should always be done under supervision of a trained health care practitioner. If liver detoxification pathways are not supported before initiating a fat or weight loss program, one can become very sick when fat loss causes release of large amounts of stored toxins into the blood stream. You may have heard of people getting quite ill after losing weight rapidly. So, please exercise caution!

12. Shake it up!

Movement mobilizes toxins! Exercise regularly to gently release toxins through skin via sweat. Yoga is great to enhance lymphatic drainage. Slow deep breathing releases toxins through lungs.

13. Get those bowels moving.

Our gut has been called the “Phase 3” Detoxification pathway! Avoid constipation, so that once the liver has done its job of converting the fat soluble toxins into water soluble compounds, they are easily and rapidly eliminated in the stool. Constipation leads to recirculation of toxins in the body, increasing toxic exposure, thus increasing risk for cancers and other chronic diseases.

14. Prevent emotional toxins from building up!

Practice journaling, meditation, forgiveness, mindfulness, and emotional release techniques on a regular basis. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help if needed.

15. Last, but probably one of the most important is sleep!

It’s the best way to rejuvenate the body’s detoxification capacity both on a mental and physical level. Assess whether you wake up refreshed every morning. If not, please get evaluated for why that is so! It could be the most important thing you did for yourself!

Hopefully some of these simple reminders will help you. For additional individualized help and functional testing of your gastro-intestinal tract health, food sensitivities, toxin testing; adrenal health evaluation, or testing for micro-nutrient, vitamin, mineral and antioxidant deficiencies (which impact your liver’s ability to eliminate toxins), find a Functional Medicine Physician in your area.