Vegan alternatives to tasty treats!

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Going vegan? Ditching the coffee addiction? 

Try these yummy alternatives. Delicious, healthy, must-haves!

Daily coffee drinker?  

Try Dandy Blend. This caffeine free, herbal drink is the ONLY   thing I’ve found that quenches my desire for a hot latte. I mix it with warm, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, and top it off with cinnamon. For an extra health boost, I add a teaspoon of my favorite tonic herb, astragalus. Dark, rich, and slightly nutty – I love it!

For more info, check out the Dandy Blend website:

**If you’re interested in tonic herbs, I highly recommend Hyperion  Herbs. They carry some of the most potent, high quality herbs on the market

Cheese lover? Oh my goodness! I love cheese! How they’ve found over a billion ways to perfect a bacterial process, is beyond me. Going vegetarian was easy for me. As long as I had cheese, I knew I’d survive.

But vegan? No cheese? What is a girl to do?!

To be honest, none, and I mean NONE of the cheese substitutes I’ve tried come near to the yummy goodness of real cheese, BUT I have managed to find one that’s heads above the rest. And it melts, too!

Daiya Foods sells several varieties of soy-free cheese…and it’s  good. I prefer the pepper jack and mozzarella, but the cheddar has its merits. It’s made of tapioca. Sound strange? It is. But who cares? You can make nachos with it!

I still miss cheese, but my stomach likes me a lot more (did I forget to mention I developed a dairy intolerance, no doubt due to my cheese addiction?)

Interested? Daiya Food products should be available at your nearest health food store.

Check out the link for more details:

Ice Cream Enthusiast?

Me too. Apart from cheese, ice cream is my one true love.

Thankfully there are many super de-lish vegan ice creams on the  market. But my favorite is Coconut Bliss. As I’m sure you can guess, it’s made with coconut milk. It’s also sweetened with agave. A much healthier option to regular ice cream – and to tell the truth, I like it even better. Rich and creamy, indeed!

Find out more here:


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