Welcome to Chakra Center

The Crown Chakra

Times are changing. Energies are intense. Old belief systems and paradigms no longer satisfy. People are hungry for more LIFE!  

We are not physical beings occasionally having a spiritual experience – we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. And our spirit needs nourishment!  As we grow and transform in our awareness of who we truly are, we anchor more of our spiritual selves (or Higher Selves) into the physical body – and this is no small task.

At Chakra Center you’ll find articles to help you with this shift: everything from travel and health; to spirituality, art, and food – all the energy that forms life – it’s all here. And speaking of energy, the ancients believed peace is found in balance and alignment of the energy bodies.

Unfortunately many dismiss this wisdom as esoteric spirituality, but it’s not. Really.

All life is made of energy. Scientifically, we know this. Energy is fundamentally all that is – positive and negative, and it never ends. But it’s much more mysterious and beautiful than it sounds, and you don’t have to give up your religion to understand it.

So if we’re made-up of energy, wouldn’t it make sense to fill our mind, body, and soul with energy that brings us LIFE?!  The intention of this blog is to do just that.

Our aim is to bring you as many books, articles, recipes, videos, and information as possible that will help you along your path of growth and transformation. Most importantly, go within and listen to your own spirit. Nothing outside of yourself can reveal truth — it’s only found inside. As Christ said, “the kingdom of God is within you.”

Take only what resonates. We hope you find something to uplift, motivate, or inspire you. Try not to believe or disbelieve anything shared on this blog – simply have your own experience.

Be sure to sign-up for emails of our blogs. We’ll be posting daily.

Much love!


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