Global Transformation, 2012, & Your Dreams Today’s Featured Youtube Video

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Brandon Gilbert always has something practical to share.

So often people get caught-up in “movements” (New Age, Occupy, Religion, etc), using these external “shifts”, or “answers” to fulfill them in a way that can never truly satisfy.

External tools can help us get in touch with the kingdom within, but they can just as easily hinder, especially when we get caught-up in whatever ideas and philosophies we think are “the way” (and the ONLY way).

It’s important to continually examine our thoughts/beliefs/actions, and ask “is this bringing me true life?” and “does this represent the authentic, truest part of me?”

Regardless of what “movement,” religion, or political ideas you are currently attached to, they are only a part of your story — they are not you. They may point the way on your path, but they themselves are not the way.

Keep going within. It is the most important journey you’ll ever take.

Enjoy what Brandon has to say on these popular subjects. His balanced view is always refreshing.


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