An Introduction to Starseeds

Starseed Corner, The Crown Chakra

An Introduction to Starseeds

by Charis Brown Malloy

The term “Starseed” has been around for at least a decade, but is only beginning to be commonly used. It sparks the imagination and makes many of us wonder if we might fit into this enchanting category. Here’s a little insight into what Starseeds are, whether you might be one (chances are that if you were drawn to this article and are now voraciously reading it, then you are in fact a Starseed), and if you are one, what to potentially do about it.

What are Starseeds? 

The cosmos are limitless. As our souls reincarnate in the midst of our unique journeys of expansion, learning, experience, and evolution, it makes perfect sense that we may not always be linked to the same planet for each successive incarnation.

The term “Starseed” refers to a person incarnating now on Gaia who has incarnated before on other planets throughout the Universe. Sometimes previous incarnations have been on one planet or in one star system, but often, Starseeds have incarnated in different places and times throughout the history of the Universe.

Starseeds are not only being born on Gaia now, they have been around for millennia. Often the “movers and shakers,” they come up with massive jumps in the way things are done by creating existence-changing inventions or acting as catalysts for extreme social change.

Not always high-profile, many a Starseed lives a relatively quiet, calm life, simply adding to the Ascension of the planet with his or her resonance and interactions with others over the course of their incarnation.

Our bodies are usually grown around our soul’s energy fields while in vitro, rather than created outside of our awareness and then “chosen” just at birth; Because of this, Starseeds often have specific characteristics. The growth of a human body (during pregnancy) can be likened to the way a pearl grows inside an oyster around the catalyst of a grain of sand. The same soul may incarnate in a number of very different bodies, no matter what planet one is born upon, though it is likely certain adjustments would need to be made in order for Starseeds to “fit” comfortably in Gaian bodies during their incarnation. This means that it is common for mothers of Starseeds to remember having certain experiences during their pregnancies while the Starseeded child was still in gestation.

Women carrying Starseeded children usually experience an unexpected, unexplained pregnancy. They are often unaware of the pregnancy for the first few months and/or conceived while using birth control (and sometimes without having intercourse at all, as improbable as that may sound).  Mothers of Starseeds will sometimes have vivid and/or colorful dreams during pregnancy, evidencing psychic abilities, or other non-local knowledge. Some report being visited by extra-terrestrial beings and/or experiencing bouts of lost time during pregnancy.

Mothers of unborn Starseeds often have strong feelings their  children will grow up to do important and transformational work for society and/or the planet as a whole.

Essentially, Starseeds are incarnated humans who have had many, if not most of their incarnations on planets other than this one. Their DNA is often, if not always, manipulated while in vitro by other extra-terrestrial beings, to include aspects that make it easier for their “souls” to fit into their Gaian bodies. Starseeds choose to incarnate on Gaia for a number of reasons, which will be mentioned later in the article.

Might I be a Starseed?

Starseeded people are not rare, especially at this time in our planetary evolution. Gaia is conducting a beautiful experiment and always intended to call in “reinforcements” at this time, the darkest and most beautiful point of a very difficult process of duality and expansion. Starseeds are not usurpers or undercover “agents” of any kind – in fact, they’ve always been around.  Nowadays, however, there are incarnating more than ever before.

Starseeds are often sensitive children, whether this sensitivity shows itself in being quiet and withdrawn or outgoing and friendly – in either case, Starseeded kids typically feel that there is a part of themselves that is fundamentally different than those around them. This often isn’t seen as a problem until adolescence, if at all. As kids, they are just aware that “something feels different.”

As children, Starseeds often experience psychic or paranormal qualities. They may have extrasensory perceptions such as precognition, telekinesis, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and especially empathy. Empathy usually remains present throughout Starseeds’ lives, making them feel sensitive to the emotional states of others, often to a fault.  It is usually difficult for a Starseeds to keep their emotional stability when around someone who is angry or upset.

Starseeds often feel drained after spending time in crowded areas; Their empathic abilities frighten them or make them feel even more “strange” than usual – they wonder why they can’t be as carefree as others, who aren’t bothered by such things as Christmas shopping, attending festivals, etc.

Many Starseeds have “imaginary friends” as children. These “friends” are often extra-terrestrial beings, who assist the Starseeded children in acclimating to life on Gaia. Social norms and other similar ways of being sometimes don’t come as naturally to Starseeded kids as they do to other children, and their imaginary friends, or guides, often serve as company or offer help in “decoding” how to act in the world.

As they grow, many Starseeds are attracted to the sky and stars –  captivated by beautiful sunsets or interesting cloud formations in a way that seems uncommon. They often feel as if one or two major constellations “belong” to them, such as Orion or the Pleiades.

Drawn to ancient myth and fable, many Starseeds feel as if such things are “real,” long after their peers have stopped believing. This further separation often contributes in Starseeds’ feelings of loneliness and of leading a “double life” – the one that is outward that they show others, and the more unsure, private and very different internal life they often keep to themselves.

Another common experience reported by Starseeded people is an acute awareness that things on Gaia, and especially in society, are very “wrong.” They cannot understand common ways of being in Gaian culture, such as the monetary system, politics, war, greed, and social division. They often feel as if the answer is very simple and don’t understand how everyone alive doesn’t just “get” how to create a peaceful world. Frustration overcomes them when society accepts things they deeply feel are backwards and wrong.

Homesickness is a common feeling among Starseeds. They have an unexplainable longing to return to a place where societal “wrongs” don’t exist, and life is peaceful and makes sense. They have a yearning they can’t fully describe.

Energy healing often comes naturally to Starseeds. Working with energy, the chakra system, chi, etc., is typically something Starseeds do without much thought, assuming everyone is capable of perceiving and working in the same way, until the subject comes up, at which time the Starseeded person either does research to find out what is happening and pursues formal or informal training, or on the other end of the spectrum, tries to stop working with energy in order to “fit in.”

Many characteristics of Starseeds are easy to track: lowered body temperature, specific blood types, above average intelligence, dreams or daydreams of being on other planets, interacting with otherworldly beings, feeling drawn to plants, animals, or babies/children, an ease for communicating with animals that is unique among their peers, and being “old beyond years” — feeling tired of life at a young age. There are checklists available online that list more characteristics, such as “Starseeds – Are You One of Them?” (link:, the Checklist for Recognizing Star Kids (link:, and the Starseed Quiz (link:

I think I am a Starseed. What next?

One of the ways Starseeds are led through life paths and missions is  by acting on intuition. Intuition often feels like a nearly uncontrollable need for experience or information – Starseeds often “drink” information in, as if it is a desert oasis or food to someone suffering from starvation. If you are feeling a sense of homecoming — if this article is invigorating you and expanding your awareness, then you are likely a Starseed. So what’s next?

First, it is important to connect with Source, regardless of whether there is a particular religion you align yourself with. If you have a chosen faith, it is likely you are either a pure practitioner of your religion, aware of any shortcomings it may have and choosing to only focus on the positive, or you are deeply questioning the seeming inconsistencies in the information your religion gives you. Either way, Starseeds are often deeply spiritual people.

When Starseeds cut themselves off from whatever form of the Divine they feel drawn to, they often feel depleted and adrift. Even if your spiritual practice is to go climb a tree and watch the leaves shimmer for a half hour a day, do this regularly. Keeping your internal space clear will assist you in finding your way.

Physical health is also important for Starseeds. Many (but not all) are called to be vegetarian, vegan, and/or raw. They also often enjoy superfoods and researching ways to achieve glowing (and possibly eternal) health. If you feel drawn to this area, then follow that path! You may also feel drawn to yoga – many Starseeds are, and it is likely that at least some forms of yoga originated off-planet.

Allow your passion and internal guidance to lead you on your path. Starseeds are often activators or way-showers, the first people to walk unfamiliar paths and show others how to follow. Embrace this, knowing that by living as authentically as you can, you will feel better than ever before, as well as meet kindred spirits who will be drawn to your authenticity and similar energy pattern.

When Starseeds meet others like them, bonding is usually rapid, sometimes even instantaneous. They recognize and honor the link between them. Allow the heart to expand and let new loved ones in, without becoming addicted or codependent (something that Starseeds often struggle with, as a result of the difficulties experienced in childhood). Unhealthy patterns will be avoided if good care is taken to remain internally and externally healthy.

Many Starseeds’ missions while embodied on Gaia right now include taking the encoded information we store in our DNA that consists of memories about what an Ascended, peaceful existence on a balanced planet looks like, and sharing it with those around us. Starseeds light the path so others may walk it with a surer step. They do this by remembering what they know from lifetimes of incarnating on planets where this jump was already achieved. Some Starseeds have been a part of the Ascension process many times before, on planets other than Gaia, and are here as a type of “mission team,” assisting with this new birthing that will be a landmark event in the evolution of our entire Universe.

If you are a Starseed, welcome! You are no longer alone. And if you know Starseeds or are interested in learning about them, then thank you for being one of the paradigm-shifting humans who will allow Gaia to be a Universal home, rather than a quarantined planet. It is time to take a conscious part in the evolution of our people and our planet.

 Charis Brown Malloy  Charis serves as an Charis with bindiambassador to realms of existence that our modern Western culture has denied the existence of in recent centuries.” She carries an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and is the author of two books, Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real Worldand Instruction of a Starseed. 

Check her out at



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