The Magic of Tonic Herbs: An Interview with Brandon Gilbert

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I started taking tonic herbs about two years ago. I had randomly stumbled upon a YouTube video about herbal elixirs and thought I should give it whirl.

That’s one whirl I’m glad I took!  Tonic herbs are the first supplements I’ve taken that have a noticeable, almost immediate effect on my energy levels — and it’s an energy that is subtle and sustainable.

Since then, I’ve been a huge advocate of herbalism, and hands-down, the best quality, most potent herbs I’ve found on the market are  from Hyperion Herbs.

Not only does Hyperion Herbs have unbeatable quality, Brandon Gilbert (owner) offers some of the most well-researched, extensive, and comprehensible information out there. His podcasts, YouTube videos, and extensive newsletters on tonic herbs, has given me an education in herbs I never dreamed imaginable.

Because I love what he is doing, I asked Brandon to share some of his story, favorite supplements, and info about Hyperion Herbs.


How did you get interested in Chinese tonic herbs? 

I became interested in tonic herbs when I learned of their deep connection with Taoism and martial arts. Both are things that have been interests of mine since a very young age. Also, the intelligence that these herbs contains and can confer to us is extremely fascinating  and rare. In my eyes, herbs of this class are truly gems, gifts from nature.

What is the difference between tonic herbs and regular herbal supplements?

A tonic herb, by definition, must meet a few criteria in order to be classified as tonic. First, it must be safe to consume for the long term and be free of any side effects or toxicity. Second, it must benefit or tonify at least one of the three treasures (the three treasures being jing, chi, and shen). Lastly, it should  be dual directional and regulatory in its effects. Meaning it doesn’t serve as a stimulant or a depressant, but both when needed.

This means that if you take an herb like gynostemma first thing in the morning, it can even out your energy so you feel more energized and ready to go. Yet you can also take it at night, and it would be gently calming and help you relax and wind down. This is what makes an herb dual directional and intelligent.

In my eyes, this represents the real future of diet and medicine. Most people consume things that aren’t intelligent or dual directional. This typically produces side effects or even toxicity over time.

Some supplements could fall under the tonic category, yet many do not. For that reason it’s important to understand and realize the distinction between a tonic substance and a remedial or medicinal substance.

What role do you feel tonic herbs have in the body’s overall health?

I think the major role is that the herbs can help the body handle stress more easily and effectively. We all deal with stress every day and this isn’t likely to change. Thus something that can modulate and improve our ability to handle stress should be regarded as extremely valuable and useful.

Tell us some of the benefits you’ve seen in your own health as a result of using tonic herbs.

I have experienced, and am still currently experiencing, some pretty profound transformations. In short, I’ve seen my energy levels greatly increase while also vastly improving my immune system. These herbs have truly assisted my growth on all levels. Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

If you could only take one herb for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

That is a tough question, but probably wild ginseng, reishi mushroom, or schizandra.

Your videos use a lot of Chinese and Taoist philosophy. What appeals to you about the Eastern approach to life vs. Western?

I’m at the point now where I realize labels are inherently misleading and limiting. Take Taoism for example. Let’s say we gathered 10 people off the street and then 10 Taoist monks and we asked each person to describe what Taoism is. I’m willing to bet that we are going to get 20 different descriptions of the “same thing.”

So for me, I am more interested in simple natural principles that produce results. Some may call that Taoism, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Shamanism, Five Element Theory, etc. To me, if it’s real and legit, then it’s just basic natural principles that we can all easily observe. I believe that really the original “Taoists” were not “Taoists” and likely couldn’t be bothered with such labels or definitions.

What is your favorite herbal elixir to make? 

One of my favorites is Kombucha mixed with my new schizandra extract. It’s quite simple and incredibly delicious!

Tell us a bit about Hyperion Herbs – what makes your product different from other herbal supplements on the market?

In short, quality and attention to detail. What I mean by that is that I personally sourced everything myself. I did this firstly because I am an enthusiast and connoisseur of herbs, so obviously I want to absolute best for myself. This benefits my clients because this ensures that they are able to get the best as well.

Any book recommendation or suggestions for good resources on tonic herbs?


I’ve just launched this site and it is a continually growing wealth of empowering and actionable strategies. It represents a real solid blueprint for creating lasting transformations. The blueprint is solid because it addresses the whole picture, not just one little piece. The whole picture being exercise, diet, breathing, meditation, and then the whole emotional/spiritual/psychological side of things.

Flash Questions

You’re stranded on an island with only one book, which book would it be?

I Ching

Private concert – who’s playing?

Alive: Deftones
Dead: Jimi Hendrix or Beethoven

Worst fear?

Not living on purpose

Favorite movie?

The Social Network or The Matrix

Pet Peeve?


Best meal?

Beef Chilaquile from a local restaurant called Mayan Cafe

Thanks for stopping by, Chakra Center, Brandon!  We wish you continued success and health!

Cheers to tonic herbs!

Brandon Gilbert has a passion and a love for Chinese Tonic Herbs. He is the founder and owner of Hyperion Herbs

For more info on Hyperion Herbs, visit

Or visit Brandon’s YouTube channel:

You can also check-out the live interview I did with Brandon early this year. In this interview, Brandon shares details about his own personal story, how he got into tonic herbs, and how they have changed in life:


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