Day 3 Raw Food Challenge: Resources

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Welcome to Day 3 on the Raw food Challenge at Chakra Center!

We had some technical difficulties yesterday, and were unable to post our features for Day 2, so today is a twofer!

Usually the first two days of any diet change are the hardest. To help ease the transition, we compiled a list of resources to better help you succeed on your raw food adventure:

Best Tips for Raw Food Diet: A fantastic article containing tips  for success on the raw food road

Dan McDonald (The Life Regenerator)

Dan has 13 years of eating raw under his belt. He’s full of simple, easy-to-follow recipes, raw motivation (shares from his own experience), and plenty of inspirational entertainment. Everyone on the raw food journey should check him out!

3 Biggest Mistakes people make on the Raw Food Diet:

The Cool Vegetarian recently posted an interview with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram (founder of Fully Raw and Rawfully Organic Co-op). Kristina shares her thoughts on the 3 biggest mistakes people make on a raw food diet, and how to avoid them.

Check-in daily for more resources, tips, and videos. If you haven’t signed-up for the raw food challenge, it’s not too late! Click on this link to sign-up today!



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