Growing Wheatgrass and Running a Holistic Business: An Interview with Kaitlin Jones

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Have you discovered the magical, energetic, and healing benefits of wheat grass?

Wheat grass is known to:

*Increase red blood-cell count

*Lower blood pressure

*Cleanse the blood, organs and gastrointestinal tract of debris

*Stimulate metabolism and the body’s enzyme systems by enriching the blood

*Stimulate thyroid gland, which helps corrects obesity and indigestion

*Alkalize the blood

*Relieve internal pains

*Successfully treat peptic ulcers, ulcerative colitis, constipation, and diarrhea

*Detoxify the liver

*Protect the blood from carcinogens

*Strengthen cells

*Chemically neutralize environmental pollutants

*And much, much more.

So why not grow it in your house and drink it every day?! That’s exactly what makes possible.

I bought a wheatgrass kit two years ago, and couldn’t get enough of the radiant energy it supplied my body with daily.

The company’s products are very high vibe, health conscious, and sustainable; none of their seeds are genetically modified, and everything is organic.

The wheatgrass kits are easy to prepare and easy to grow.  And they  have many other different types of grasses and micro greens to grow, juice and eat.

I’ve been so impressed with the quality of the product, and the ethics of the business, I asked owner, Kaitlin Jones, to stop-by Chakra Center and tell us her story:

How did you get into growing wheat grass?

When I was about seven years old, my mother went to the Ann Wigmore institute in Boston.  Ann Wigmore was the pioneer in wheatgrass.  My mom learned how to grow the grass there and came home and grew it and juiced it for us as a family.  I wouldn’t say that I loved the grass juice, in fact, one time she gave me an extra shot before going to school, right during the middle of class I got sick and threw-up green juice, it was pretty embarrassing (wheatgrass is super potent; you want to start out with an ounce or less of juice), but I am so glad she started me on a healthy path at an early age.

What benefits have you seen in your own life from using wheat grass?

I have been juicing Barley grass most recently along with other juices like apple carrot, and celery.  I feel so much more energy when I take these juices.  Energy is the life blood for me of a good day.

I have heard a lot of stories and experiences of how wheatgrass and diet changes have really helped people when they are sick.  I think one of the biggest benefits for me has been over-all health and the knowledge of how to get myself better if I do come down with something.

What inspired you to start your wheat grass kits company?

My mom grew the wheatgrass for juice bars and stores while I was growing up.  I had a little juice bar in her greenhouse.  She grew all the grass and people came in and juiced their own grass.  They would put money into a box.  When I came down to the greenhouse on the weekends I would have a box with money in it.  I had to do almost no work.  One time I wrote an advertisement that I put in her newsletter she sent out, but that was about it.  It made me love business!  Later at college I received my bachelor’s degree in business.  During my studies my brother got into internet marketing and we together started the wheatgrass growing kit venture.

How long have you been a vegan?

I started being a vegan around age 13, I am now 30.  There was a period of about 4 years during college where I went to being a vegetarian and not strictly vegan, but have since gone back to being strictly vegan.

We understand all of the seeds you sell are non-gmo. What would you say are the benefits of non-gmo seeds, and have they been difficult for you to obtain?

I think the biggest thing is that there is not enough research to prove that the GMO products are as safe and as healthy as the natural seeds and plants.

I don’t think the seeds have been extremely difficult to obtain, there is a huge group of people who don’t like the GMOs.  I think that the biggest obstacle that we are facing and will face is that GMO products are not required to be labeled as containing GMOs, so once the food is on the shelves it is really hard to know what you are eating.

I believe you can be safe when buying organic foods that they don’t contain GMOs because part of becoming certified organic is that the ingredient cannot contain GMOs.

What is your philosophy in running a holistic business?

When I studied business at college I read a book by the owner of Tom’s of Maine toothpaste holistic toothpaste) called “The Soul of a Business” by Tom Chappell.  It inspired me!  It taught me that a business can benefit many people in many different ways.  I think that running a holistic company feels good because I believe so much in raw and living foods.

What health food tips would you give for someone transitioning from a standard American diet to a vegetarian or primarily vegan diet?

For me the best advice was to start being vegan or vegetarian by substituting and trying to keep your menu as close to what you are used to as you can at first.  For example, if you really like mac and cheese, there a tons of delicious ways to make it vegan.  Learn those and eat that way for a while at first.  It is probably not the healthiest way to eat vegan. Some might call it “junk food veganism,” but for the transition it works really well. It helps you avoid complete shock and withdrawals.  Then after you really have the hang of eating vegan, try to branch out and add more raw and living foods to your diet.

Thank you for stopping by, Kaitlin! 

For more information on how you can order a wheat grass kit for your house, visit


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