Day 4: 30 Day Raw Food Challenge

30 day challenge

Tips for keeping it real and rawawesome!

*Have fun! Ultimately, the purpose of all of this is to increase energy, feel great, and have fun! If you’re not having fun, try switching things up, backing-off, or making a creative, yummy raw meal!

*Don’t be fanatical! Worrying about if everything you put into your mouth is 100% raw only causes stress, which in turn weakens your body, which ultimately, defeats the purpose. Sometimes I eat Larabars in a pinch, or have a salad with black beans on top. It’s okay! Just get as many fresh greens and fruits as possible.

If you do have the ability to be 100% raw on this journey, you will definitely feel the benefits, but you don’t have to be. Do what you can. If you commit to being healthy and eating as much raw fruits and veggies as possible, you’ll feel fantastic – I promise!

*Connect to your heart! Watch a lot of inspirational videos, read motivational books and articles, connect with nature, and be as creative as you can be! This will help raise your vibration, which makes you a match to the high vibe foods you’re consuming. It also inspires you, and gives you the necessary motivation to keep going! Check-out yesterday’s link for some great resources. I’ll be sending a lot more inspiration stuff next week.

Feel free to share how you are doing! Drop me an email. And let me know if you have any questions.




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