Got Writer’s Block? Talk to the Trees!

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Bouts of writer’s block frequently show up at my door. In the past, I would brace myself, knowing I was in for a painful confrontation. Now I’ve found a better way: I talk to trees.

Have you ever listened to a tree? Trees are full of poetry and movement, and colorful dimensions all their own. They exist in two worlds, moving and growing within and above the earth.

As a writer, I find trees (and nature in general) to be one of the greatest sources of inspiration. Nature has its own language – its own songs, its own story.

My challenge to all of you is to listen.

Allow your imagination to tangle-up with the branches and leaves, and observe, without judgment, all that comes. You don’t have to believe anything you hear, feel, or see. Just allow your imagination to feed your creative flow.

Entering into the magic of nature could be the key to opening the door to your unique story. Draw near and listen, and allow yourself to be swept into an enchanted journey.

I recently did this.

A sudden impulse prompted me to drive to the mountains. The early morning sun peaked over the tips of the leaves and glowed on the edge of the mountain tops. Under a crooked and clever tree, I sat against knobbled, exposed roots that disappeared under and around the winding river. I carefully placed my thoughts on the surface of the laughing water, and watched them drift downstream. It felt good to let go.

I allowed my breath to sync with the quiet song of the morning birds.  I let the rustle of the leaves toss the strands of my hair, and asked the watchful trees what they had to say.

“What we have to say is beyond all stars. It is a story that knows the intimate birthing of the Universe, the Sun, and all that walks on, in, and under the earth. Our roots go deep. We are not mere observers; we actively participate in your unfolding, in your very breath.

When you breathe-in the patterns of breath, you breathe in our essence, you inhale the breath of God. It is THE divine. Every shape you create in your mind moves in and around you. This is no metaphor; it is a truth that runs deep throughout the galaxies. Everything is geometric. It is the movement of the One. It is the life of all that is. If you want to draw near us, listen to the sounds. Observe the stillness. Observe the peace. We are content to just Be. Because in our Beingness we create life.

Draw near. You will see there is more to see than you already see. The science is here. The poetry, the words, the music. We wrap the essence of all living breath around our roots, inside our trunks, above and around our branches.  There is an energy here that is necessary for the movement of your lives.

Look to the sky. We feed from the light. And from the life above. There is more up there than you see. And much more down below. Life is everywhere. We see the truth of the outside in, the world above, and the one below. We exist on realms you have yet to see with your eyes, but if you opened the TRUE eye, you would know all and see the ONE and know our connection to your heart. You would see we are the Coming, the revealing of the Bright Morning Star.

We long, as all creation longs, to see the glory of man restored. We breathe the signs and movements of restoration into your cells. The light is coming. The Kingdom that is within you is also within us. We are still to let it be. You move to shake it out. But All is moving, and the Kingdom is advancing. Even the rocks will cry out in songs of rejoicing, to see your glory revealed. Be still, and know the One.”

Walking into other dimensions will certainly wake-up your sleeping story. Try it.

Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, editor, news correspondent, mentor, tree-hugger, and creator of Chakra Center. She loves to travel around the world and write about it. For more information about her writing/editing/ and mentoring services, visit


3 thoughts on “Got Writer’s Block? Talk to the Trees!

  1. Beautiful message! Sometimes when I can’t get out, I visualize sitting against a tree and digging my toes into the earth. This always gives me happy energy. 🙂

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