The Magic of Music: An Interview with Cora Flora

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Her music is magic.

It’s soulful and painted with vibrant purple, pensive blues, and peaceful, heart-shaped greens. The first time I ever heard a song by Cora Flora I was in a funk. The sky was full of wispy, grey shadows and my mood reflected the lonely echo of the rain outside.

I don’t remember what brought it on, but that particular day I felt worthless, and unsure of my purpose in this world. The song was playing in the background of a video on YouTube, but the words seemed to dance through the room and weave in-and-out of my own shadow.  “Don’t change…unless you want to. I love, the You that You are. You’re so loveable, just so hug-able, the way you are.”

I don’t know why, but I began to cry. The Universe has a way of using unlikely moments, signs, and songs to remind me why I’m here. As the words filled my room, I felt the shadow move toward the door.

A couple months later, Cora contacted me (a mutual Facebook friend had suggested a collaboration on a project), and she has been a kindred soul sis*star ever since. Source works in mysterious ways.

I couldn’t wait to have Cora come to Chakra Center and talk to us about music’s connection to the soul – her music has been medicine for me, and I know she will go on to inspire the lives of many. If you’ve never experienced the magic of her voice and the soul-inspiring mystery of her music, I suggest you give yourself that gift…today.

Tell us about your musical journey. Have you always been interested in music? When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I’ve always been interested in music, even before I knew what it was. My parents use to play music for me in the womb, so it’s been connected to my human experience from the very beginning. Looking back, it’s no wonder that music is such a powerful and easy way to connect me to the feeling of Heaven / Source Energy. It’s been with me all along.

When I was a little girl I loved dancing, allowing the music to flow through me. I thought I wanted to be a dancer, or a doctor, or the prime minister of Canada. Although I took piano lessons throughout childhood and sang love songs for fun, it didn’t occur to be that I could be a musician. Aside from moments of amazing harmony with my mom (she is a great harmonizer), I didn’t really think my voice was special.

Once I started playing guitar around 13, I started writing songs. Then singing became a deeply satisfying act; a way to express my emotions and my poetic perspective on life. I’m so grateful for amazing women musicians who gave me the courage to be authentic: especially Alanis Morisette, Ani DiFranco, Bjork, Fiona Apple, India Arie, and Sarah McLachlan.

It’s been a bit of a reluctant path towards knowing that I am a musician, that this is my path. I feel like I’ve surrendered it many times, to explore gardening, to explore healing, to explore writing. There’s so much ego in the music industry that I just felt like my tender musical yearnings wouldn’t fit in.

Yet music is in my blood, and will always connect me to the feeling of who I truly am. I love listening deeply to the peaceful music of nature, I love the special moments of giving birth to new songs, and I love playing live, which can be totally soul-gasmic and fantastically satisfying!

The beauty of this time with the internet and the expansion of consciousness is that I realize I have to power to create my own musical path. My creative power expands through my music, my website, my videos, and my entire life.

Music has taught me that I am a Musician, and I am the Music of the Universe. 🙂

How has music helped you on your path of healing?

Music has helped me on my path of healing in so many ways… It’s been a compassionate friend when I needed it, a powerful tool to release and understand emotions, and a key to connecting to my soul and even more spiritual energies.

What role does music play on your spiritual journey? 

I remember going to church when I was growing up, and that my favorite part was the singing (even though some of the songs were boring). It’s no wonder that singing is used around the world as a tool to connect to spiritual energies. Singing has the power to open our hearts, connect us to our souls, and flow with the Universe. I find it fascinating that even the word Universe means “one song”. Truly everything is in this beautiful harmony of energy, and music helps me understand this deeper.

Some say music is medicine for the soul. Do you find that to be true? How?

At the moment I’m listening to my iPod on shuffle (a.k.a. synchronistic guidance) and Sarah McLachlan’s song “Elsewhere” just came on. My soul just got blasted with all the deep emotion and spiritual power that this song emanates. Sarah truly writes music from her heart, and all of her songs have a mystical essence that is medicine for my soul. (Now shall I dance about architecture? Just kidding!)

Exploring healing and what it’s all about has helped me understand how music is medicine for the soul as well. To me healing is a journey of feeling, learning, and growing into a better person. As I’ve been opening up, there have been moments when my emotions were a huge overwhelming mess, and music helped me to release the energy by flowing out sounds of whatever I felt. Being creative (which has the same energetic effect on the body as healing and praying) helps me to learn from my challenges and create something amazing from them.

As well I believe that at the present moment this world and the brave love souls that signed up for this experience are all shifting. Releasing limitations, opening to allow more spirit, to co-create Heaven on Earth. Even though it’s been challenging, we are surrounded by soooo much spiritual support, and there is a lot of vibrational medicine being given to us through music (whether we can hear/feel it or not). Many of us who are sensitive to these vibrations can empower them even more by sharing them through our music, allowing them to flow through us in a way that others can receive even more consciously. All it takes is feeling, allowing, and flowing with the music of your soul to become a channel in this way.

Wow… Synchronicity… My iPod just sang “hear the angels’ voices”…

Music has been called the “universal language.” What role  do you think music plays in global (and universal) communication?

Music allows us to bypass the mind and connect from the heart. This is why listening to music in languages we don’t know is so interesting, it teaches us to feel on a soul level. 🙂

There are a lot of theories out there on music’s relation to sacred geometry. Do you have any thoughts/comments on this phenomenon?

I feel really inspired to explore the connection of music and sacred geometry. I feel that with intention, it is possible to express the essence of spiritual truths through music. I feel like a key is harmony. My next album, Illumination, will be exploring the vibration of inspiration (including sacred geometry through music). I love being on this path of discovery!

At the moment my iPod is sharing a beautiful song with lots of OMs, “Ganesha Invocation” by Shantala. It reminds me of how ancient mantras are connected to deep spiritual wisdom; they are keys that have been given to us. Likewise yantras (the visual expression of divine energies) can easily unlock knowing that transcend the illusions of this present lifetime. 🙂

What message do you hope to convey with your music?

Peace, Love, Freedom, Empowerment, and Heaven on Earth!

What is the ultimate dream for music in your life?

Once again the Universe (as expressed in this moment through my iPod) is flowing inspiration that is synchronistically connected to what I’m focusing on. The song Legend of a Cowgirl by Imani Coppola lights my inner flame to enjoy this lifetime, that this is for fun! (The days of self-sacrificing service are over)!

I choose to serve in a way that is joyful, delicious, rich, satisfying, exciting, and harmonious. Life has a perfect flow that I’m grateful for in every way, and now I see myself expanding and sharing on a bigger level. I love traveling this beautiful world, and enjoy sharing music in ways that are dreams come true for me and everyone involved; upcoming I see amazing visuals, fantastic venues, and soul-gasmic orchestration. I’m excited to experience harmony in miraculous ways with co-creators, inspiring states of musical expansion / illumination/ elevation, and powerful healing vibrations of Heaven on Earth for all of us. 🙂

Where can people find your music?

Connect with me at 🙂

Any other thoughts/comments you want to share?

A really amazing book if you are interested in a fascinating exploration of the Spirit of Music is The Music Lesson by Victor Wooten. Enjoy!

Cora Flora is on a blossoming path, touring to bring healing, joy, love, and inspirational vibrations to Mother Earth and all her lovely children. Once you feel the deep resonance of her songs, you will be inspired to connect with your soul’s harmonious music and enjoy your infinitely creative, amazing life! 


2 thoughts on “The Magic of Music: An Interview with Cora Flora

  1. I was introduced to her music last month on youtube and was totally inspired. She’s such a beautiful person. Leija mentioned her in a video and now i’m seeing Leija’s name on top of this reply box. So weird… hahaha!!! Love when this happens to me! 🙂 Thanks for posting this interview.

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