Giving AND Receiving: An important message from the rocks :)

Channeled Writtings, The Throat Chakra

Out with the old, in the with new.  Out and in. Like breath.

It’s how things have been flowing these days. Major shifts and new energies are moving through me, and a lot of “shift” is coming out.

On my nature hike today, there were many stones: pink, red, white, and orange, all blinking up at me in the sunlight.

Several times I stopped to pick one up, or simply rest my hands on their warm surface. I felt their energy tingle through my body –so open to receive me, and to give. The flow was natural.

Giving had been on my mind before I headed off on my walk. I had this “brilliant” idea that I would make every Monday a “random act of kindness day” at Chakra Center (which I am totally excited about, by the way). But as I sat with the glittery rocks outside, I felt there was something more to it – something important I needed to understand about the energy of giving.

So I sat down and listened. This is what they told me:

“Giving is a medicine for the body, and for the energy fields around you. It heals in every direction you focus it. There is much to learn about giving on your planet.

When you give to others, it is a gift to yourself. If the person receives in gratitude, it offers healing. This is not metaphorical, it is really occurring in the energetic fields of your body.

If you find yourself in lack it’s simply an indication that you have not learned to master the flow of this abundant Energy. It doesn’t matter if you are good at giving; to truly master the energy of Abundance you must learn to open yourself up to receive.

If you feel your energy is low, look at the energetic patterns around you. Are you allowing yourself to receive? Many lightworkers and healers are especially lacking in the Receiving energy. This is not good for the health of the planet.  It blocks the natural flow of light. It blocks the healing process, even for those places you are sending the healing energy.  When you give energy from a place of non-receiving, you only deplete the Life Force, not only for you, but for the person you are sending. Non-receiving energy blocks the flow of Abundance for all.

Nobody can heal another person. It is only yourself you can truly heal. To give healing is not enough; it is through receiving the healing in return, that true health can occur within you.

To “give selflessly” is a misconception. It is a misunderstanding of what is actually taking place on an energetic level. When you give, you are giving of your energy, and the “self” is imprinted on that energy. In reality, you must give self-FULL-ly.

If you withhold yourself from an energy transaction, you are blocking your energetic health. It is important the energy moves freely through the body – like the breath – in and out.  To stop the flow of the “out” breath, OR the “in” breath, one would die. It is no different on the energetic level.

This is science. It is not superstition. It’s the way the Universe works. The Universe never withholds anything from you. Like oxygen, all abundance exists around you, everywhere –  it is always there for you to use, but you must allow it to flow through you, in and out.

It is important not to block your own flow of abundance (which is the medicine for all diseases and psychological problems on your planet). It is only through the Energetic Flow of Giving and Receiving that the abundance can flow properly through your life.

This is not superstition. Study how energy moves, you will see that it is simply a law of the Universe. Giving and receiving are one in the same. You are not better if you only give of yourself, without receiving. This is a lie. It is impossible to give the fullness of Abundance if you do not also receive.

It is important to learn how to give. Giving first always to yourself. Give yourself the love, so the love can flow fully through you, overflowing and moving, as it naturally does, throughout the Space around you. Love energy is not limited by physical matter. It moves instantaneously. The frequency of love is very high.

When you send love to someone, imagine they are surrounded by white, green, and pink light. See this light radiating from your heart, and filling all the space around you, and around the person you are giving to. See the light clear their aura, and brighten your own. As you see them getting brighter and brighter, you will feel your own love growing even more.

The space around you will feel warmer.  When you feel the sensations on your skin and around your face, you can be sure the love energy is flowing properly back to you. It is important to see the energy moving this way. Your thoughts will direct its course. When you give, always see the energy moving  in a circular motion – it always come back to you, and this will help you perceive the gifts the Universe is sending to you, and help you open up your energy field to receive them.

You can’t receive properly if you see yourself only as a “giver”. This is not a true virtue, because the real Giver is also the Receiver. Only through giving and receiving can life occur. Open yourself up to the giving and receiving – value and honor both equally, as they are one in the same. It is important to balance your beliefs regarding this energy if you are to truly experience the abundance of the Universe.


Isn’t that beautiful?! I love how the rocks talked about the planet as if they belong in another realm — maybe they do! Or maybe I was channeling other Beings through their energy?! Whoever it was, they had a lot of insight. Thank you for translating the message, rocks!

Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, teacher/tutor, editor, intuitive mentor, and creator of Chakra Center. She loves to travel (especially to other dimensions), talk to trees, and bliss-out. 


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