Registration Now Open for our Writing to Connect to with the Elves Online Classes!

The Third Eye Chakra, Workshops/Retreats

***Registration is now full*** We will be offering this class again next month. Dates/details to follow.

Writing to Connect with the Elves (and discover Your Life’s Calling) 

Wednesday, August 22nd – Tuesday, August 28th


In Writing to Connect with the Elves, you will learn to play with your inner-child, dream big, open your creative chakra, and use your imagination to discover your unique and essential role on this planet.

Pure imagination, fun, bliss, and creativity — this week-long adventure will be unlike any other.

In this workshop you will enter a world where fairies and elves are real, magic is essential, and you have an unique and important role to play!

We will attempt to connect to our Greater Myth through a personal journey/quest in the Elemental realm.

Each participant will embark on a personal Quest – the quest to find the treasure hidden within their hearts. The hunt will commence after I’ve felt around in your energy fields and done some intuitive work (with the help of the Elves — hee hee) to pull-forth some possible potentials to your greatest Self. You will be given an Elven name, a particular brand of magic (unique to you), and the charge of going deep within your heart.

In this world, Elves can see thought forms that exist on the etheric realms, so you will be bumping up against many potentials and possibilities. Therefore, each person’s quest will be unique and individual.

Each day you will receive “writing assignments”  that pertain to your quest (like going out in nature and talking to the trees), but in these assignments you must allow your imagination to fully immerse you into another realm – this dimension is where your treasure is buried – the calling of your life’s purpose.

Amanda will take the journey with you, available online and through the forum for feedback on “assignments,” encouragement, and to answer any questions.

A magical, imaginative, “bliss-out” way of connecting to your Higher-Self and greater purpose, this class will certainly wake-up your sleeping child, and provide food for your under-worked imagination.

Unlike most writing classes, you will receive one intuitive readings from Amanda (at the end of the workshop), and encouragement/help from the other participants. It’s an intuitive heart-session/life coaching class, with an Elven twist!

If you love to play, write, create, and dream (and discover more of who you are in the process) this workshop is for you!

What you get:

*A written/intuitive “channeled” reading.

*Online forum to connect/interact with other participants.

*An “Elven” name, special brand of magic, and a personal quest for your writing (inner-child creativity work).

*An opportunity to discover your personal strengths/”calling” through connecting with your BLISS and obtaining the encouragement to make it happen!

*Personal feedback/recommendations/suggestions from Amanda and other participants.

*Your story published on Chakra Center (optional).

***All classes are offered on a donation basis. If you like what you get, you can feel free to donate — if not — not problem! We hope you have fun!

Fill-out registration form below to secure your spot.

Registration for our Writing to Heal class (September 3rd – September 9th) will be available soon!

All workshops are conducted online, giving you the flexibility to participate on your own schedule.

*If you are interested in personal, one-on-one sessions with Amanda, contact her via her website at  She is available as a writing coach, individual mentor, and for editing services. She will occasionally take-on writing gigs, as her schedule permits.

Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, teacher/tutor, editor, newscorrespondent, intuitive mentor, and creator of Chakra Center. She loves to travel (especially to other dimensions), talk to trees, and bliss-out. 



3 thoughts on “Registration Now Open for our Writing to Connect to with the Elves Online Classes!

  1. Hi, I have regstered for the writing with elves class, however I have not yet paid because it wasnt clear to me what time of the day this would take place( webinar ? Or online chats?) thank you.

    1. Hi Natalie!

      The class will be conducted online (through an online forum) so you have the luxury of participating any time of the day that is best for you. Hope that helps. 🙂

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