How Can it Be? by Teal Swan

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How can it be that the things which cause us the most pain are blessings in disguise?

There are things a person can experience in life which are incomprehensible; things that are so horrific and unimaginably hard that there is no way to covey them. A person can experience things in life that they never come back from. If they do not physically die, a part of them dies and their life changes forever.

To understand how all things come to bless us, we must understand the design of the physical dimension itself:

The physical dimension was designed as a kind of full sensory mirror; a hologram into which a being could project forth over and over again, in various forms in order to have a 3D experience of its own thoughts. We call this 3D experience a manifestation. The immersion experience into its own thoughts was meant to help the being come to preferences (desires).

Once the idea form of those preferences came to fruition, it was intended that the being would then focus purely on the new idea and thus, the 3D hologram would shift to reflect the new idea. And from there the process would begin again and continue endlessly in each life until the being decided that the hologram no longer served in their own expansion in which case they would withdraw their consciousness and cease to engage in the hologram.

The physical dimension was designed to help the Consciousness (so often called “God”), to understand Itself. Through every thought you think and every new idea you give birth to, God not only knows what to become, but also what it is. And as our consciousness expands, the physical hologram begins to reflect the higher dimensional, universal truths that exist beyond it.

Every physical manifestation (whether we call it good or bad), is meant to do one thing: Help us create and comprehend new dimensions of understanding. To help us to learn. Manifestations do this by bringing us to new desires. Our job is to figure out what we are meant to learn from those manifestations, and what we desire based on the experience of those manifestations. After that, our only responsibility is to focus on what we desire (the new idea). This is where we ran into a speed bump.

In the beginning of our incarnation into the physical dimension, we all knew that we would create the hologram of our realities with our mind. It was decided collectively by those observing the physical dimension that this “knowing” was holding back expansion instead of serving it. It was decided that if Oneness can only be understood from the perspective of separateness, then coming into the physical dimension consciously knowing about our connection to God and knowing that we create our own realities with our minds was not enough. It was decided that we could not understand nor desire oneness (that which we really are) unless we came into the physical hologram with a kind of amnesia.

The beings that chose to project themselves into the physical hologram collectively chose to deactivate certain aspects of their DNA. They consciously affected the interface between non physical and physical perspective so the hologram could feel more real and thus inspire us more accurately and intensely towards new desires. They chose to affect the interface so we could fully experience what it was to be separate and thus find our way to the understanding and desire of that which we truly are, which is one.

The problem (really the solution) which occurred when they did this is that collectively, humans in their perspective of disconnection began to believe fully in the hologram. After all, they had deactivated their awareness of what was beyond it. The hologram therefore became more and more real. Humans began to believe that they did not create their own reality.

Instead, they began to believe that reality happened to them. They decided that it was important to accept a static reality, that owning up to reality and studying it according to a Newtonian understanding, was the only way to prevent disaster and pain. Given this new understanding (or lack of understanding), people began to focus on the negative manifestations of the hologram even after the negative manifestations had caused them to give rise to a preference (positive idea).

The manifestations of disconnection (war, illness, loss and victimhood) were getting more and more extreme – extreme enough that the desire to know what was beyond the physical and to feel connected (instead of disconnected) was hatched by a few individuals. When they focused on those new desires, the means by which to re-activate the portion of their DNA which had been de-activated came to them.

Their hologram began to reflect their new desires and understanding and they went on to teach others about their “awakening”. Jesus was one such being. Buddha was another. There have been many. You have called them by a great many names.

But now it is your turn.

It is your turn to see beyond the hologram. Your turn to experience the freedom of creation and understanding. Your turn to reactivate your own dormant layers of DNA.

Why do you worry? Because you are not yet convinced that you create your own reality. You have not looked deep enough to see that you do.  It is survival instinct for you to give attention to what you do not want because if you prepare for (or are at least aware of) the worst case scenario, it will not blind side you, and therefore it will not hurt so badly. What you do not know is that your reality is becoming the exact reflection of whatever you give your attention to. In your worry, you weave the fabric of reality to reflect the image of your own horror and pain.

How can it be that spiritual teachers can simultaneously say that we are all one, that not a single rain drop falls that does not effect us all, while at the same time saying that we create our own individual realities, where no one can impose themselves upon us? It is because this physical reality is a subjective, time space reality.

This is a learning hologram which serves expansion. While oneness is an objective truth, to understand oneness, we must hollographically experience separation from one another. For some who have already expanded past the separation, they have chosen to come back into life with their perceptual instruments (senses) wired towards perceiving the interconnectedness of the universe.

For some, this life will be the life in which their perception opens up to include this truth. For others, it will be many lives before they desire their way into the experience of this truth. Only when you open up to the higher dimensional truth of interconnectedness can the hologram which you call “life” reflect it and prove it to you. When this happens, the only life to live is a life of compassion. You will not be able to bring pain to anyone else without suffering. All are affected with every thought and movement. But not all focused into the physical hologram perceive that yet. Their realities cannot yet provide them that experience.

Our collective reality will contain suffering as long as we do not open ourselves up wide enough to see the interconnectedness of this universe. Our collective reality will contain suffering as long as we do not open ourselves up wide enough to live our lives with compassion. It is all too easy once you open up to compassion, to virtually drown in the pain of what we have collectively created here in this hologram.

It is easy to let the “reality” of suffering drag us into lending energy to the belief that this world is broken, dark, and wrong. Beings that live with compassion are met with the world’s suffering every day. But it is those beings that are open enough to the higher truths of this universe, that do not let themselves drown in the suffering that surrounds them. Rather, they vow to constantly transform the darkness into light. Those who gain a higher perspective understand one minute of joy for one person, is one minute joy for us all. Because of this understanding, they are constantly converting suffering into joy, hatred into love, and powerlessness into limitless freedom.

The questions those with a higher perspective ask in the face of suffering are the questions you must ask if you are to understand how your greatest pain is a blessing in disguise.

And the questions are thus:

1. What am I meant to learn from this?
2. What is this pain causing me to know that I want?
3. What is the positive which has come or could possibly come from this?

These three simple questions are like threads with which to weave your way towards enlightenment. With them you will come to understand this universe. With them, you can learn to lead a wonderful life.

The mysteries of your deepest pain can be exposed as the seeds of your greatest joys. And you will make an enemy of pain no longer. You will cease to convert pain into suffering. And all will stand in gratitude to you. For in your greatest experience of freedom and joy, you set each and every single one of us free.

Teal Swan ,”The Spiritual Catalyst” is a well known Esoteric,  Extrasensory who writes and speaks publicly about spirituality, the meaning of life, God, The Higher Self and the road to health and happiness. Teal is part of the first 1980s wave of indigo children. As a result of her unusual abilities, Teal was taken into a local cult at the age of six and ritualistically tortured for 13 years. Since her escape, Teal has become a spiritual leader, utilizing her extrasensory abilities to educate people about the united, energetic nature of this universe and to teach people how to find both health and bliss in the midst of even the most extreme circumstances. Her book, The Sculptor in the Sky, is available on Amazon, and at most major book retailers.

To find out more about Teal’s life, workshops, teachings, and extrasensory abilities, visit

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  1. What?! May well have been in a different language for me…I don’t like the comparison of Jesus to Buddah either. Buddah was not born of an immaculate conception and then tortured and killed for the sins of mankind and resurrected so that we can have a personal relationship with God. There is no comparison

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