Intuitive Downloads: What they are and How to Encourage More of Them

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Intuitive Downloads: 

What they are and How to Encourage More of Them  

By Charis Melina Brown

What are commonly referred to as “downloads” in the New Age/Metaphysical community, are moments of pure inspiration and intuitive knowing. Often catalyzed by nebulously thinking curiously about a topic, they sometimes seem to come after no prompting at all, surprising the person who receives them.

Downloads can be knowledge about a situation, about a person, about one’s own individual soul path in the form of future awareness or past awareness (and sometimes very distant path awareness, such as knowledge of past lives,) and they can even relate to areas such as technological, medical, or artistic development.

Downloads tend to come entirely formed. They do not usually have the “figuring it out” feel of one’s own thought process. In fact, downloads often contain knowledge or an understanding of interactive forces of matter, nature, or energy that the person receiving the download wasn’t even aware that she/he had.

In my experience, I usually receive downloads as if a very rapid “slide show” is going on in my mind – a series of complete, even three-dimensional, fully colored and moving images appear, along with a complete knowledge of all aspects of those images and how they connect together. It is as if I am put inside a fully developed, realistic, and moving hologram, where every aspect of it is “explained” to me in minute detail. The objects around me flash in and out of existence, giving a progression of understanding about a topic. Less like an auditory explanation of a museum exhibit, and more like a virtual reality learning sequence with the explanation sent directly into my mind in the form of entire concepts rather than words strung together to create concepts. And as I said, these are very rapid.

The best comparison I can make is like getting a thirty or forty hour long scholastic course, with accompanying images and no struggle for understanding but a complete synthesis of information at the moment it is received, all crammed into less than five seconds.

Although I’ve described my experience here, it’s very important to note that everyone’s intuitive gifts come in different forms, so other people may receive downloads in the form of pictures, or emotions, or even songs.

Some of the most revered geniuses of our time received the concepts  or works of art that shifted our culture, from downloads. Albert Einstein often saw “visions” that he later “decoded” by discovering new scientific ways of understanding physical (and non-physical) matter and its interaction in our universe.

Downloads, though often magnificent and quite fascinating, can also have a shadow side: Nikola Tesla experienced moments of inspiration that, although he sought after, he also lived in service to and led a rather unhappy life because of it, and Ludwig van Beethoven received entire symphonies in only a few moments. It later took him weeks to “transcribe” them, which he said was the most difficult part of the process.

Some intuitive individuals perceive receiving downloads as a handicap, depending on what the downloads refer to, how powerfully they arrive, and the subject matter they contain. This is related to empathic ability – when it is useful to feel others’ emotions, then the gift is well received, but when it is difficult to integrate, it becomes a handicap.

It is worth noting that we are now experiencing a time in human history on this planet where extrasensory capabilities are being better received than possibly ever before. This not only refers to how they are received  inside each unique individual, but also how culture is receiving those individuals that come forward, open and honest about their capabilities. Fortunately, the general pace of things such as intuitive downloads and other extrasensory perception is primarily matched to the pace of personal development.

If one hones, accepts, and takes pleasure in downloads and other extrasensory abilities, they are likely to come with fuller frequency and increasing strength. If one blocks, rejects, and is frightened of or angered by them, then downloads and other extrasensory abilities are likely to slow down and only come through in bursts that are at once very important, and usually somewhat skewed because of the resistance they must pass through in order to be received.

If you wish to receive more downloads, my advice is to notice where you are already receiving them. The likelihood is that if this topic appeals to you or intrigues you, then you are probably already experiencing intuitive downloads and receiving other extrasensory information as well. The most difficult part of this process is realizing that what you have seen, known, or felt since birth (but probably not spoken because you assumed everyone experienced the same thing) is not as common as you assumed. Once you realize that, you can see your unique gifts for what they are – something to appreciate and hone in conjunction with what you desire and what works best for you as well as those around you.

Once you have discovered your gift, or even if you have no clue what it would be, beginning a meditation practice is a wonderful way to speed up any extrasensory abilities, especially the reception of intuitive downloads.

The method of meditation varies from individual to individual. Some  people benefit most from sitting quietly, counting breaths and clearing the mind. Some use energy work to clear their minds and allow their logical, thinking brains to relax. Some people go into nature and have mindfulness hours, where they only focus on what is around them and stop encouraging any mental chatter, thereby clearing the pathways within them for intuitive awareness to travel on. There are as many meditative techniques as there are individuals alive on the planet. The most important thing is to find the one that works well for you.

As you begin to find your flow, you will notice a few things happening. First, your life will feel less hectic, rushed, and stressful. Even when unplanned  and inconvenient situations arise, you’ll find yourself going along with them in curiosity rather than annoyance, wondering what you are about to learn or experience because of the unexpected change of plan. You will also notice that your interpersonal interactions become easier and less anxiety, worry, or anger-inducing.

Others will be able to lose their tempers around you and you will not be as affected as you used to be. In fact, you will eventually be able to remain perfectly still within, being present with the person who has become unbalanced while still feeling quite balanced within. This does not “cut you off” from others – rather, it makes you more helpful and accessible to other people because you will be able to communicate with them in a way that is not burdened by emotional “gunk.”

Finally, your extrasensory abilities will, of course, increase. When receiving downloads, you will wonder about an issue, and feel yourself “opening up” to the area of your mental and energetic fields that taps into the great Universal consciousness that all of our individual consciousnesses are pieces of. You will be able to access a far greater bank of information than what you could previously contain.

Sometimes your downloads will come as a result of questing, while other times your downloads will be unanticipated. In my case, the split is right down the middle. Half of my downloads come because I request information, such as the information I use to write this column. The other half of my downloads come when I am just allowing my mind to rest for a moment or idly wondering about an object or issue that I know nothing about.

To give an example, I was walking across a college campus where I worked a few years ago and heard a loud motor behind me. I took no major notice of the motor, but was simply aware of it and not thinking about anything else. In just a moment, a full explanation was “downloaded” into my mind of how the propulsion systems we currently use in our vehicles is actually quite primitive and dangerous.

We are currently using contained explosions that force objects into movement, but that are actually quite dangerous and “dirty,” creating pollution and releasing useless energy, such as heat that has no benefit to the required action of the motor. We even have counter-productive action included such as using energy that the explosion-based engine creates to actually cool the heat that the same technology creates. I had a flash of seeing us in a comparable “stone age” still, using chemicals combined and set on fire rather than rocks bashed together, but still nothing that was truly developed technology.

Before this download, I had never spent a moment thinking about how engines work. The subject has never remotely appealed to me. And that is likely why the answer to the problem wasn’t  given to me in that download – because I probably would not have taken any action if given the solution. So I did not “quest” for it with my mind or my energy.

I have received other downloads that were more comprehensive and that included an entire sequence of problem and solution, and also that never had a problem as basis, but rather that showed me a beautiful understanding of something already happening or a wonderful future to look forward to. I’ve also been given sequences to avoid, such as dangerous traffic situations when embarking on road trips. So intuitive downloads can be both grand and mundane – like many intuitive subjects, they span a large spectrum.

In closing, if you wish to receive intuitive downloads, you probably already are. The major leap is to realize that these are not an overactive imagination or useless daydreaming. In fact, they are accurate, detailed information coming to you from the same resource that our human population has used to grow and develop in major, large steps forward from the beginning of our existence. But downloads are of the etheric, energetic, thought realm.

It is up to us, in our physical bodies, to translate what we receive via downloads into real-world gifts and developments. Trusting ourselves, balancing ourselves, and listening to our internal guidance for the right time to take action on the paradigm-shifting ideas we receive is the way to begin.

Charis Melina Brown serves as an ambassador to realms of existence that our modern Western culture has denied the existence of in recent centuries.“ She carries an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and is the author of two books, Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real Worldand Instruction of a Starseed. She is a regular contributor at Chakra Center.

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One thought on “Intuitive Downloads: What they are and How to Encourage More of Them

  1. Hi Charis, I really enjoyed this article. This topic is quite fascinating to me although I am doubtful that I receive downloads. Of course I would like to start receiving downloads. I don’t meditate, but I want to find a type of meditation that works best for me. I’ve tried just sitting down with my eyes closed and focusing on my breath. I’d love it if you could go into more detail, perhaps in another article, about the different meditation techniques unless you can recommend any resources.

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