Imagination is Freedom: Use it to Soar!

The Third Eye Chakra

Today my writing class began its imaginative journey into the Elemental realm.

The power of imagination lies within its limitless potential. When you use your imagination in writing (without judgment), you aren’t restricted by any form of reality. You are free.

And that’s how life should be; A glorious, creative, liberating adventure. Why limit yourself? Why? 

The “Writing to Connect with the Elves (and Discover your Bliss)” class came entirely through meditation — through imagination — through freedom. It’s unlike any class I’ve ever taught before. An adventure, indeed!

Each writing assignment involves connecting with nature, listening to trees, and using our imaginations to enter into “Elvin territory” to creatively observe, learn, and write down anything and everything that comes through.

Today I share part of a writing meditation in hopes that you feel inspired to write without the inner critic — free from “reality’s” limitations. Allow your inner child to play. Release your imagination’s wisdom. Breath, write, and enjoy your creation:

(This is what I received after connecting with the Elves)

“You are composed from the elements of the earth, and we are the spirit of those elements. All that is wild and untamed about you is the Spirit of your nature – the spirit of us.  We are inextricably connected. It is through the spirit that you communicate with us – through the inner eye that you see us. It is your spirit which we most understand. Allow yourself to see this.

To connect with us is to connect to the heart of the trees and the rivers – the rocks and the earth. It is to connect with your very heart. To shut out the Spirit of Nature, is to abandon your own nature – your own spirit.

Like the river and trees, the rustle of the leaves, the steady flow of the water – the scattered rocks, there is nothing tame about you. This is why it feels unnatural to contain all that is within, inside your linear dimension.

It is by learning to feel those movements within you (and flow with them) that you will learn the ways of your True Heart – the way of the Spirit’s heart. The way of the Elves. To know the Creator’s heart you must allow yourself to move with it – always in its direction. Always with the flow of your breath.

To know your true heart, you must learn to be still. Watch the trees. Listen to the way they breathe – to the very sound of their heartbeat. Look at the way nature moves, always in perfect abandon to the will of the Breath.

You’ve bought too deeply into the expression of reality that others have created for you. Now is the time to create your own expression, to bring forth the true essence of all life, that which comes from within you. It is time for you to discover who and what you truly are.

You are free.

We Elves are here to assist you on the journey within your own heart. But be warned: The quest into the deepest caverns of Your heart is a scandalous, beautiful, and dangerous affair.  There are many dark places – wounds, fears, and loss. The darkness is an illusion, yet it feels real because of years of practice in your dimension. Years of memorizing your “reality.”

But once you begin the journey within– once you enter into our dimension (the dimension of Spirit) – you must bring back the treasure hidden therein. ‘For, if you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. But if you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.’  

This is the way of the Spirit – the way of the Heart. They must be free.

Prepare yourself for the most important quest of your life – the journey into the release and restoration of your true heart.

Bring only what is need. Leave everything else behind. Trust the unseen forces of Nature. Listen to the Silence. Breathe…and write.”

Don’t be afraid to explore realities outside of your current illusions. You may just discover the beginning of your endless potential.


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