Raw Food Challenge Update

30 day challenge

What happened to the Raw Food Challenge?

The truth is, so many things are going on behind the scenes at Chakra Center that I haven’t had time to focus on posting updates for this challenge.

So how is it going?

It’s coming along. I’ve been eating a lot of fruit these days. Especially bananas and grapefruit. But I’ve also been craving salads with black beans. In the past when I’ve done raw food challenges, I’ve been 100% raw (to an almost neurotic degree) the entire specified time. This round I’ve been a bit more relaxed. There is a season for everything, right?

This season of my life has been beautiful, but one filled with action. As things come to settle into their place on Chakra Center (my team of writers/contributors and reviewers is almost fully established) we will re-begin the 30 day challenges with a group effort and more consistency.

In the mean time, for the rest of this month I will do my best to post daily raw food recipes, videos, and inspirational tips.

Today, “The Cool Vegetarian” posted a great video on healthy sources of fat and protein for the raw food diet.



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