The Saturday Post: Best of YouTube Weekly Recap What’s Sudevi’s Promblem with Pleiadians?

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Enlightenment: A Dog on a Leash

This week’s feature YouTube video, Q+A: On Pleiadians, Respect for the Beliefs of Others, Moldavite, Religion, Love and Light, is done by a woman named MaNithya Sudevi. This is not someone that I am familiar with before today and I don’t even necessarily agree with a portion of her beliefs. But she is someone that I will continue to follow with great interest.

I will explain myself. After a very long day of reading blogs, watching videos and cramming far too much information into my head, my brain decided it no longer wanted to participate.

Two hummus sandwiches


and countless cups of tea later, with my face firmly planted on the desk and headphones burning my ears, I found what I was looking for.

Sudevi has a self titled YouTube channel with around sixty videos that I found after watching Drunvalo Melchizedek’s latest Q+A video on his channel, Drunvalo Flower of Life:

Drunvalo’s video covers his usual Mer-Ka-Ba Central Sun, Indigo Child, Native American Prophecy, Pleiadian heading; which I find all very fascinating. I agree with almost everything he says. His information, at least for me, just inherently feels true, it doesn’t make me uncomfortable or question myself. But when uncomfortable moments do arise, they make me look at my beliefs — they lead me to deeper understanding.

Sudevi’s view point on the Pleiadians struck me with such discord I became very frustrated to the point where I almost discontinued watching the video. But I had followed a synchronicity there and I would not be stopped. “What was her problem with the Pleiadians?” I kept thinking. These third, forth and fifth dimensional beings had always seemed so helpful.

It wasn’t until much later, I was taking the dog for a walk to clear my head that I collapsed on Sudevi as my chosen possibility. It hit me all at once:

Enlightenment is like a dog on a leash. Its that thing that perpetually pulls you forward, tugging this way and that. You have no idea why its pulling you in such seemingly ridiculous patterns until you just surrender and follow. Once you get there, it all seems so perfectly natural and you feel silly for even questioning it in the first place.

We, being the human race, are third dimensional beings. We have both the capacity for great acts of kindness and great acts of deception. Its is our choices that takes us on a path to enlightenment, our thoughts that create our reality and our emotions that guide us there. The Pleiadians are no better than we are, they are no worse than we are. We are all one.

Horizontal thinking is something that greatly deepens the joy in my life and see’s me through those frustrating moments. “I am not better than, I am not worse than, am not even equal to, We are one.

Teal Scott’s website, The Spiritual Catalyst, has taught so many, so much and I borrow that lesson from her.


We are all one.
Jamie Mortinson


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