Meet Jordan Pearce: The Man Behind Spirit Science

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If you’re connected to the online metaphysical world at all, you’ve probably watched Spirit Science. These creative, thought-expanding, and inspiring videos are created by the talented, light-filled, Jordan Pearce. Jordan is on a mission to inspire bliss, purposeful co-creation, and awakening on the planet. His animated videos have blown the door wide open for a global conversation about the nature of our reality, creation, and human consciousness.

With the love, creation, and support of his fellow “Spirit Patches,” he is activating Spirit Science (and his website,, to be a platform for information, inspiration, and global awakening.

We are huge fans of Jordan’s work here at Chakra Center, and couldn’t resist asking him to stop by for a chat.


Tell us a little bit about yourself: Who were you before Spirit Science, and what led you to making the videos?

Well, I’ve actually been animating in Flash and making flash cartoons for about 7 years before I started Spirit Science. Animation and bringing stories to life have always been a passion of mine. The question “Who was I” feels like a hard thing to answer, because ultimately I was a reflection of the world around me. There are many facets and aspects of myself that I could share, although I’m not sure I really want to waste your time reading things that don’t matter. Instead, I’ll tell you that “I am that I am.” I’m ever shifting in myself, and although before my awakening I was more closed to the ideas that are discussed in Spirit Science, I was always very curious and inspired to shine bright.

The Spirit Science movie opened up a huge, global conversation about the nature of our world, our history, who we are, and where we’re going. How have the videos opened-up the conversation for you, personally, and how has it changed your course?

Well that’s just it. It has opened up the conversation – flat out. Anyone can discuss anything with me, and depending on what I know about that particular subject, I’ll either end up learning a lot, or teaching a lot. Ultimately, there are only 2 things you need to know. In the balance of Master Student, one always gives energy, and one receives. It’s yin and yang.

The trick however, is knowing that there is no such thing as masters and there is no such thing as students. We must learn to become “Master Students.” Masters at learning and sharing. We must be able to face ourselves and be honest with ourselves, challenge our previous beliefs and ideas, and allow our ideas to evolve with us.

By practicing that, I am able to direct my course with focused intention, rather than allow the flow of everyone else to guide my life. It’s pretty simple once we acknowledge that we are influenced by each other’s intent and direction and energy, which leads to all of us running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

You created an amazingly informative video on the intelligence and life of crystals. How did you get into crystals, and what effect has your experience with them had in your life?

I was introduced to crystals by my friend Christine, and they have profoundly changed my life. The very awareness of crystals having their own consciousness and energy has altered my perspective, which opened up an awareness that everything around me was bursting with the energy that they were formed with, or grew into. Just as plants add a natural, abundant and loving energy to a house, so too do crystals add their own energy.

You’ve been on a very unique journey, traveling around the world and connecting with people for Spirit Science. What inspired you to begin “collecting” people and what have you all been up to?

I like the use of the word connecting over collecting. Maybe that’s my ego… I feel as though I’m bringing together the people who I most resonate with, who are on the same flow of consciousness as I am.

However, I am realizing in this past week from writing this that not everyone who communicates with me is on the same flow, even though they understand just as much, if not more, than I do.

Everyone has their own intention and focus, and my job is not to collect them and put them to work, but to inspire and empower them to create what THEY want. As it should be all of our focus’s to do this, we can create anything. We just need to allow ourselves to say yes to what we want, and move into it, manifest it. The Collective realization is difficult to achieve, but we can if we keep the discussion up! Of course, the only way this can happen is a complete social and economic reform throughout the planet… and I am only one being.

It seems there is a huge awakening happening on Earth right now, and many people, like you, are feeling inspired to connect with like minds, connect to their bliss, and be a part of this global conversation, but they just aren’t sure where to begin. What advice would you give them?

Start with yourself. Before you can take action and move forward and create something powerful, you have to be comfortable in yourself in knowing what you want. Some people I’ve met are here to build gardens and create beauty. Others are here to develop videos to express inspiration and light. Some people want to build eco-villages, for the people with the gardens to decorate it.

We are co-creators, so when you’ve established what you want – then start moving into it. Bring the idea into the physical realm, and remember to go 1 step at a time. A lot of people have trouble seeing themselves getting what they want, because that success is so far away. I think it’s important to remember that if you’ve dug yourself an ethereal hole of “debt,” emotional weight, and vibrations that hold you back, you’ll probably need to get out of that vibration first. Get yourself into a space of creation, a space of inspiration. You reflect the world around you, so the simple act of cleaning up your space, getting yourself organized, and seeing new perspectives of your life will start your shifting.

Once you’ve established your creative spark and intention, you can reach out and connect with other beings (well, you can do that at any point) and fit them together, in whatever way they do. Even if they’re completely unrelated creations, but are connected through their intention, they will find a way to benefit the situation for everyone.

Making and keeping connections with others — that is what it boils down to. Connect with people who genuinely care about you, and align yourself with those who are bright and light. It will profoundly affect the direction you take, because you are mirroring another who comes from a pure heart, rather than one that is deceitful.

What is your take on the ET involvement in our planet’s shift?

I’m wondering what’s taking them so long to show up!!!

In one of your Spirit Science videos, you expand on Astral Projection and Lucid dreaming. What are the benefits of learning these techniques and how can they aid (or not) in deepening our Spiritual connection?

I think it helps one expand their perception and imagination. Upon Astral Projection, the realizations that existence at higher frequencies, where you can insta-manifest anything, does exist and that you can tune into it…become real. You start trying to see how it’s possible to manifest in the 3rd dimension, and then you start seeing how things REALLY work on this dimensional plane. It really deepens the connection you have to yourself, and because you are a reflection – everything else. I know that it wasn’t part of the question, but “deepening your understanding” is ultimately what it has the capacity to do (among other things), and everyone will have a different answer and experience to that question. Channeling higher knowledge and wisdom is another great benefit.

I recommend checking out Astral 101 and Ask Teal on the Spirit Science site, to learn more about Astral Travel. There’s a lot of really amazing information in there, and I think a lot of people would benefit from that education.

What about all the Starseeds waking-up and realizing they’ve gone through shifts like this one before? Your thoughts?

Well…there’s more and more every day! 🙂 They’re realizing each other in schools and starting to talk about things. Others who are older are making the connections too, with their own discoveries and shifts, and mixing them together with these new ideas and people they’re meeting. We’re basically expanding the neural network of awareness of the human consciousness, simply by talking about it. Of course, eventually there comes a time to step beyond talking, and into doing. It’s all connected though 🙂

What is in store at Spirit Science? (new, upcoming projects? Any news you want to share or videos you want to plug…?)

Yes! Here’s the latest one. Spirit Science ~ Cosmic Connections:

I’m honestly sometimes trying to juggle too many balls at once. I have a few different projects I’m working on, as well as a number of Spirit Science videos I’m producing. I’ve been getting help from some guest artists in creating more videos while I’m busy with the retreat. That’s the next big project.

This year on the equinox, September 21st, we are holding our second Spirit Science gathering in Asheville, NC. We are limiting it to a 77 people private retreat, and are using the space to explore what it means to have a conscious gathering. We are really attempting to go deeper and take things to a new level in terms of breakthrough within one’s self. We only have a few days too, so it’s going to be interesting, but nonetheless awesome. The first gathering we did was powerful, and we are taking things to the next level!

Tell us a bit about your website What is the intention behind it?

Haha, it’s awesome that you ask me that, because as we speak it is shifting. Primarily, it is a hub for information regarding anything spiritually scientific or scientifically spiritual. What it is developing into, is a very large platform for more of that! There are a few other projects we are developing alongside it as well, which in time will really shift the way we do things online. In the mean time, we’re focusing on making it the best, clearest, and highest vibration site it can be.

How can people get involved?

We’re working on a system that will really empower people to do things differently, but as I said above, it’s a little ways away. To do it the way we want, it will take time. In the mean time, it’s important to take responsibility for yourself and your life. Bottom line. If you want to get involved, then you have to get involved in your life, in your business, and notice how you’re creating what you are creating.

Be honest with yourself. Let’s say for example, you’re not doing so well. Telling yourself “I’m doing well!” and going about your life pretending, even when things around you are falling apart, will not really help. Instead, you have to say “I’m not doing well. Okay, it’s acknowledged, now what do I want to create? What steps can I take to get there?”

Sharing the videos and talking about it is important, yes, and we should continue to do this. Just remember that the act of doing from the heart is very powerful, and is the real way we are going to go through this shift in the most harmonic of ways. We can’t rely on videos to change the world, but we can look to them for inspiration! (and not just mine, I mean ALL inspiring videos and information out there!)

Anything else you want to share?

I hope that this interview helps some people out there who are looking for this kind of material 🙂 I know I had a few realizations from writing it, and I’m happy to have an interview on the Chakra Center website!

Thanks to you!

Jordan David “Spiritpatch” is the creator and producer of the  Spirit Science animated videos, YouTube channel, and The Spirit Science website. You can find out more about his work at the following links:

Spirit Science YouTube Channel

The Spirit Science website:


19 thoughts on “Meet Jordan Pearce: The Man Behind Spirit Science

  1. I appreciate this interview, the Chakra Center and of course our amazing friend Jordan 🙂 keep up with the greatness

  2. Hello Jordan David, i am Jesse Desousa… i will forever assist you with your water meditation on Sundays and my tool for teaching is with math and symbols, but i am forever a student. .. anyone who needs anything, feel free to get in touch

    Facebook and email

    im currently in India right now…

  3. Wonderful Morning!,

    This is quite an odd way of going about things at the moment, but I am open to all means. I am physically trying to reach Jordan, there are things weighing deeply and resonating profoundly in the back of my mind that I feel he would be able to help with. Not for the betterment of myself but focused on much larger things. I don’t want to say it’s a cry for help, but it is definitely a hand reaching up from a terribly deep hole. It would be greatly appreciated and genuinely amazing if you were to help point him in my direction, vice versa. I thank you greatly for your time. Much Love, Taylor Disney.

  4. Hi Jordan.
    Love your work and share your vision.
    I am trying to connect with your team to align our efforts with (a global social purpose network focused on character discovery, connecting activities related to solving global challenges and equality. Launching in 2017) and also the Virtues Project International (which is a global movement of character discovery through virtues).
    We have much in common and would like to unite our charitable and spiritual causes to create greater momentum.
    Naturally when we are busy we become hard to reach which is why I am trying to reach you and Raymond through any means possible.
    I trust the universe will connect us at the right time and I also know that unless I make an effort it may likely never happen either.
    Look forward to talking to you soon.

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