The Saturday Post: Lucid Dreaming 101

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Lucid Dreaming 101 (a compilation by Jamie Mortinson)

Dreaming is something almost everyone has in common. No matter what your beliefs are or what spiritual background you hail from, there is a special place reserved for you to go every night. With a few tricks up your astral sleeves and a small amount of discipline, you might even remember what happened and what fabulous work can be done there.

Make no mistake, I am no expert at consciously zooming around the astral plane on a throw rug. But I am an avid dreamer and believe dreams are a window into the subconscious. I know they contain messages to be decoded and lessons to be learned. The only difference I have ever found between regular dreaming and lucid dreaming is that when you lucid dream, you know it’s a dream.

Some of the simplest tools for recognizing you’re on the astral plane within a dream consist of: pulling your finger, jumping up in the air and sticking a body part through a solid object (as suggested by Lee While in a presentation filmed by Paradigm Shift London). Lee is part of The Gnostic Association of London and his insights are perfect for those who are new to the waters of lucid dreaming:

One of the most overlooked aspects of any astral adventure is being in proper health. Although a healthy lifestyle is not absolutely necessary, eating nourishing foods and adopting consistent sleep habits have been shown to increase production of melatonin (the “sleep drug”). Low levels of this hormone have been known to cause poor sleep quality, insomnia, and even mood disorders if not eventually corrected. Check-out “Lucid Dreaming-7 Tricks You Didn’t Know” from Social Consciousness for some quick pointers on creating a more vivid lucid dreaming experience:


Melatonin is produced by the Pineal Gland, the little pine cone in the center of your brain. Not only does this gland produce a slew of necessary hormones, its is also considered the psychic hub. This area is almost always neglected when anyone is considering a body detox.

More often than not, the pineal gland is encrusted with toxins and shriveled to the size of a raisin rendering it almost useless in our adulthood. The damage, thankfully, can be reversed with a natural arsenal including, but not limited to, fish oil, spiraling, chlorella, lemons, ginger and raw cocoa. Get out a pen and paper and be prepared to take notes on all the great detox items in this video “How to Decalcify Your Pineal Gland”:

All in all, there may not seem to be a strong link between lucid dreaming on the astral plane and eating a salad, but as they say, “What goes up, must come down,” and the opposite is also true. What happens in this physical reality has a bond with the astral reality that cannot be ignored. Everything is interconnected, and it’s up to us to find that connection and learn from it.


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