Writing to Connect with the Elves “Official” Class Registration Now Open!

Online Classes/Retreats, The Third Eye Chakra

We recently completed the first, “experimental” run with our online

version of Writing to Connect with Elves class, and are now offering the fully implemented, live and multi-formatted workshop beginning Monday, September 24th!

In this class you will learn to play with your inner-child, dream big, open your creative chakra, and use your imagination to discover your unique and essential role on this planet.

Pure imagination, fun, bliss, and creativity — this two week-long adventure will be unlike any other.

You will enter a world where fairies and elves are real, magic is essential, and you have a unique and valuable role to play! We will attempt to connect to our Greater Myth through a personal journey/quest in the Elemental realm.

Each participant will embark on a personal Quest – the quest to find the treasure hidden within their hearts.

In this world, Elves can see thought forms that exist on the etheric realms, so you will be bumping up against many potentials and possibilities. Therefore, each person’s quest will be unique and individual.

You will receive “writing meditation”  that pertain to your quest (like going out in nature and talking to the trees), but in these assignments you must allow your imagination to fully immerse you into another realm – this dimension is where your treasure is buried – the calling of your life’s purpose.

The class will contain both written and audio meditations, instructional healing videos, and a class forum where participants will be able to communicate and connect, and share their experiences.

A magical, imaginative, “bliss-out” way of connecting to your Higher Self and greater purpose, this class will certainly wake-up your sleeping child, and provide food for your under-worked imagination.

If you love to play, write, create, and dream (and discover more of who you are in the process) this workshop is for you!

Registration begins Today!

Complete the form below to register. All classes are offered on a donation basis! No registration fee!

What you get:

*Access to our online forum, where you will be able to connect and share experiences with others in the class.

*Six Elvin Writing Meditations, designed to help you learn to enter into other dimensions to heal/restore your heart and discover your bliss!

*Three private audio meditations designed specifically for the class (you will receive these via YouTube video).

*One personalized energetic healing elixir from Amanda (in written form). This will be given at the end of class, and directly related to the openings you created/implemented in your own energetic field, as well as her feedback/intuitive reading.

*Daily feedback/interaction with Amanda as you embark on your unique, restorative journey through the Elvin realm.

All workshops are conducted online, giving you the flexibility to participate on your own schedule.

*Note: All students who participated in the “trial run” class are invited to join this fully-implemented class free of charge! Although most of the writing meditations are the same, you will be receiving new audio meditations, as well as the newly implemented “healing elixir.” Just fill out the registration form below so I know you’re in!

Here is some feedback from our trial run class:

It’s been such a pleasure participating in this “experimental” course with you and those of the Elven realm. Thank YOU for offering such an enriching experience to connect with the elemental realm and of course, our hearts! I am especially grateful for the complimentary intuitive reading you provided. Your insights were genuine, heart-centered, and thorough enough for me to delve deeper within and understand myself better. It was just what I needed for my own healing and growth. So, many, many thanks! That being said, the writing meditations themselves were most enriching. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve explored my own subconscious in this way so at first, it was difficult for me to accept what was coming through as beneficial and authentic…I also felt like I really got to know and feel the Elven realm. It became “real” to me. I think I’ve found a lifelong friend/guide through these meditations and I feel much more comfortable interacting with this realm. Since beginning these meditations and talking with you, so much has been coming to the surface to be healed…barriers that I had no idea were there. In short, I feel that the whole experience has been enriching, valuable, and just awesome. You are lovely, thank you! Jackie W.

This last writing meditation was intense! My body was actually shaking a little. After the meditation I was on cloud nine. I felt really heady and spacey. The walk home was grounding thank goodness. It’s funny how a lot of things in my life seem to be put into perspective now. I feel so much a better about the “problems” I had before. This feels AMAZING!” Justin L.

“…I was shocked at how quickly and clearly words went down on paper. I was surprised at how many things I could write about a tree… I was truly blown away by my #2 meditation, and very pleased with myself and appreciative for Amanda’s guidance.” Laurie M.

“Through the creative writting class I have been able to get a lot of healing. Amanda has a keen sensitivity to energies and knows how to bring them out through the writting process via her “writting meditations.” The meditations are a great way to empower and awaken humanity through our own healing process. It’s truely remarkable how this class has helped me in healing deep wounds that I wasn’t aware of until they were brought back up by the meditations. Being able to heal them has been a true gift for my life. Sometimes we act according to beliefs that are based on things from our past, once these beliefs are challenged we are able to emerge into who we really are, our past does not determine our future and we can change the patters of thought and behaviour if we are willing to open up the doors by stepping into the pain and healing it once and for all. I am very greatful for the effort that Amanda has put into the class and how she’s helping to bring conscious awareness to humanity. “ Joanna S.


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