Wednesday’s Wondrous World: A Gift of Love

The Heart Chakra, Wednesday’s Wondrous World

*Note: This was intended to be published yesterday, but due to unexpected events, was not able to make it up on the site. But all is well. Today is the day this message must be most needed*

It is said that things happen in threes.

I’ve been seeing threes everywhere lately. Threes and ones. Beginnings and completions. 13 – The number of the Ascended Master :  3:33 , 3:13, 1:13 on the clock, 1333 house numbers, 31 and 13 on road signs  – ones and threes seem to be lurking around me, peaking out at every corner, soothing me with their peaceful reminder that all is well, all is beginning and ending simultaneously.  The unfolding of All Things is perfection.

Today is our Wednesday’s Wondrous World celebration here at Charka Center,  and not surprisingly, the 3rd day of the week. As it so happens, it’s also our first official giveaway for this special day. First celebration (1), for Wednesday (3rd day of the week): 13.

I wanted to kick off the celebration by giving. And as three seems to be the magical number in my life, the holy trinity of balance, I felt guided to give things away in threes. Here’s what I’m offering:

Three Open Spots to my New Wring to Connect with the Elves online class.

Three Free Intuitive Readings (one for each of the next 3 months).

Three personalized Healing Elixir Meditations (this is something I have only offered to specific people in my life, but I am opening it up to the Universe  to guide me to people who need it most).

*Fill out the form below to enter to win any of the above giveaways. Just remember to pay it forward.*

My intention is for this post itself to be a form of healing for anyone who reads it, so I’ve imbued it with LOVE and HEALING from my heart and the Heart of the Universe. I also felt guided to leave you with these three symbols to meditate upon for your continued growth, release, and strength. Within these symbols are powerful healing energies. Allow them to feed your Spirit and set you free:

The Heart:  “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23. It’s all about the heart. The heart is central to all things. If you lose heart, you lose your awareness of peace, your knowing of Oneness, your ability to truly receive the abundance of the Universe.

Take heart, my friends! You are worth more than you can conceive, and you are worthy of love. You do not need to prove to the Universe or to anyone else that you deserve love. You are worthy of love simply because you exist – you are a creation of Love Itself.

Your heart is your emotional guidance system – your compass through the shadows of death. Allow it to be restored! Allow true healing to penetrate its walls. Allow the Universe to remove your heart of stone, and give you a heart of flesh. True tenderness and vulnerability is not weakness, it is your strength!

Receive the Healing of LOVE. Let your heart be set free!

The Acorn: Symbol of Good Luck, Growth, Survival, and Perseverance. It is also the Symbolic Seed of Human Potential. Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

The acorn is here to remind you that no matter how small or insignificant you feel,  you carry within you an infinite sea of potential! Just you, by yourself, have the power to create enough love on the planet to transform the world. Never underestimate the power of who and what you truly are. Never believe the lie of separation.  The world around you is a hologram. There is nothing outside of yourself that will “save” you. It is the treasure within that you must seek. Bring forth the kingdom within, and you will see its reflection in the external world around you. You are free!

The Magic of Winter:  Winter is the mysterious, transformative death that strips away the inessential. Many fear the coming of winter, but winter is our blessed gift: for through winter we are reborn. This year has been one of many loses, but also much growth. The challenge is to allow your heart to embrace the coming winter with joy – wrapping itself around the majestic silence of snow.

Let your inward world be Silent. Your gifts, potential, and power need the coming hibernation of winter’s magic, as all that no longer serves you is stripped away. Winter brings the final death, so you can be fully reborn and new. Meditate upon the mystery of winter. It is the healing of your soul – the true restoration of your powerful heart.  Embrace both life and death. Both exist within you and both serve to bring forth what you truly are.


I leave you with this beautiful video by Jordan David on the Truth of Unity. Remember, I AM you, sending this message of love to you. I AM captivated by your beauty, in awe of your strength, and in LOVE with your Soul. Remember who you are.


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