The Elf/Fae and Extra-Terrestrial Connection

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The Elf/Fae and Extra-Terrestrial Connection

When one speaks of Elves or Fairies, the images most commonly brought to mind in Western culture are ones of miniature people in pointy hats baking cookies in a hollowed-out tree trunk, or tiny women with wings and voluptuous curves sprinkling sparkling dust on sleepy children, allowing them to fly.

While there certainly do exist beings that fit those descriptions, a discussion of them and their role on our planet (and in our lives) is one for another day. This article will focus on the formidable, enchanting, human-sized beings who share our planet with us, often living in the wildest places where most humans never venture in our current times. These are the Elves, also called the Fae, and the Sidhe.

Over the course of history, tales have been told of dealings between humans and the elusive races of “magical” folk as the latter retreated farther and farther away from a technologically advancing culture. As electromagnetic fields and current-running wires became more prevalent, encounters with beings who could, for instance, invite someone to a dinner party just to have him awaken a morning later, returning to his village and finding that several decades had passed as he slept for what felt to him like one night, became increasingly sparse.

Many of the tales of the Elvin people that survived into this day and age are ones filled with strife. We have fairy tales rich with stories of curses and harmful magical spells, and we have legends of epic ancient battles between humans and “lost” races such as the Tuatha De Danaan, but neither of these areas of knowledge is believed to be true by the average Westerner. However, for a subject so cast aside, it is intriguing how tales of these cousin races have remained a common part of culture, albeit a frivolous one.

For the sake of this article, let’s assume that rather than myths created around cooking fires for the sake of idle entertainment, the stories we have heard about Elves have been ancient oral histories, twisted and made fantastic through time and retelling, but that really began with true events. Let us consider the possibility that these people may actually exist, often living underground the way the Tuatha were said to choose to live in the end of those famous Irish battles, and that over the centuries, they have mastered the art of subtle deception and misdirection to keep their people alive.

Is this so hard to believe? It is not so difficult to imagine why people like this may want to remain hidden and why it may even be safer for them to be thought of as imaginary beings. We know what groups of threatened people tend to do to anyone who is different in the ways that these people are said to be different, and it is neither pleasant nor peaceful. As for their hiding capabilities, recall how far our culture has come in technological achievement in the past two centuries. Doesn’t it beg a further moment of open-minded inquiry when one considers that the “technology” used by these other races may be technology of the mind, of intention, and of working with the energies of Gaia herself to live in harmony, even seamless harmony, with the planet? And that rather than two centuries, these races may have been honing this technology for thousands of years? Consider how easily certain animals camouflage to blend into their surroundings. One can take a forest hike on any given day and pass countless beings, homes, and even entire communities of animals and insects, never even aware of their existence, in the course of a few hours. Is it so odd to wonder if there are people who could have accomplished a similar feat through necessity, skill, culture, and an ease with our planet’s natural environments?

So, for now, let’s assume that this has happened. We will assume that the stories originated in truth of fairy godmothers and magical powers, and that races of people may exist on our planet that we know nothing about. We are aware of aboriginal tribes living in the jungles of our southern hemisphere, and fur-clad indigenous tribes building homes out of ice and living in the Arctic areas of our globe. So let us use this same logic to assume for the sake of the current read, that there could be folks hiding away with fabulous “technology” and thriving cultures that we are not aware of.

Personally, I’ve had experiences that lead me to believe considering this concept is much more than a mental exercise, but a way to bring back a Global culture that isn’t as blind as we have historically been to anything other than modern-day, technocratic society. It seems to me that there is a lot of truth to these considerations.

If these people do exist, what is their link to Extra Terrestrials? Many contactees who have recurring experiences with benevolent ETs also make connections with other Earth-based realms right here. In recent months, the number of communications with Elven people has seemed to be growing exponentially, and in a similar manner to how ET contact is made and continued – through synchronicity, telepathy, and dreams. This is no coincidence. There is a link between Elves and ETs. This article is an introduction to some of what this link may be.

Often, experiences recounted by humans who have seen friendly Elves and humans who have seen friendly ETs are very similar. There is some disorientation, the ET or Elf shows up suddenly and in a way that defies logic, seeming very intense in a way that is difficult for the experiencer to describe clearly. Next, some piece of interesting information is exchanged, and then they leave in a similarly mysterious manner. Often their clothing is very different from what is worn in “common society” at the time of the encounter, and the physical appearance of the being is quite enchanting – both ETs and Elves are often even said to “glow” in a similar way.

When researching the link and asking for assistance in understanding the similarities and relationships between the two types, my own Guides (from several kingdoms, planets, etc.,) gave me a little background on the subject.

What they told me was that Elves were originally ETs who came to Earth. By originally, I mean long, long ago – several entire ages of the human race, in fact. This can be seen in the ancient legends – by the time any communications happened between humans and “the hidden people” thousands of years ago, the Elves had not only been here for a while, but Gaia was their home. I was told that much evolution was done from the landing times up until now – in fact, the times of first arrival on this planet have faded into a type of myth in the Elven culture, which is definitely saying something, because they live much longer than we surface-dwelling humans do, and they tend to keep better records.

Apparently, their evolution happened in a way that served to link the Elves with this planet. They came here to live in harmony with Gaia, so they changed to match her, rather than the opposite, which is what we currently seem to be attempting as modern day humans. But rather than going in the opposite direction and simply become rustic and aboriginal, these beings kept their technology and gifts, merging them with Earth energy so as to be able to work in concert with Gaia – and to direct the growth of plants, the tides of water, weather patterns, and the like. By now, they do not think of themselves as Extra Terrestrial at all. They have been here much longer than we modern humans have, in fact.

And since there has been a considerable amount of inter-breeding over the centuries between “us” and “them,” considering the lack of common contact between humans and Elves, and because both of us are seeded with some similar races, characteristics of Elves pop up in humans all the time. They speak with telepathy, and they have an uncanny ability to move silently and even without that extra sense that alerts you to another’s presence in the room even if your back is to the door. Blending in is easy for them, especially in nature. Surely, you have met a person like that, or perhaps you are one yourself.

Humans can become more like Elves in our relationship with Gaia if we seek harmony – and in fact, this transformation is one of the biggest possibilities for our moving forward as a species at this time. This is why Elves are returning to the forefront of human awareness more than they have in centuries – they share a planet with us and so have a stake in maintaining the health of the ecosystem, although they often spend time in slightly different dimensions than we do ordinarily. The Elvin race is not perfect or finished learning by any means, but they understand a number of concepts as a matter of course that we humans are now only beginning to grasp, and would be better off from having the knowledge of.

Another similarity between Elves and ETs is the ability to walk through dimensions. It is simpler than you may think, and happens in the exact same way as your experience of losing your keys happens, you spending a quarter of an hour searching the house for them, and then discovering them on the table which was the first place you looked. You are likely to assume that you just did not see them, hiding right there in plain, sight. That is true. However, why could you not see them? Because they were not in quite the same dimension. Bells and whistles do not very often sound for this sort of thing; often the experiences are quite subtle. Subtle enough that you doubt afterward that anything odd happened at all – and therein lays their power. In this illustration, the Elf or ET would have been the keys, not the human – hiding in plain sight, only having slid into a slightly different dimension as easily as slipping through the opening of a curtain.

Because of these similarities and more, Elves and ETs can easily see each other (and even have a bit of a thriving trade between them, according to the guidance I received) although we have not been able to easily see either in quite a while (or at least the majority of humans have not.) This was a necessary period so we could exercise our mental potential by “crippling” our other senses and being forced to use logic and intellect to survive. Now, however, is the time to merge this skill with the reawakening of our multidimensional and instinctual senses that has lain dormant for so long.

The reemergence of a newly developed human is occurring before our very eyes. This is one of the happenings of 2012, and we are here to see it and live it all at once. The communication with other similar races is simply a part of a greater shift that is now changing human awareness on a daily basis. Our position can be likened to sitting at the very top of a roller coaster, just as the car begins to move downward, increasing in speed and thrilling passengers with adrenaline and some aspect of imaginary danger, while at the same time being quite safe and highly entertaining. The best advice I have ever received is to breathe deeply and enjoy the ride.

Charis Melina Brown serves as an ambassador to realms of existence that our modern Western culture has denied the existence of in recent centuries.“ She carries an MA in Transpersonal Psychology, and is the author of two books, Journal of a Starseed: Discovering the Real World, and Instruction of a Starseed. She is a regular contributor at Chakra Center.


6 thoughts on “The Elf/Fae and Extra-Terrestrial Connection

  1. Brilliant introduction to interdimensional beings whom share our beautiful world. This is perfect for beginners and enhances the experiences of those whom are already experiencing similar communications or travel. 🙂

  2. Yes they are real, as cliche as it sounds, seeing is believing and if people got off their computers and looked around them and opened up their minds to other things they would see but humans only believe what they want to believe. I’ve seen the elves, and can say 100% they’re real, I feel blessed to have seen them but also feel disheartened because I miss them :,(

  3. I think I might be one of them- but I prefer the term “Fae” (High Fae) instead of Elven, because…. it makes more sense to me. In the past life, in my very first one, to which I came upon this planet, I was one…. I aligned a little with what starseeds are, but I am of darkness as well. And not just light. Even if I’ve chosen a path of light.

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