The Saturday Post: World Peace Day

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There are inevitably two sides to every coin; this may be a dualistic view but I believe one cannot know unity unless the counterpoint of separation exists. Maybe the video I had been watching online convinced me, or the fact that my last baby chicken was eaten by something last night, but this morning put me in a dark place. The very idea of World Peace Day just struck a harsh vibration with me. Why just one day dedicated to world peace, why not be peaceful and filled with love every day?

As I try to do with all things that evoke a negative response in me, I look within. Why does the idea of something seemingly so good feel so bad? What exists within me and possibly within us all that rejects the very idea of world piece?

Fear. Fear repels peace and love like water off a canoe. It flows like a  torrent from above sinking small vessels such as these with no regard for the inhabitants within. Fear is the weapon of the ego, how ego gets what ego wants. Ego dose not want unity, peace, unconditional love, or maybe it does but has been trained otherwise. Either way I decided to hear it out, what would be so upsetting about this whole peace thing, how could it be bad? I asked my ego this question and waited for an answer.

“Well, how can I possibly do that, I’m only one person. I can’t possible do anything about all the suffering in the world, there is too much. Too many starving people, too many wars, so much degradation of nature to be able to save anyone or anything! Save me, I will keep you safe, I will keep you alive!”



This conversation with myself reminded me of a cell. One single cell in the human body crying out for salvation, trying to cure the cancer on its own. I am that cell, the cancer is all those problems is the world we would rather turn away from. Of course I feel helpless in the face of that magnitude, I’m entertaining the notion of one amongst many, separation incarnate.

But once again I looked within, even deeper than before. Past my mind, past my ego and even past my very heart, I looked to the very cells of my body for guidance. None, work alone. None look at the salad I just ate and say “I can’t possibly digest that on my own! Its too big! I am so small and insignificant that anything I do will mean nothing….” It is only with constant synchronicity and beautiful coordination that any task is completed in our complex bodies. Beautiful Synchronicity……

Like if all the people in the world took one day and dedicated it to one cause, World Peace. The realization slapped me in the face as all the awesome ones do, instantly without the input of my brain I understood. All at once I knew what had been bothering me. I was focusing on how people act on all other days besides this day. What a beautiful synchronicity would it be if all the cells on mother earth just stopped and changed their focus, to the possibilities instead of the problems. World peace IS possible, all it takes is noticing how good it feels to change one’s focus on that day and keep doing it every day after that. To practice a small amount of gratitude and look in the eyes of your fellow beings, your eyes, and say “I love you. You’re worth it. We are all worth it.”


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