The Saturday Post: Fear, Love, Illuminati

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*We apologize for the delayed Saturday post. Chakra Center was out of commission this weekend. We are now back to our regularly scheduled features.* 🙂

Fear has been at the forefront of mass consciousness all week (not to mention the last few thousand years). It seems no matter which virtual alley I turn down, fear is standing at the end smiling and glinting its pointy teeth. Where is all the love in this fabulous shift? Is this not the potential dawning of a new ‘knock you socks off’ reality of kindness, giving, and unity?

In my subjective world I have found if there is a problem on the outside, look inside. So, with that being said let us start our spiraling journey from the outward reaches to the inner sanctum.

Illuminati. It’s the word on the tip of every conspiracy theorist’s tongue. Long known to be an organization of control, greed, and deceit, they are believed to be the ruling elite that the ’light’ works to destroy. (Their also one of my favorite reasons, besides 2012, to dig a bomb shelter, stock it with canned goods and watch ‘I love Lucy’ until all of this madness blows over). But in all reality, is sticking your head down a proverbial ostrich hole going to do humanity any good? I propose a different solution, not to mention a less labor intensive one:

What!? Forgive them!? That’s right, we could forgive them all. We could give one of the most hated organizations out there the option to come home to mamma, the rest of the human race. There comes a point when we to realize that we are them, they are us. At any point in this lifetime you could have just as easily fallen down the path of ‘darkness’ as you could have become a dentist or a ballerina or a chef. At any point in one of your other lifetimes, one of my lifetimes, we could have been part of the Illuminati, a murderer or maybe even a Hitler:

Those are the moments of real growth. Those are the moments when Christ consciousness shines. When you realize that within every person in this larger organism called humanity, the probability exists for ALL possibilities. All cells within the body have the capacity to become cancer but not all do. It is our choices that makes us a Mother Teresa or a Hitler because our choices are stemmed from our thoughts. Our thoughts are stemmed from our emotions, and those come from the heart. Give yourself the ultimate gift of forgiveness, embrace this part of you that is driven by fear, love it, let it know that it no longer has to be fearful:

That is where the love resides in the shift, within us all. Keeping your love humanity pent up in the box so many have created around their hearts will only create more fear. What will happen if we take away the greatest weapon ever created? What if fear is taken out of the equation because it no longer serves a purpose? I invite you, as so many others have done recently, to love yourself, love those around you, and most difficult but rewarding of all, love those you now hate. The only way to change the future is to change the now.


Jamie Mortinson is The Saturday Post girl here at Chakra Center. Visit our staff-and-contributors page to find out more about her.


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