Wednesday’s Wondrous World: More Random Acts of Kindness + Winners Announced!

The Heart Chakra, Wednesday’s Wondrous World

Welcome to another day to celebrate love!

In honor of Wednesday’s Wondrous World, our dear friend, Polona Somrak of Ascension Pioneers  created a video honoring our highest potential and random acts of kindness:

And since our home girl Ellen is always doing random acts of kindness, we wanted to highlight one in particular that we LOVED:

What about dressing up like a cheery flower and just giving stuff away on the street? That’s what these two animated characters did:

Our brother Brendon over at Paradigm Shift submitted this inspiring video on his “Plant a Seed” project:

The talented Jordan David from Spirit Science shared the truth of Unity with Chakra Center for today’s celebration:

And finally, our brother Joey Ortiz made this thought-provoking video on the state of being love. Check it out:

Thank you, everyone for sharing your thoughts, kindness, and love with us! Keep sending those videos/stories in! Our intention is for Wednesday’s Wondrous World to be an explosion of inspiration!

We wanted to conclude with announcing the winners for Amanda’s intuitive reading giveaway!

October’s Intuitive Reading: Rebecca Y.

November’s Intuitive Reading: Gita

December’s: Mitchell M.

Much love to all of you!



3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Wondrous World: More Random Acts of Kindness + Winners Announced!

  1. hello! ! thank you for the beautiful gift of a reading this month. i am grateful to recieve it:) Do you know around when it will happen, and if you need any information from me? Thanks again.

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