The Saturday Post: The Naming of Names

The Saturday Post

For a long time I have been interested in the meaning of names, where they come from, what they mean from person to person and now what vibration they hold.  There is an entire “science” dedicated just to the meaning of names and what personalities each name possesses.

Being someone without children, I often wondered why up and coming parents put so much weight on the naming of their unborn child.  For a long time it really seemed like no more than a lot of wasted energy but the more I looked into the subject the more I realized there really is something to all of this.  Not so much as the name shapes the person, the person shapes the name.

We will use my name as an example, Jamie Lynn Mortinson.  Jamie, when consulting Hebrew means supplanter, someone who takes the place of another through force or strategy.  The French meaning is to love and as I am French not Hebrew we will go with to love.  Lynn is of old English origin and means near a lake or pond which is interesting because I live near Lake Michigan.  Mortinson is pretty simple, it stands for son of Mort, who son of Mort is I can only guess is me.  So if we put this all together, we are left with ‘To love near a lake or pond the son of Mort.’  Having become aware of my historical name meaning, I can begin to interpret the higher meaning for me, in my personal reality.

Just as many books and websites exist as there are people in the world.  Those resources are meant to be a beginning on the journey of your inner name meaning, not the end.  Once these sources have been explored the real quest is within ourselves.  For example, all my names started out as male oriented throughout history and slowly became feminine.

I can even track this out in my own life, as a young child I was very immersed in male energy as a tom-boy.  Coming into the house covered head to toe in thick black mud leaving foot prints everywhere I went was at the top of my agenda.  Slowly I have come to love the feminine energy that also courses through my existence.  I have now found a balance between the two, an awareness, and with that an immense amount of peace, joy, and even inner power.

Awareness is a whole new element, the beginning to shaping your name and what it means to you.  It allows us to remove ourselves from negative emotions connected to ourselves and our names, usually rooted in the past.  Once we give ourselves permission to notice the good and beauty our names hold, we can begin to truly appreciate them and  to shape our thoughts about them into progressive energy.

In my eyes, my name means to love myself where I am and hence forth, every time I hear my name I am reminded of this.  Through creating this meaning for myself I have thusly turned my name into a mantra of love.  Every time I see my name written, hear it spoken or think it, I am reminded to love myself where I am.

The waters of eternity run deeper than we could ever imagine, the only way to find out how deep is to take the plunge and go within ourselves.  Take a deep breath, hold it, and swim as far into yourself as possible at any given moment in time.  But remember to come back up for air, remember to come back to reality and shape it with your new understandings about your infinite self and the universe that exists in us all.

(I used many books over the years to find the meaning of my names.  This is the website I also used for some of my name meanings: )


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