The Saturday Post: The Experience is Yours to Create

The Saturday Post

“I want to go to a festival, to eat great food, to be around like minds, to meditate, to dance, and ultimately to be free! “  Chances are if you have been following this blog or Spirit Science or Mahanomi, this thought or something like it has crossed your mind many times.  The sense of community and to belong is one of the most fundamental desires right after food, shelter and love.

So what’s stopping us from doing all of those things, right now, right where we are?  Who said we can’t start our own communities, be our own festivals?

We did.  We somehow got it stuck in our heads that all of those things are external forces, something to be looked for and to seek out.  This is our duality, our polarization; those things are different from me, they are somewhere out there and I have to go find them in order to experience bliss.  Even though these festivals are out there, ready to be experienced, there is also a constant festival occurring nonstop, free of charge, deep within us all.

Let’s make a deal with ourselves.  Everyone who is going to a festival of enlightenment, GO!  Get out there and live like you’ve never lived before, sing, dance, meditate, laugh and be the freest you’ve ever been.  Eat great food, love everyone you meet and revel in the moment; then tell everyone about it: write a diary, take photos, make films.  Give all those out there who are unable to attend a small piece of your experience.

Everyone else, I challenge you to make your own festival out of life.  Take that weekend off, or any weekend and make that your personal retreat.  Get out there and live like you’ve never lived before, sing, dance, meditate, laugh and be the freest you’ve ever been.  Invite all your friends to share the experience with you, or just be with yourself, or bring your pet!  It doesn’t matter where you are, who you’re with or what you’re doing; treat every moment as a festival and move with sacred movement.

Just take a moment to imagine what life would be like if everyone lived every moment as if it were sacred like we tend to at special events.  What would that place look like?  Who would you see?  What would it smell like, taste like, feel like?  Let this meditation permeate your senses, really put yourself there and be that moment.  Create the experience in your mind, let it filter through your body…….now get out there and create your festival!

We have these thoughts and feelings for a reason, this is the call for you, for us all to create what we’ve been wishing for.  That famous quote floating around the world actually means something.  “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  To me, it means creation is our responsibility.  Our dreams and wishes are blueprints to a better world, to a place where every day is a festival.  Every endeavor is a retreat into the sacredness of life and every moment celebrates itself.

Be the change, celebrate life, and go with peace.  Namaste.


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