Wednesday’s Wondrous World: Live Your Bliss!

Wednesday’s Wondrous World

“Find something you love to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life” – Harvey MacKay

We have worked too hard for too long getting too little out of life. Why? Our consciousness has progressed wonderfully, although our cognitive understanding of life still somewhat resides in the root chakra, survival. Constantly our mental chatter reverts back to: “How will I pay the rent? Where will groceries come from? What about the kids, how can I provide for them?” So we get locked into this internal struggle of wanting to be free while being held down by worldly obligations. For so many of us, there is a battlefield within between the love of freedom and the fear of physical annihilation.

As a people, we have been moving up the chakras of existence into a new age of the heart, the ‘Now Age.’ The heart is the kingdom of the soul or higher self; dreams, inspiration and possibly best of all, love of life reside here. The brain is the machine run by ego, that wonderful tool that keeps our human bodies alive. Thoughts of survival and fear of rejection percolate up from our subconscious, thusly creating a battle ground between brothers. Heart and ego can and should be friends, allies, even lovers.

Making peace out of the fruitless struggle is of the utmost importance. Not only will we experience a state of bliss we cannot even yet imagine, innumerable amounts of fellow humans will be inspired to new heights. Living our dreams is a sure-fire way to wave that little white flag of peace, give the thumbs up to source and shut up Mr. Whining Ego!


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