The Saturday Post: Farewell Sweet Love

The Saturday Post

Death.  It moves through the world touching all hearts sooner or later, some both.  It can be swift, flying on wings out of nowhere.  It can creep up in a slow crawl, takes roots and overtake a body right before our very eyes.  Whether we have the chance to say goodbye or not, whether it claims a family member, friend, or beloved pet, the sting still burns and irreversible change is set in motion.

As the veil between worlds grows thinner this time of year, it seems all to appropriate to discuss death, dieing, and what it means to us.  As humans we hold attachments or love for other beings:  parent and child, caretaker and pet, between lovers.  We enter into a co created reality with these other beings, whoever they may be, and we begin to exchange energy with them.

We breathe in their energy, they breathe in ours and slowly we begin to resonate together.  The forming of the bond seems to be much easier and sweeter than the breaking of it, though both create ripples in the fabric of reality.

If anyone has created such a connection with another being and had the opportunity to experience a crossing or journey home, then you know this to be true.  You hold that frail life in your arms, brush back their hair, look them square in the eyes and say, “Thank you, thank you for allowing me to know you.  Thank you for this experience and your love.  I wish you could stay, but if you want to, its ok to go now.”

It has been my immediate experience that the spirit doesn’t really leave.  It’s more of a fading away or a spreading out into the everything that surrounds us all.  The body remains, but the consciousness which once resided there is everywhere.  The still loved being becomes so spread out that we can no longer pin point their location such as in a body.

They still exist, we can still exchange energy with them and feel our mutual bond, it’s just different, more subtle and gentle.  One must quiet the mind and truly listen, as when trying to contact our own hearts or intuition.  With practice, patience, and a keen ear, we can hear our departed ones whisper, “I love you.”  smell a waft of perfume, or feel the caress of warm fur once more.

(This is dedicated to my mother’s beloved cat who traveled on recently.  With her last breath, a long sweet purr thanked all for their love and wish us farewell.  Safe journey to all traveling souls, those of friends, family, pets and even house plants.  We love you and wish you well.)


One thought on “The Saturday Post: Farewell Sweet Love

  1. This is beautiful and words or truth that I personally believe in on my journey… thank you for your beautiful writing (:

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