Meditation Monday: It’s all about The Shift

Meditation, Meditation Monday, The Third Eye Chakra

The results are in.

Meditation is not simply a way to relax; science now confirms that those who meditate shift their brain activity to different areas of the cortex.  This shift activity decreases the negative effects of stress, anxiety, and mild depression. Aside from psychological soothing, many seasoned meditators claim meditation opens them up to the multi-dimensional aspects of their nature. It helps them see beyond the 3D illusion and into a space of limitless possibility.

Meditation is a great tool for manifesting. When you relax the mind and open up to All that Is, you realize the perfection of the moment. You begin to understand that all things and all possibilities exist simultaneously and therefore shifting the psychical reality is merely a matter of shifting focus.

The Shift, indeed.

Most importantly, meditation gives you the opportunity to tune-into your Spirit. There is much to learn from observing your thoughts and emotions and truly listen to the Voice of Source within you. Source (or God) does not exist somewhere “out there.” There is no “out there,” because, even as science is confirming, everything is connected. There is no separation. The external world around you is merely a reflection of your own heart.

When you meditate, you give yourself the experience of tuning your conscious mind to Source perspective and when you connect to Source, your perception changes.

For those would-be meditators who simply have a hard time finding the silence between thoughts, there are MANY tools to help you along your meditation journey. In my experience I’ve found guided meditation to be the single most effective tool in helping shift my focus and calm the “monkey mind.” Having something to focus on (especially a vision that brings me peace or beauty, or even activation for my creativity) puts me into a visionary state that always seems to shift my manifestation energy and help me tune-into the Divine presence of God within me.

The second most useful meditation tool to assit me in my meditation journey is binaural beats.

The internet literally has thousands of tools and resources to help assist you in your meditation. Here are some I have found incredibly useful:

Guided Meditation for fulfilling your heart’s desire:

Guided Meditation for Healing:

Guided Meditation for Relaxation (short) with Deepak Chopra:

Here is a taste of Binaural Beats:

If humanity could learn to look within and shift our focus from the problems to the solutions, from blame to personal responsibility, and from the illusion around us to the Truth within, the world we have each individually (and collectively) created through our thoughts would begin to dramatically Shift.

For as Jesus said, the Kingdom of God is within us. You will not find it by looking outside of yourself. Only through connecting to the Source within will you ever truly find Paradise.

Happy Meditating, everyone!

Written by: Amanda Flaker


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