Blissing Out with the Elves in Park City, UT!


January 11 – 13th. A retreat house in the silent, magical, snow-covered woods. A small group of like minded people eating delicious foods, learning to access intuition, see auras, and do more amazing things, all in one weekend. Hot tub. Massages. LOTS of chocolate. Gonna be great.

This retreat will include the following:

  • A pre-retreat intuitive healing reading with Amanda and Charis
  • A weekend spent in a stunning Utah forest mansion on acres of cultivated gardens
  • Seductive, magical, healing Cacao Cermonies
  • Learn dream incubation to get your subconscious mind to solve problems for you and unlock your natural creativity, and analyze your dreams with other retreat attendees
  • Practice intuition-expanding exercise and rituals multiple times each day
  • Receive a beautiful and wearable crystal dowsing pendant and learn to use it for divination
  • Enjoy an exclusive blend of alchemical, ormus-infused live kombucha formulated specifically for the Elven Bliss Out byKejiwa
  • Learn water scrying for divination
  • Learn to spot Elves (as well as other members of the elemental kingdom) and their habitats, as well as speak to them
  • Enjoy delicious catered vegan fare
  • Receive a 1-hour soothing massage from intuitive massage therapist Kierstie Leavitt to ground all the beautiful energies you are creating and enjoying.
  • Classes on connecting with your guides using writing techniques
  • Learn energy work to enhance all levels of health
  • Enjoy guided meditations throughout the weekend
  • Receive a customized, organic aromatherapy blend specifically formulated for this unique workshop to help you unlock your connection with your own intuition as well as the Elven dimension
  • Live aromatherapy instruction from certified intuitive aromatherapist Athena Ziegler
  • Writing exercises keyed to connecting mind, body, spirit, and intuition
  • Use bliss-inducing, high vibrational techniques to open yourself up to the creation of a more beautiful future than ever before
  • Receive a chocolate and herb-infused body care gift from Gnosis Chocolate
  • Connect with other like-minded kindred spirits in an atmosphere of joy and discovery
  • Receive an ormus gift
  • Get real-time personalized intuitive readings from Charis and Amanda over the course of the weekend as they work with you to access your own bright spirit


This retreat will facilitate access to your inner dimensions, as well as to the other dimensions (specifically, Elven ones) through writing. Below, see what Amanda received regarding this retreat and what it will hold…

To connect with the Elves of winter is to connect with all that sleeps within you. Deep in the caverns of your heart, is a rare and ancient magic – a magic that knows its connection to all things. To awaken in winter is to shed all that is inessential, and reveal that which has been lost. To connect to the magic within you is to connect to a realm where beauty is restored to its proper balance and sleeping desires are awakened and restored. These are the desires and intentions you set forth before entering into this dimension – as you understood this time (this year) would be a time for old programs to be shed, ancient magic to be awakened, and new magic to be learned.

To connect to the Elves of Winter is to fully restore your imagination. Imagination is the true work of the magician. And magic is bliss. Magic is the creation of your world. The particular magic that you will perform together will usher in a specific geometric portal to other realms of existence. Can you feel the power behind that intention? You were meant to come together for this reason.

For this class we want you to relax. We will show up and deliver all that is needed. You, as you have been, need only to remain open to our prompting/words. There is much balance here, and as the restoration and rebirth of the planet itself is unfolding, so is the realm we reside, and therefore, your realm. We are connected in an integral way. 

To teach certain individuals to connect to this realm is to open up the portals of their hearts for the out-pouring of the new World. You will see this happen in the class – you will feel the momentum of the space you provide, and the immensity of the dimension that is poured within it. Show up. Show up. This is all that needs occur. 

The hearts that are meant to be there will come. We have already called you, assembled the group that will best hold the space for our beauty and bliss to come forth within your hearts. Those of you who are called already hold this knowledge within you from similar work you have done in other dimensions and on other planets, but nothing quite like the birthing that is taking place on this planet has ever been done before, so new information will come.

As you can see and feel, this birthing cannot take place without the full reconciliation of your heart to Source. The heart is central, and it must take its central place at this retreat. It is essential for the heart to be restored, opened, and channeled into your dimension to help usher in all that is new and full of Light. At this retreat, you will all be pulling “down” (so to speak) a piece of your own Divine heaven, and as you each move your sacred patterns of dimensional work into the3D space you occupy.

You will get a taste of what the new Earth is you are creating. 

As you know, everything that is occurring in our realm is future tense for you. Everything in the 3D ream is past tense – the physical manifestations you are currently experiencing have already formed and manifested in this realm long ago. That is why connecting to our realm is so powerful – it is the realm of thought forms, the realm of “pre existence potential.” In this Elven retreat, you will all experience this lapse in time. To enter our realm (especially in winter) is to exit the time/space as you know it.

This movement will be natural, and the space you, Amanda, hold during the retreat, along with Charis’s knowledge of pivotal time movement and dimensional overlap, will create a vortex of creation for all of your to enter into. This will truly be a pathway to your bliss.

The winter Elves bring forth all the knowledge of our world that sleeps. It is the paving for Spring – what sleeps in winter is reborn in Spring. The winter Elves oversee the death – the passing from one life to another (which is precisely the process your realm is moving through – the birth of the new). What occurs in winter is essential, and this year, 2012, is unprecedented in what it will unfold – especially in our realm. Many Elves are assisting in this transition, which is why we have called you together. This is the realm of your future, and much will occur during this particular winter solstice.

What you are creating in this gathering is beyond what you can now conceptualize, but the dimension (and specific geometric patterns for creating a space for us) will be revealed to both of you in time for the gathering. You will channel writing meditations that will literally create portals in the awareness of all who attend, and Charis will weave together a space that is capable of holding these powerful dimensions together. By allowing these dimensional shifts to restore you hearts, your imaginations will be set forth to do what they are designed to do: Create your world.


One of the mainstays of this retreat… Chocolate!


Ever since humans first discovered the unique properties of the cacao bean, it has been revered as a precious mind-altering (not to mention delicious) substance that holds incredible health benefits as well as mind-expanding properties. Raw cacao, where the beans are dried, rather than cocoa, where the beans are roasted, maintains superfood status and will be used exclusively in the chocolate ceremonies we will do at this Bliss Out retreat.

Several times during the day, we will mix up a fresh batch of hot, raw cacao made with organic honey and coconut or almond milk. It will be creamy, delicious, and exhilarating. The physical and spiritual properties of the cacao, along with the intentions we will put into the drink, will serve to connect us more fully to the elemental kingdom (if you’ve ever done any research on elves and fairies, then you know that they love chocolate. Charis has it under good advisement that our off-planet kindreds are big fans of chocolate as well!)

Here is some information Amanda channeled from her Elven guides regarding the use of raw chocolate at this retreat:

“The movement of cacao through the body stimulates mind, body, and soul. It is a trinity of movement, and a lost, ancient secret of healing. Not many alive on earth now understand or practice the ancient wisdom and healing properties of cacao.

The use of this gentle stimulant at your retreat will work two-fold: First, it taps the outer layers of resistance – the layer most people create around their heart (and deepest desires) to protect them from disappointment, sadness, and the seemingly unpredictable world.

To remove this first film is to remove the illusion of separateness from desire – it is to remind the bearer of the heart that they are still very much Alive and their desires are not gone, but only sleeping. Desire, if not controlled, can run rampant. Much is to be understood about its power. It is not the enemy, but in fact, the secret to your destiny.

To use this ancient ceremony one must understand the ache of desire – the healer (and facilitator) must learn to move with the flow of what desire is, where it brings the desirer, and how to direct it on its proper course…the course and journey of the heart.

Desire is the key to healing the heart.

It is not the enemy, it is the companion. It is the fuel that is necessary to move the energy body through life – desires drives the expansion of the Universe.

Desire is to to always accompany the heart. To awaken desire, one must always attend to the heart. The heart must be restored, fully healed. Alive.

If you are to embark on a journey of awaking bliss, cacao can be one of your greatest tools.

The Elves understand much about this sacred bean – we have assisted the ancients in the discovery of its power. You hold this knowledge. You need only remember. The power of the cacao bean is not currently understood in your time. You will unlock this.

To reveal desire is to handle fire and only the most grounded and present healers should embark on a journey into its powers. You need each other to fully handle this magic. If you choose to use it, you will act as anchors for the ceremony, and anchors for each other. You will find, as you continue down this path of healing together (of restoring the heart and recovering Bliss), it is your energetic combination that will be the most powerful in the release.


Your Retreat Facilitators:


Amanda Flaker is a writer, artist, and life-long communicator with the Elven realm, as well as other mulitdimensional beings. After re-awakening to her gifts as an adult, Amanda started to assist others on their spiritual awakening journeys. She also teaches workshops to help connect individuals with their intuitive multidimensional nature through writing.

Charis Melina Brown is a writer, teacher, retreat facilitator, and an intuitive and energy healer. She has had contact with benevolent interdimensional and otherworldly beings over the course of her entire life, and details her spiritual re-awakening and communications with her guides in her books, Journal of a Starseedand Instruction of a StarseedCharis teaches intuitive development classes, has a youtube channel about spiritual development, and hosts regular Bliss Out retreats for expansion, development, and planetary healing.

Kierstie Leavitt is a passionate indigo, determined dreamer, curious cat, intuitive massage therapist, and energy worker. She resides in Park City, Utah while playing, laughing, and exploring spirituality with her soul family. She loves all things mystical, nature, free form dance, art, music, writing, tantra, gardening, and food. She feels most alive when she’s singing her heart out or getting lost in nature and entraining with it. Her passion is to help others become more intimate with their own nature and align with their deepest self, emerging with pure honesty into freedom. She has aspirations of opening healing centers, communal living spaces, tantric workshops, and writing books.

You may contact Kierstie at or visit her new YouTube channel at

Athena Ziegler is a Certified Aromatherapist and reiki practitioner. She carries a BA in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology from San Francisco State University. Athena is the owner of Charmed Botanicals where she heals and guides people spiritually with the help of mystical aromatherapy. Along with the use of essential oils, Athena also utilizes the amazing healing earth energy of reiki to assist in healing the mind, body and spirit.

Check her out at

Space for this retreat is extremely limited. Only 9 spots available. To secure a place, click here


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