Unknown Destinations of Bliss


Life’s little, or sometimes big lessons, can be found everywhere.  I have been told many times every moment of every day is a lesson from the universe; someone holding the door, a half eaten muffin falling over, or occurrences in traffic can and are all vital spiritual lessons to be learned.

Have you ever noticed when driving along, if you see something interesting and look at it even for a split second, you start to drive in that direction without even meaning to?  Its just a natural reaction to go in the direction you are looking to, whether it be driving or what direction you are traveling with life.

Focus, Intention, and drive propel us forward to seemingly unknown destinations, even though we were looking there the whole time.

The destination only seems unknown if we are blinded by busyness or other distractions.  Constant tasks can make it seem like we are perpetually moving forward and accomplishing things but in all reality it’s the bike tire stuck in the mud scenario; a lot of effort is being exerted without any real progress.

Some call it the rat race, I call it the unobtainable goal.  Most of us are taught from childhood on, that life is about being productive and this is where our worth is derived.  A hard but vital lesson is learned through this teaching;  many are inherently unfulfilled by this dogma.

We spend a huge portions of our lives, some all of their lives, running in circles searching for this unreachable goal that will supposedly complete everything and make life wonderful.

“If I could only do or have this ________, I will finally be happy!”  If you happen to be lucky, or smart you realize the flaw in this thinking before it’s too late.

This is possibly western culture’s biggest hang up.  We place so much value on seeking happiness from outside sources due to our shame based culture.  Parents are taught by their parents and pass down to their children the idea that if we resist all those things we don’t like and don’t want to become, we will be able to escape them and have a wonderful life.

It is my personal experience along with many others that the opposite is in fact true.  That which we resist draws our focus and like the car, we will start to head in that direction.  This all being said, it stands to reason we can come up with the assumption if one wishes to achieve some goal or state of being, we should look in the direction we wish to travel.

Let go of shame, do what feels inherently blissful and follow that feeling wherever it leads.  Heading off into the mysteries of the universe is terrifying at times, and the exhilaration of that experience will drive us into worlds of satisfaction we never even knew existed and if at all possible, leave a trail of bread crumbs for your fellow beings.  They may just choose to join you.   Namaste.


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