Wednesday’s Wondrous World: The Authentic Self

Wednesday’s Wondrous World


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Welcome to another wonderful edition of Wednesday’s Wondrous World!  This week we have decided to delve into the elusive reality of the authentic self.  For some reason- probably because the human brain likes to make things more complicated than it really needs to be- the embodiment of the authentic self has become this mysterious animal that everyone is searching for.  “How do I become my authentic self?  What is it?  Where do I find it?”


Becoming your authentic self is as simple or as hard as you make it.  In all reality we should really refer to this process as BEING your authentic self.  We are not human becomings, we are human beings!  One does not become their authentic self, they already are their authentic self.

This, like so many other vehicles of change, it is more about forgetting than learning how to do something new.  The authentic self dwells within us all, sitting there, waiting for it’s time to shine.  All one must really do to bring it forth from the depths is to peel back the layers of  programming we’ve all had tacked on us from childhood and beyond.

Sit and remember all of those moments when you were told you were weird, strange, not good enough and out of place.  First of all, forgive the people that said those things.  They were operating from a place of fear and your then authenticity made them uncomfortable about their non-authenticity.  After that, think about what you were doing, how it made you feel to do it, why you were doing it?  From this place of self observation, with the assistance of our emotional compasses we can now decide (without judgment)  whether those action were part of our authentic self.

That’s all it is really, doing what feels the best at any given moment without judgment.  Once the self critic is fired and replaced with the inner cheer leader it becomes so much easier to follow your bliss and be your authentic self.  Because those two actions are so intertwined; it’s amazing once you get started with one the other almost immediately follows.

blissful isolationThe authentic self knows where the bliss party is at my friends and that is the best gift anyone can give to this world.  If anyone still holds the thought pattern of “following your bliss is selfish” please take a moment to imagine what our planet would look like if everyone was being their authentic self and following their bliss.  I am quite confident from this place of inner peace and love all our “problems” would be solved in record time by a team of giggling blessed out friends that no one could ever stop, nor would they want to.

I will leave you with this image to serve us on our quest for inner awesome.  You drop a quarter on the ground and begin to look for it.  You spend many moments searching and searching until you finally get frustrated and give up looking, deciding it wasn’t really the quarter for you anyways.  Taking a step back, ready to start in a different direction you now see the quarter was under your shoe the entire time.  What you were looking for so hard, even to the point of anger and frustration, was with you all along.  All you had to do was stop looking for it and make the decision to move.  Namaste Friends.








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