Kejiwa Kombucha: An Interview with the Alchemists


About three weeks ago I googled the term “Alchemical drinks.” Having developed a bit of a fascination for the process of transmuting the molecular structure of food and drink into a higher vibration, (that in turn creates healing and restoration in the body) I wanted to see who else had stumbled upon this potent magic.

That’s when I discovered Kejiwa.

Just visiting the website of this unique community was restorative to my energy fields. These lightworkers use the process of alchemy to kejiwa logocreate the most healing, regenerating kombucha for the body and soul, using sound vibration, light, and energy work (as well as alchemy itself) to infuse their drinks with the highest vibration of love and health — and you can feel it.

After experiencing the high vibration of these products simply through the website, I ordered a sample pack of all the kombucha flavors and was blown away by the amazing taste, unique ingredients (including ormus), and immediate affects of these alchemical elixirs.

I knew I had to contact the owners to find out more about what they’re doing over there in the great vortex of Sedona so I could share their magic with all of our readers at Chakra Center.

Not only did Juniper and Illup (owners of Kejiwa) graciously agree to do this interview, they also offered to make a special magical blend of Kombucha for our Elven Bliss-Out Retreat in Park City!

I am so thrilled to be sharing these independent, sustainable, powerful healers with you. I firmly believe that as our global consciousness and awareness continues to shift, it is communities like Kejiwa that help us through the transition and pave the way into a new paradigm of paradise on this planet.

I encourage everyone who is passionate about sustainability, health, and global awakening, to help support businesses like these. They are truly the salt of the earth.


How did you first discover Kombucha?

Illup:  I learned about it from a friend who had it passed to them. They passed a culture and the basic formula to me, so it kept in the tradition of it being passed down for many a thousands of years.

Juniper: I tried it at a health food store in Aspen, it was cranberry or something and I threw it away after a few sips. A few years later I tried other brands and loved it! Then when I met Illup he showed me how to make it and I went back to Austin where I lived at the time and started making Acai Blueberry and selling it to friends or trading for services. Within a year or so of constantly visiting I moved to Sedona to be with Illup and started co-creating with Kejiwa.

What role has Kombucha played in your awakening?

Illup: Kombucha, via the wild herbs we use in our brews, has taken me into deep communion with the earth and the land here in Sedona. It has beautifully reflected my own harmonious balanced connected true nature. With all the high vibrational technologies and intentions we have put into our elixirs, it has shown me how we truly are what we eat. Kejiwa has been the main aspect of my ever-ongoing spiritual understanding, refinement, and realization.

Juniper: Kombucha has been a gateway for bringing elements of my awakening into form – being able to apply all the wisdom I learn along my journey about energetics, wild foods, nutrition, herbalism, music, healing, emotions, and mastery into co-creating brews that activate and inspire ourselves and all those who drink the elixirs. An incredibly powerful way to transmit the herbs, essences, and energetics into our beings at all levels of existence. Kombucha being our main product has also allowed us the freedom to work for ourselves and create a model integruous sustainable new paradigm business using only the highest quality ingredients. Having our own business has offered us the spaciousness to follow our own divine flow of evolution, refinement, practice, communion, and service.

Kejiwa Products

What is the meaning behind “Kejiwa?”

We have a Dream…..A beautiful big one!….. That all people live their soul’s truth and feel amazing in their bodies. That’s what Kejiwa, our company, is all about. ☼ Kejiwa is delicious, devotional love alchemy of pure prayerfulness, whole-hearted healing intent, & wild-crafted cosmic consciousness!~`* (don’t see how to unbold this :p

Kejiwa means to Surrender Into Soul Truth. It is a letting go, but also an empowerment to consciously align with Creator. This is the Heart of our intention, to spark people into their highest service, action, and ecstatic Being.

Juniper and Illus

We understand that your hand-crafted kombucha receives quite the love and alchemical treatment. Can you describe a little bit about this process, and what makes it different from most traditional beverage crafting on the market?

The biggest difference is Relationship…..which expresses as two primary differences: Process and Ingredients (Tertiary and also vitally important being our relationship to our customers!)

Ingredients: Traditional Beverages from large companies use black tea, various kinds of water and often organic ingredients. We use white tea (which is less processed and higher in antioxidants and has minimal caffeine) plus wild-harvested herbs we pick ourselves in communion with the plants in Sedona – supplemented with organic/biodynamic herbs. All flavorings are pure fresh-juiced or highest-grade pure essential oils. We use fresh pure sedona springwater/artesian wellwater as the base and infuse the brews with our own Alchemy of monoatomic minerals and full moon gem essences. We use as many local ingredients as possible, for example, our sprouts and wheatgrass are grown by a friends local business a few miles from us.

We activate our products using powerful cosmically aligned sound healing techniques, meditative growing environment, crystal-charging, pyramid activation and more high-vibrational technologies to ultimately enhance our creations in the most amazing way ever!
Illup music kombucha


We are continuously evolving our business practices to align further with the natural harmony of this earth using quadruple-bottom-line framework. We re-use the majority of our bottles, compost, use all non-toxic cleaning supplies, energy-efficient refrigeration, re-use packing material, recycle, pay twice minimum wage, and source as many ingredients locally as possible.

What other kinds of products to you offer at Keijwa?

We offer Alche-Mist Sprays, pure organic elixirs need simply be sprayed into one’s field (on & around the body) to receive the healing benefits, balancing, and upliftment!

Instantly clearing space for Us to come back into our breath, sweet & serene center, Alche-Mist sprays re-align to all-encompassing creativity & Grace offering ever-flowing flourishing nourishment to the Soul!

A mist spray infused with pure essential oils, full moon gem and flower essences, flowers, herbs, and healing frequencies and prayers.

They are available at 5 locations nationwide.

We are also developing Ormus Gold Body Oils and Spagyrics (Highly intentional alchemical herbal tinctures).

Alchemist Sprays

What are your intentions with the new facilities?

Our Alchemy Temple is ready for expansion so we can triple kombucha production, and develop the two new products! In addition it is used for healing sessions, education classes, gatherings, and ceremonies. Additionally we are planning to grow more of the main herbs we use ourselves using biodynamic processes.

Tell us a bit about your fundraiser ?

We’ve invested everything we have while working multiple jobs yet sustaining our Walking the Talk of what we’re here to support…. living in peace-filled inspired vibrancy!Now we’re asking our friends and family to support us taking it to the next level!We’ve been using the same brew pot and expanded from a home-brew to being sold in 6 states….The fundraiser has already supported us in getting  lab quality ph tester, two new brew pots, an external burner, floormats for our tired knees, herbs, tincture supplies for the spagyrics – that’s just the beginning and we’re so grateful for the support so far!We’re raising $33,000 which will support us in being able to efficiently maintain the same unique high quality, bring further activation tools, develop the new products – To support us in Truly Sustainably Thriving  in this Sacred Service! The next purchases will include more refrigeration, nutrition/chemical testing, a low-heat juicer, two more brewing pots,  support us in hiring one more Alchemy Angel, and much more! It’s fully explained here at thanks for all the support we’ve created some amazing special gifts you receive for your donation!If you are unable to financially support at this time please write a comment and enjoy our video – it helps us get “featured” on their website and get the word and vibration of the heart out to more people!

Illup and Juniper family
What does “The Shift” mean to you?“The Shift” is constantly occurring in our lives each moment within the Eternal Moment – an experience of One Soul’s Journey…and the Oneness evolving into it’s Heart’s Truth simultaneously.

With full awareness of prophecies and projections, we choose to live fully, doing our best, serving in the highest, Right Now, in the present, with open-hearts.

We are a part of all things and choose to maintain our focus Here; The “future” will be a co-creation of our intentional heart and soul evolution on the individual and universal scale.

Rose Kombucha
What are your thoughts about the souls Awakening at this time and the role of health in that awakening?

It is an honor and joy to be Here Now with all of our incredible brothers and sisters who chose to come here to experience Earth’s Awakening on a Soul and Oneness level. We celebrate each individual’s unique path, process, and timing in their exploration of their True Nature, humanity, and divinity.

What are you greatest passions?

Illup: Juniper….. and all representations of the expression of the Fiery Sacred Heart of Love, including Alchemy (elixirs and of the Soul), Ecstatic Poetry and Communion, exploring Nature and my own inner landscapes via meditation, Music and spontaneous Dance, photographic art, natural fiber fashion,

Juniper: Illup….. and all representations of the expression of the Fiery Sacred Heart of Love, including Intentionally creating my life, Alchemy, Magic, Nature, Hugging (embracing) all things, energy ‘healing’ work, and continuously refining my Being. My other light-service beyond Kejiwa is courses and coaching sessions through focusing on emotional clarity, partnerships, ptsd healing, and vibrant lifestyle technology!

Kejiwa Sacred Geo

What is the message of your hearts?

Illup: Bring as much Joy into Creation beyond what you ever thought possible and share it unabashedly and abundantly sparking all Hearts to do the same in their own Loving, Sweet, Uniqueness!

Juniper: Empower your Freedom by Loving Being You in all ways! Self-Love and acceptance is the portal to awakening.

What is your advice for readers who want to live their dreams but don’t know the first steps to take?

Illup: Rip off all your clothes and jump naked into a beautiful body of water!

Juniper: First step, download my free pdf called “A Guide to Energizing Change” at

Envision your dream already manifest in this moment – Feel what it feels like fully and Trust yourself and your process.

Relax into the Truth that everyone is doing their best and is on your team on a soul level. Be more concerned about your own journey than how others are or aren’t showing up. The most effective guaranteed method for awakening and living your dream is Practice, Whatever you practice with self-love and forgiveness, you will master.

swimingAnything else you want to share?Illup: Whatever you do, do it fully, with all of your Being. And discover the Amazing Magic that can take place all around when you are fully present.

Juniper: Explore the full spectrum Alchemy of Laughter as often as possible. Know that you are the miracle and the source creating miracles!

Thought creates form and by thinking positive thoughts about yourself, you are guaranteed to have more energy!

We want to hear from you! What inspires you? What Makes you come Alive? Or find us on facebook!


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  1. just so beautiful!! I had the opportunity to meet this family at Raw Spirit Fest in Arizona and was so inspiried by the purity and devotion with which they live their lives! Be the change, here and now~

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