The Saturday Post: Put the Christ back in Christ-consciousness

The Saturday Post


The internet is a place just like any other, it has high vibrations and it has low vibrations. Perhaps you’ve seen the joke photos and Christian propaganda flying around.  “Put the Christ back in Christmas”  “Christmas trees for Sale -To Christians Only-”


christ-masThe later of the two, and there are many more, really made me cringe.

I am of the opinion that Yashua Ben Yoseph, a.k.a. Jesus, was an ascended master manifested into our plane by our request to teach us about ascension, source perspective, heart space and many other wonderful things.  I also consider Buddha, Adamus Saint Germain and others in this category.


If you happen to have other ideas about the matter, more power to you.  We need all the collective insight on the matter possible to get an accurate perspective.

In my mind, I like to think of source/god as the proverbial elephant in a room filled with blind people.

All of these blind people represent the different religions of the world going up, touching the elephant and trying to figure out what it is.



Depending on what portion of the source elephant you touch, you will indeed get a different perspective. It is only once we cast of the difference of opinion and combine all the individual perspectives into a collective perspective will we really begin to see the shape of the source elephant take form.


The constantly evolving s situation n we find ourselves in today is one of argument.

The person touching the trunk of the source elephant is convinced beyond reproach that the animal is in fact a snake.

The person touching the belly thinks it’s a hippo and he touching the ear is determined to say, “You fools!  It’s odiously a large bat!”  When in all reality, they are all wrong not for the sake of ill effort, but of non cooperation.

Lest we continue on the path we currently sit in.  One where not only is the other person dead wrong;  they are not even allowed to consider our point of view unless it is adopted without question and followed to the tee.  Hence all of the, “If you’re not a REAL Christian than Christmas is off limits!”  signage.

We are at a tipping point at this very moment.  We have the option, thanks greatly to the internet, to take in the point of view of the other blind people.  Connect with them and together, formulate a holistic view, tip the scale and walk on into the new age, the now age.


Happy Holidays.  Namaste.

Jamie Mortinson


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