Living Aromatherapy: It’s Everywhere

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City living can take it’s toll on us nature (wannabe) based dwellers. It dulls our senses. Day after day we are assaulting our noses with questionable scents, such as car fumes, artificial fragrances and mystery smells. Many of these artificial, some not, dull our senses to the magical world of aromatherapy that surrounds us.

Most artificial fragrances overpower our natural senses and give us headaches, burn out our sinuses resulting in loss of smell. Why? Because they are chemicals. They are cheap to make, but at a cost to our health and well being. They are not derived from natural sources. Meaning we get absolutely zero therapeutic value from those smells. Why even bother…?

What can you do to gain back your natural sense of smell? Start by gaining an aromatherapy consciousness and begin benefiting from living in our aromatherapy rich world.


Stop and deeply breathe in a flower, pine tree or a sprig of organic orange blossomsrosemary or peppermint at a farmers market. Next time you eat an orange, appreciate the aroma that completely surrounds you. Be aware of the joy the aroma is spreading. Make a conscious effort anytime you see a natural source of fragrant herbs, flowers or trees to stop and smell them. Make sure whenever possible that it’s organic. Organics are much more fragrant and therapeutic than non organics and GMOs. Go out and be aware of the natural abundance that surrounds you everyday. It’s here to heal and guide us through this life. Follow your nose and you will be rewarded.

Live like this for one day!

“Living is about capturing the essence of things. I go through my life every day with a vial, a vial wherein can be found precious essential oils of every kind! The priceless, fragrant oils that are the essence of my experiences, my thoughts. I walk inside a different realm from everybody else, in that I am existing in the essence of things; every time there is reason to smile, I hold out my glass vial and capture that drop of oil, that essence, and then I smile.”

C. JoyBell C.

Natural living Aromatherapy:

Orange: Spreads sunshine; dispels gloomy thoughts, tension, stress and depression; encourages a positive outlook. Nourishes the soul, feeding it with feelings of joy.

Rosemary: is a cephalic oil, which means it stimulates the brain and  mental activity. Facilitates clear thoughts and clear-sightedness. At the most subtle level it may help the development of clairvoyance. It’s a psychic protector. Relevant to the brow chakra.

Peppermint: acts upon the ego, dispelling pride and helps overcome feelings of inferiority. It’s associated with cleanliness, and helps people who want to live an ethical life.

Pine: supports a calm inner being; warming and grounding effect

Athena Ziegler is an intuitive Certified Aromatherapist and reiki Athena Zieglerpractitioner. She carries a BA in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology from San Francisco State University. Athena is the owner of Charmed Botanicals where she heals and guides people spiritually with the help of mystical aromatherapy. Along with the use of essential oils, Athena also utilizes the amazing healing earth energy of reiki to assist in healing the mind, body and spirit.


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