Invoking the Elves through Aromatherapy Magic!

Aromatherapy, Charmed Botanicals

Charmed Botanicals has formulated a very special custom Charmed Botanical logoAromatherapy blend made with the intention to assist and facilitate our minds to travel interdimensionally and connect with the magical Elven realm. Each Elven Bliss-Outer will receive their own blend to use at the retreat and to take home as a gift ♥

~ Sneak peak into Connecting with the Elven Bliss Out Retreat Jan. 2012 ~

Close your eyes, be present, slow your breath, feel the breeze, inhale your surroundings – be aware of all the information flooding your senses through your mind, body and spirit. Can you feel their presence? Can you hear the elves? Can you smell the faintest magic of their realm?! … Sweet, Crisp, Green, Earthy essence of Elves – We invoke the spirit of the Elves!

Basil: Sharpens the senses and encouraging concentration. Uplifting and stimulating. Offers energetic protection, strengthens self confidence and motivation. **Basil will help our minds keep focus on connecting with the Elven realm.

Rosewood: Induces tranquility, assists meditation and helps prepare for spiritual healing. It’s a gentle, embracing oil that gives a sense of safety and protection. Supports the crown chakra. It also has an overall calming effect but without inducing any kind of drowsiness. Use Rosewood oil in meditations for the healing of forests and our beautiful planet as a whole. **Rosewood will assist us in entering a trance-like state of mind while keeping us fully aware of our surroundings. All the while we will be healing the forest as we are present.

Lavender: Stabilizes the physical, etheric and astral bodies. LavenderflowersCleanses and soothes the spirit. Helps bring the higher and lower chakra centers in harmony with one another. Calming, relaxing effects of Lavender can help in reaching deeper states of meditation, and those who channel in trance may also find that this oil enables them to reach deeper levels of trance. **Lavender will also assist us in our meditation and trance work, keeping us calm and relaxed. It will allow us to keep all our bodies balance which is crucial when traveling interdimensionally.

Bergamot: Encourages the release of pent-up feelings, a “let go” oil; cooling; refreshing; uplifting; calming; joyous effect. **Bergamot will allow us to “let go” of our 3D expectations and dive into the mystical world of the Elves.

Cedarwood: Extremely grounding; enhances intuition, meditation; restores a sense of spiritual certainty; calming and soothing. Enhance spirituality and strengthens our connection with the divine. **Cedarwood is our grounding element. It will help us stay aware of our physical bodies and our connection to the 3D world. Protecting us with it’s ancient wisdom.

We look forward to sharing the magic with you…


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