The Saturday Post: Think Globally, Act Locally

The Saturday Post


Sometimes things just aren’t what was imagined. Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and watch what’s going on around you, asses the situation and either keep going in the direction you were or make a change.


This whole “apocalypse,” 2012, end of the world thing is a perfect opportunity/excuse to do so.  Now more than ever, I find myself looking at certain teachers, friends and beliefs and thinking, “Does this still serve me or should I let it fall away?”  Without getting into specifics, I find more often than not, things seem to be falling away.

As we grow as people and spiritual beings or even just make healthier life choices, people, activities and thought process will start to feel “icky” to be around.  It could be as simple as not liking your old favorite food any more or as complex as deciding to leave your spouse.  You may decide to give away all of your useless possessions or redecorate the entire house.

Although these all have the possibility to be wonderful transformations some can be a bit more complicated than others.  Why is also a really important question to ask ourselves during these transformations.  “Why am I making this choice?  Which part of me is making these decisions?”  And I think most importantly of all, “Is this decision biased out of love, or fear?”

Looking back through recorded history, as a people we have been living in fear for a long, long time.  Chances are it’s not just going to go *poof* and be gone in an instant with everyone giving and sharing and loving one another unconditionally, as awesome as that sounds.  Especially, if we wish to take our predecessors with us into this golden age.  Lets just face it here, a HUGE portion of the older crowd on this planet just isn’t ready for that yet and it’s going to be a little bit yet.

But as anxious as were are to get this heaven on earth ball rolling here, moving slowly can be considered a good thing.  If everyone took their idea of peace and go started, full throttle, 100% tomorrow there would be total kayos!  Perhaps we could use a little time to let our ideas about how we want to change the world grow and mature before we all go hog wild.

I often find my best ideas come out of a process of necessity, frustration and finally acceptance.  As far as a global view point, the necessity is there, the frustration is defiantly there, people are beginning to accept the situation and we can finally begin to DO something about it.

We could take a recycling approach to our personal lives as well as the environment.  “Think Globally, Act Locally”  Yes we have a global conciseness situation on our hands but freaking out about the bigger picture really isn’t going to make much of a difference.  Talking to the people in your personal life about it (whether they think you’re crazy or not) will make a HUGE difference.  Namaste!

Jamie Mortinson

I would also like to share the link to the recording of Teal Scott’s on-line synchronization workshop. It will only be up for a short time and it is well worth the watch.


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