The Saturday Post: We’re all still here….Now what!?

The Saturday Post


Ok!  December 21st happened and we’re all still here!  It’s time to go out and give up all your possessions, give away your car, leave your family and go off on a quest to seek enlightenment!


Really!?  No not really, just kidding.

Well then what is this new age we’ve all just stepped into all about?  What are we going to create together?

Being spiritual, seeking enlightenment or even just adopting a healthier lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to take your previous life, crumple it up and throw it in the trash to start anew.

You can still live in the same house, have the same family and work at the same job.

The best part about going on a journey of self discovery is learning, or remembering really, why it is you came here in the first place.  There’s nothing wrong with having a “normal” life.  For many of us, that may in fact be the point of it all.


It would be much easier to be a Zen super star if there were no job, spouse, kids, or house to stress you out.  BUT, how much MORE would you learn along the way if all of these “obstacles” were there to enhance your experience, test your new skills and push you to greater heights?

That boss that drives you up the wall is there to teach you acceptance.  That friend that never agrees with you is there to teach you patience.  That spouse that keeps messing up the house is there to teach you true love.  That child that keeps “bothering” you while you’re working is there to teach you to enjoy life;  And these are all just examples from my own life!  Take a moment to observe all the lessons occurring simultaneously before your eyes in perfect chaotic harmony.  Awesome right?

What I hope for with this dawning of a new age, cycle, era or whatever you care to call it, it to start taking these lessons and noticing them for what they are, a gift.  The best gift of all: life, experience, and manifestation!

We are all products of our own design and so are our lives.  Again, take a moment to look around and notice all the wonderment and love you have manifested for yourself…..YOU did that!

surprised face

Now, take a moment and look at all of the things in your life that you don’t care for….YOU did that too!

We have one of three options to do with these things: Learn from it as the lesson it is. Change it as the challenge it is. Or do nothing.

The choice is ours and it always has been and it always will be.

We can either leave the world the way it is, not my first choice.  Learn from it as the wonderful lesson that we incarnated into, getting better.  Or change it into the kick ass paradise that we all really want to create for ourselves and everyone we love, BINGO!!!  If you like the way this sound then let’s do this thing because there’s no time like now, really there isn’t.

Namaste friends!

Heaven on Earth AP

Jamie Mortinson


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