The Saturday Post: Where Does Your Power Lie?

The Saturday Post


“It has been said that if there is no struggle, there is no progress. But struggle implies that you are faced against the current of source, which is always flowing in the direction of your every desire. It is not struggle that creates progress, it is allowing yourself to flow in the direction of what you desire that creates progress. Struggling is a learned behavior. It is a learned behavior because it does not come naturally to any being. The real struggle that we face, is un-learning our attachment to the idea that struggle creates progress. The real struggle that we face is re-learning how to allow ourselves to flow in the direction of our desires; WITH the current of source.”   Teal Scott


I have heard numerous times from many different sources that if I could just bring myself to help humanity and live a life of service, I would finally be satisfied with life and thusly happy.  For some reason this piece of advise just never felt quite right to me and I searched on.

To be perfectly honest it felt like a load of crap. How is it that someone could spend their entire life helping and serving others while finding all of their own needs and desires met? How is that even possible?!

It seems a vital step of the process is left out, as loving and caring for humanity should be the end result of a journey through one’s own consciousness, not a step along the way to happiness. The journey being that of self love FIRST and others after. Not to say that you are more important and thusly deserving more love than others.

The real journey here is to find the beauty in all that is you while fully excepting and loving yourself.  Forgiveness for past, present and future deeds occurs as they are now seen as lessons, opportunities for growth.  And finally a sense of selflessness is passed onto all other beings as we extend the same courtesy to them.

A great amount of self empowerment grows from this process as we are often taught to be self critics from a very young age.

girl with strings

We constantly belittle ourselves and judge ourselves based on the achievements of others.

This is very unfair and causes many to talk themselves out of their own dreams and never even try.  “I could never do that as good as her.”

We could be seen as a puppet master walking ourselves off a proverbial cliff, over and over again in our own minds.

The lesson of becoming my own inner cheer leader was and still is my favorite lesson.  I really believe this it what many refer to as taking your power back and becoming your own guru.  True gurus love for the sake of loving, all may partake and it is not for the sake of retribution or repayment.

It seems premature to suggest loving the rest of humanity will indeed create inner peace when said person does not yet revere themselves as the awesome creator that they are.  One must be in a constant practice of self love to ensure the act of helping others is indeed to help them and not to siphon off energy from the helped.

Energy flows where your focus goes.  If we focus on the outcome of helping others than we only look to receive and that’s not true giving.  Focusing on the act of giving itself will yield a true energy exchange as we are unattached to the outcome.  Finding joy in the act itself is where hearts meet, lives are changed and the needs of the all are met.  This is were true power lies.

Namaste Friends.


Jamie Mortinson


2 thoughts on “The Saturday Post: Where Does Your Power Lie?

  1. I have recently (in the last year) come into this light.
    Now people keep asking me what I am smiling about!
    Makes me smile even more…


  2. I agree with what you’re saying:
    I know from firsthand experience, many (won’t say all) of those who believe themselves ‘serving’ e.g. in the communtity, do indeed rake in one hell of a buzz, i.e. they take energy from those they profess to be serving.
    Better to express the self from the soul and thereby ‘serve’ e.g. as a light, as a guide, as an example, or simply to wash with your love.

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