Registration Now Open for “Writing to Heal and Embody your Higher Self”



Writing to Heal and Embody the Higher Self 

– January 14th – February 10th 

I am so excited to offer my “Writing to Heal” class for the first time online! This is a powerfully restorative class where we will learn to tap into the wealth of healing and love within each of us. In this online workshop we will use writing and various spiritual exercises to:

  • Unlock our unique healing abilities
  • Channel healing energy from higher realms
  • Release blocking energy in our mental, physical, and spiritual bodies
  • Understand and embrace our Shadow
  • Create our reality with a whole, restored perception of who and what we truly are
  • Learn Energy healing techniques (heal through focus)
  • Participate in healing workshops as a class to perform distance healing energy to each other using our own unique healing abilities
  • Gain a greater perception and appreciation for our personal power

Week One: You are a Healer (and you are not broken). Perfect emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health exists within Her Healing Heart 1you at all times, you need only line-up with that version of yourself.

The key to healing is to realize you are well. You are not broken. You are infinitely powerfully, and you have everything you could ever possibly need to do anything to come into alignment with who and what you truly are.  Many religions and even cultural “norms” start with the basic premise that humanity is broken. While living out of alignment with Source (or believing the Ego is the true Self) can certainly make us feel we are separate, broken, and need to be “fixed,” true health and wholeness come from knowing that the Source of All Life exists within you at all times.

The version of you that is full of radiant health and emotional peace already exists – it exists within the part of you that is always connected to Life – the Source of All Things.  It is impossible for you to be separate from that Source unless you ceased to exist (in this dimension and all others). The feeling of being alone and all the dis-ease that goes along with it ultimately come from the illusion of being cut-off from Source, and living within that illusion.

The first week of the class is dedicated to helping get to the root of the beliefs that led you to develop a blockage in either your emotional or physical health that caused you to create a feeling of separateness. It’s about getting to the root of the issue.

Week Two: Spiritual Bypassing and Facing the Shadow

The second week we address one of the biggest misconceptions of the “Love and Light” movement: spiritual bypassing.  True healing and alignment does not come from ignoring or running from the emotions that we have deemed “bad” or “negative.” It’s about validating, feeling, and transmuting ALL emotions. Facing the shadow self is key to being free from the fear of its looming presence. It helps us to understand there are no “bad” or “good” emotions; from a higher perspective, they are one in the same: both the blissful and the ouchy feelings are our teachers and serve to assist us in our expansion.  Bypassing negative or uncomfortable emotions only prolongs the lessons we are to learn from them.

Week Three: Seeking first the Kingdom of God

Week three is all about finding the peaceful paradise that exist within you and bringing it forth into your physical reality. In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus said “If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.”  The Kingdom within you is meant to be brought forth; your expression and co-reation of this Kingdom is uniquely yours – it is the way you express God. The world longs for your Truth to be revealed. Your expression of God heals, restores, balances, and expands the Universe.

Consciousness is Life Itself and where there is life, there is freedom. True life and true freedom is found within your heart – within alignment with your Higher Self; if you allow yourself to breathe deeply and look within, you will find a kingdom there, waiting for your active participation.

During week three we will not only tap into this unique part of you, but learn to use this part of ourselves to sending healing energy to each other.

Week Four: Love is the Solution for Everything

Our final week focuses on the Power of Love (both for Self and LoveHeals(2Others). Love is the MOST powerful energy in all existence. We will be learning about the very real and measureable energy of love (both within quantum physics and from our personal experiences), what it is, and how it can transform us.

It is only through Love that we find true health, love, and wholeness. Love restores us to Who and What we are, because Love created us. Without love, there is separation, and true healing cannot occur without restoration. Love is the answer to everything.

  • Love always sees the best
  • Love always believes
  • Love never fails

This four week online workshop is only $22!

Space is limited so sign-up today!

(Workshop will be conducted online on a private Facebook forum).

To secure your spot for the Writing to Heal and Embody your Higher Self course register here.

Much love and healing to you!


amandagraduationAmanda Flaker is a freelance writer, teacher/tutor, editor, and creator of Chakra Center. She carries a BA in English Literature & Creative Writing, and heads-up the website’s online writing classes (Writing to Connect with the Elves and Discover your Bliss, Writing to Heal, Writing to Develop your Intuitive Gifts). She believes writing to be a powerful medium to connect with the multi-dimensional self. Amanda also works one-on-one with clients as an intuitive reader . Her greatest passion is to help activate people into their fullest potential and highest intentions on this planet. She loves to travel (especially to other dimensions), talk to trees, and bliss-out.

You can find-out more about her classes and intuitive work at


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