The Saturday Post: Crystal-topia!

The Saturday Post


I love rocks, crystals, gemstones and pretty much anything else that comes out of the womb of mother earth.

crystal-circle heart

As far back as I can remember, I have collected tokens of Gaia.

As a young child, I had a limit to how many rocks I was allowed to take home after each outing, 3;  and with good reason, my room was filled with them.

They covered shelves, were placed in drawers, in boxes and sand buckets all throughout my room.  I had ones with stripes and spots, rough and smooth, with holes and broken into layers with fossils hidden inside.

I had a knack for finding quartz as well as others.  They were and still are my greatest treasure.

purple geod

As with many of our childhood passions, I grew older and let crystals fall by the way side in pursuit of other interests.

Many were cast off into the yard, secretly by my mother, with a special few hidden in the depths of my closet for later discovery.


Through a long series of events and synchronicity,  I discovered my lost beauties once again.

Now that I work mainly with crystals as my chosen form of healing and energy work, I find it very interesting that as a child I had such an affinity for them.

And I never really knew why I liked them so much, I just did.


It just goes to show you, children KNOW things, even if they don’t know why they know what they know.

We should listen, especially if it’s our inner child speaking to us now.  He/She is in there and we never really grew up, we‘re still that little child.

There is no defining moment when we became all powerful all knowing adults.

That little inner voice has a great deal to teach us about our passions and what makes us truly happy.

amber skull

I have thankfully passed the point where I feel the need to hoard my little stony friends.

Now I buy them, work with them for a time as I create pieces of frequency jewelry and then pass them on to others to enjoy and benefit from.

As wonderful of companions as they are, I always make it a point to tell customers that a crystal is not NEEDED to attain a state of mind or to complete a goal.

Crystals can assist you in your enlightening, but they cannot do it for you.


They are wonderful assistants and dear friends. Sometimes if your lucky, you’ll find one that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Other times, you’ll only be together as long as the relationship is beneficial and then you’ll part ways.

Either way, the experience is well worth it and memorable to say the least.


I strongly recommend anyone considering getting into crystals to pick out your first few by intuition.

Do a little experiment and purchase a few that you are just drawn to for whatever reason.  You’ll know when this happens because you’ll inhale sharply and go, “Oooohhhhh!!!”

Once you’re together for a while, then go look up their properties and see how much your new little pals are helping you out.  In essence, this way, the crystal gets to pick you.

crystal cluster

Namaste Friends

Jamie Mortinson

(P.S. My favorite crystals are tiger’s eye, opal, amethyst, purple fluorite, and meteorites.)


2 thoughts on “The Saturday Post: Crystal-topia!

  1. Very interesting and informative! I’ve recently found myself being lured by crystals and I’m answering the call. I had an Isis clear quartz crystal claim me and I’m still learning how and what to do with Her. Timely info for me, Dear One~ Blessings~

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