EmBody Bliss: Breath and Movement

EmBody Bliss

Living in Life Force (Source) energy is like living in a dance, and it is within this dance that I found the inspiration for our topic today: breath and movement.

As spirit beings, sometimes our bodies can feel like cages. This is cagedbecause we intuitively know that we extend far beyond our bodies, far beyond what the common eye sees. And in the infinite feeling of that extension, it can almost feel frustrating not to float to the space we know beyond our eyes.

It’s socially acceptable in our on-the-go society that we live our lives walking upright and rigid, unknowingly exuding and absorbing mass amounts of directional energy, which cause us to become stiff. Continually adopting this stiff energy is not natural for a body that was designed to know ease.

As inherently free spirits, living in such a linear world, it becomes hard to balance our emotions, mind, and body. It becomes easy to forget that we are made of the same energy of the Universe. Energy that expands, contracts, inspires, expires, moves, swirls, changes, pulses, dances, and expresses itself continually. Our bodies thrive off of this Universal flow and it is my hope that we invite and surrender to its movement.

Taking in the Source:

Breathing is a beautiful token of life that we’ve been given. When we breathe, it is our Source stream feeding us. This force feeds every cell in breathour physical body, as well as our spirit and it’s highest intention for being here. It is one of the most overlooked and precious things that we bring with us into each new moment. Moment by moment, experience to experience – we live, learn, expand, change, and even metaphorically die – to arise anew in the next moment. Breath comes with us, along with new intentions we’ve created. It feeds and nurtures us in our expansion.

With enough practice and focus in conscious breathing, we can learn the ways in which Life Force moves through our individual bodies. Once we familiarize with this energy, we become more sensitive to its touch and flow. We can then open up closed spaces inside of us more easily, and express the energy in unique ways.

Expressing the Source:

The way in which we express our own Source stream is a very fun partDance-Meditation about being a creator. We do this in many ways, one of which is through movement. Movement is a form of creation; all of life has movement. Just as we create with our thoughts, we can create with the way we navigate energy through and out our body. We have chosen into a beautifully bodied species – why not use them as another tool?

Surrendering to movement is a perfect way to participate in this symphony and dance of Life Force. Life Force most often moves in a spiral, but since you are an extension of Source, you have the capability freedomof receiving and expressing it in whichever way it registers through you. This is not only a perfect way to meet Source; it is a therapy for self-expression and release.

I have found “free movement dance” to be the most healing of all movement, but other forms such as exercise and stretching can also suffice. Free movement dance removes blockages like nothing I’ve felt before. It is literally therapy.

When we let Source take us in and move without judgment, we will eventually have moved so much energy through us that we become a renewed channel. We will find that we have bridged the gap between our physical and spiritual body. We will resolve that our bodies are in fact, not cages; they are vehicles and points of sensory that get to FEEL the intense pleasure of the physical and spiritual planes merging. What a sacred marriage!


Like water, move free! In whichever way you please, just get moving. There are no rules. Whether it is alone in your room, or with other kindred spirits. Turn on some inspiring music and let the flow happen to you! Let the flow happen through you!


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