Registration Now Open for our Exclusive Tuscan Retreat!


FeaturesRegistration for our wine and aromatherapy infused, five-star Tuscan retreat opens at 2:30 (MST) today!

Tuscany, Italy — October 4th – 11th 2013:

Get ready to lavish in luxury, learn about wine from the experts, experience traditional Tuscan cuisine prepared by Italians (raw and vegan style), steep in the magic of aromatherapy, healing massage, and energy work, connect with like minds, and experience your internal world  through complete indulgence in your senses. This will be an exclusive,once-in-a-lifetime, full immersion retreat in the heart of Tuscany.

So often in the “spiritual community” we are taught to deny our selves. We make a conscious effort to fully activate and engage our upper chakras through meditation, prayer, out of body experiences, and fasting, but we neglect our lower chakras – we discount the purpose and power of our physical experiences.

We came into life in this physical dimension to experience it, learn from it, and expand. Denying the importance and role of our physical expression cuts off a major aspect of our purpose here, and rather than “setting us free” it often leads to repressed and blocked energy in the body.

It’s all about balance. We don’t want to over-indulge the physical, but often we need to create moments and experiences where we can fully allow our lower chakras a place to take center stage. When we activate and allow our lower chakras to do what they were designed to do, we can create bliss that is unparallel in any other dimension – we experience the merging of the physical and non-physical aspects of ourselves which – when fully charged – can allow the flow of energy through our bodies to cause a kundalini experience throughout our entire energetic and physical fields.

Activating bliss through our five senses is a total allowance of our physical and spiritual selves to come together in complete harmony in this 3rd dimension – to give us permission to create and experience beauty; the bliss of such moments is often called “orgasmic” for a reason. It’s the closest we come to experiencing the fullness of our WHOLE selves in this dimension, and it is through our physical senses that these moments of creative and sensual pleasure are made possible.

Italy is country where beauty reigns. It’s a place where culturally time is arranged to experience the poetry and magic of “la vita bella.”It’s an experience you don’t just live; you enter directly into the music of life. You allow the beauty of the physical world to seep into every cell of your body. It’s about indulgence. It’s about creation. It’s about experiencing the bounty and harvest of our energetic and spiritual work that has been transmuted into physical attributes: Wine, chocolate, living organic foods, music, aromatherapy, massage, and all things blissful. Italy is truly an immersion in the aesthetics of creation.

This retreat provides an experience, an opportunity to allow yourself to let go and fully surrender to the beauty within and around you, filling your senses, your body, and your spirit with the majesty and magic of what it means to truly live, love, and luxuriate in bliss of being in a body of flesh and blood. It’s about losing yourself in present moment awareness and fully experiencing the gift of our physical world.

Join us for an entire week full of world-class wine, living/organic Tuscan foods and luxurious self-pampering woven-in the intricate and alchemical magic of aromatherapy, energy healing, love, and unapologetic bliss. Our intention is to create a five-star experience of magic and pleasure that is deeply grounded in and experienced through your physical senses. It will be an otherworldly creation. Your only job is to show-up and surrender to the beauty. We’ll take care of the rest.

Some of the exclusive features of this euphoric retreat:

Traditional Tuscan cuisine with a rawesome/vegan twist:  Enjoy the classic culinary creations and unparallel food classes with Italy’s premiere raw food chef and educator, Vito Cortese.

Aromatherapy Magic: Seep your senses in the herbal medicine of custom crafted aromatherapy, blended with love and Reiki and formulated specifically to assist your body in integrating and harmonizing with the indulgence of Tuscany. Certified aromatherapist and Reiki Master, Athena Ziegler will not only see to it that your experience is heightened in herbal bliss, she will also be available for personal Reiki sessions and consultation to help you learn how aromatherapy can assist you both physically and spiritually.

Learn about wine and dine with the experts: Wine is
definitely the star of this retreat. Not only will we provide private wine classes at the Villa to help you navigate your way through wine vocabulary, terminology, and styles, you’ll be able to sip your way through the famous wine regions of Italy, learning about everything from the unique terroir and micro-climates of Italy, to the most famous and noble grapes of Tuscany. You will also have the rare opportunity to meet and dine with some of the most distinguished winemakers in the boot.

Exclusive wine tasting/lunch at one of Tuscany’s premiere vineyards (details coming soon!)

Private Wine Dinner with Sabastiano Capponi: Acclaimed winemaker and Italian royalty, Count
Sebastiano Capponi will be joining us at the Villa for a private, four course wine dinner prepared and crafted by Vito Cortese and highlighting the elegance of the Capponi’s exceptional portfolio. Dinner will be preceded by a special wine reception in honor of Mr. Capponi, with live musicians featuring the sounds of Italy’s old-world style classic guitar, and infused with the therapeutic magic of Italy’s most indulgent scents. It will be a night to remember.

Excursion in medieval Florence: Enjoy a day wandering through the twisted stone streets of the capital of Tuscany and the very heart and soul of the Italian Renaissance. Famous for its rich history, Florence was once the center of medieval European trade/finance and one of the wealthiest cities on the continent. Often called the Athens of the Middle Ages, Florence is the birthplace of the Renaissance and was home to some of the most famous figures in history, including Leonardo Di Vinci, Dante, Brunelleschi, and the notoriously powerful Medici family.

With Florentine residents as your concierges, you can arrange a day absorbing the famous art (including Michelangelo’s “David”, the renowned Duomo, or the world class Medici collection at the Uffizi), sip wine in the charming Florentine cafes, or fill your day with shopping in one of the world’s fashion capitols (Armani, Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabbana, Fendi and more). Finally, end the evening at one of the most exclusive culinary secrets of Florence, La Giostra (see my review of this restaurant here). Dinner at this five-star restaurant (frequented by the likes of Brad Pitt and George Lucas) is included in your registration fee.

Cacao Ceremony under the Tuscan stars: To further heighten the bliss of this exclusive retreat, we will participate in a sacred ceremony into the medicinal, shamanistic, and aphrodisiac magic of the legendary cacao bean. Ever since humans first discovered the unique properties of the exquisite superfood, it has been revered as a precious mind-altering (not to mention delicious) substance that holds incredible health benefits as well as mind-expanding properties. Raw cacao, where the beans are dried, rather than cocoa, where the beans are roasted, maintains superfood status and will be used exclusively in this indulgent journey of lower chakra awakening.

The movement of cacao through the body stimulates mind, body, and soul. It is a trinity of movement, and a lost, ancient secret of reconciling desires to the heart. Not many alive on earth now understand or practice the ancient wisdom and healing properties of cacao. The use of this gentle stimulant taps the outer layers of resistance – the layer most people create around their heart (and deepest desires) to protect them from disappointment, sadness, and the seemingly unpredictable world. To remove this first film is to remove the illusion of separateness from desire – it is to remind the bearer of the heart that they are still very much Alive and their desires are not gone, but only sleeping. Desire, if not controlled and understood can run rampant. Much is to be understood about its power. It is not the enemy, but in fact, the secret to your destiny!

Accommodations at a Five-star classic Italian Villa:  Located in the Chianti area, 20 minutes from Arezzo in the luxury villa for rent Tuscanycountryside of Foiano della Chiana, Villa Gli Stemmi is only one hour away from all major cities and towns.The train station to Rome and Florence is conveniently just 6 minutes away.

The 12000 sqm fenced private park is meticulously tended, adorned with secular trees and lush plant life that luxury villa for rent Tuscanycolor the garden with varying shades of green and sweeten the air with fresh scents. The private park is perfect for long walks, bike trails, and spending time in complete peace. The 6x12m swimming pool sits amid this paradise. Completely private and set in a panoramic position, it is perfect for a refreshing dip after relaxing under the sun on the comfortable sun beds and parasols on the deck. The garden and the pool are both lit at night for a wonderful Italian evening atmosphere.

The garden is decorated with classic marble statues and a luxury villa for rent Tuscanymasterpiece fountain right by the grand entrance gate. The grounds also house a lovely private chapel dedicated to San Donato.

The main entrance on the ground floor opens up into a wide hallway lined with elegant paintings, original pieces of antique furniture, and floors covered with rich Persian rugs. Light floods into the entrance hall through the large glass doors at the far end where you can also access the garden.

Although the bedrooms are traditional in style with luxury villa for rent Tuscanyelaborate décor and quality furnishings and fittings, all amenities are modern. They are all air-conditioned, have in-room 20inch LCD satellite televisions and DSL Internet connection.


Amanda Flaker is a freelance writer, teacher/tutor, editor, wine sommelier, and creator of Chakra Center. She me5worked as both a sommelier and wine buyer in the wine industry in Portland, Oregon for nearly 10 years, specializing in Pinot Noir and selling wine from all over the word. She’s taught wine 101 classes and worked at some of the most exclusive wine events in the world, including International Pinot Noir Convention, Saludi, and  Chianti Classico Collection in Italy (she even served wine to the sommelier for the White House!).

Now she keeps her foot in the wine world by working as a wine journalist, writing about her experiences with vino around the globe. Amanda has lived in Florence, Italy three times throughout her life and has a special affinity for the rustic wines in the ever-changing microclimate of the boot. She loves creating magical moments with wine that open people up to their bliss. Amanda will be using her wine expertise and connections to create the most exclusive and magical Italian wine experience imaginable.

You can find-out more about her classes and intuitive work at

Athena Ziegler is an intuitive Certified Aromatherapist Athena Zieglerand Reiki Master. She carries a BA in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archaeology from San Francisco State University. Athena is the owner of Charmed Botanicals where she heals and guides people spiritually with the help of mystical aromatherapy. Along with the use of essential oils, Athena also utilizes the amazing healing earth energy of Reiki to assist in healing the mind, body and spirit.

Check her out at

Vito Cortese (Chef): Vito studied with America’s Vito black whitecelebrated raw food chef, Matthew Kenney, and has managed to capture the magic of Italian food with a healthy/raw twist. Partnering with Matthew Kenney, Vito will be opening a European raw food cuisine academy in Italy, collaborating in training chefs in high-end raw food cuisine and offering raw food classes around the world! This talented chef is pioneering the limits of raw cuisine – Italian style!

Check-out our exclusive interview with Vito, here.


Maria Cecilia Bisio: Cecilia studied linguistics at the University of Florence and works as a translator and language instructor teaching both English and Italian. She has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years, and will be available to assist you in any questions regarding your trip to Italy, customs, travel from the airport to the Villa, and Italian culture and lifestyle. She will also be present at the retreat to help make your experience and interaction with the Italian culture effortless and memorable. Cecilia’s service is impeccable.

Claudia Sortino: Born and raised in Sicily, Claudia moved to Florence at the age of 18 to study at the University of Firenze. She has since lived and worked in this medieval city as an exclusive, high-end sales rep for customer service with tourists from all over the world. She will be available at the Villa to make sure your experience is nothing short of perfection. After all, hospitality is what Italians do best! Count yourself lucky experience the magic of this Sicilian gem!

This is an all-inclusive retreat. Registration price includes:

  • All food and wine each day (with the exception of lunch on our excursion day in Florence and our free day)
  • Train travel to and from Florence on the excursion day
  • Wine tasting and transportation to the local winery
  • Winemakers dinner with Sebastiano Capponi ($200 value)
  • 1 hour massage
  • 1 hour of Reiki
  • Concierge services during the retreat
  • Travel consultations before the retreat
  • Wine service and wine  classes
  • Aromatherapy consultation
  • Private  chef on the days we are at the Villa.
  • Dinner at 5 star restaurant, La Giostra
  • Raw food class with Vito Cortese
  • Accommodations/cleaning services
  • Cacao ceremony

All for only $4444! *(Price does not include travel to and from Italy, or travel from the airport to the Villa).

As this is the only exclusive, alchemical, luxury, five star wine retreat of its kind, registration is likely to go fast. Space is extremely limited. First come, first serve. If you are planning to come with a partner or spouse, or if you wish to have your own room, there is a limited number suites available with a queen size bed. All other rooms will be shared with single beds, so register soon to receive your preference.

We can’t wait to create magic and sip wine with you under the Tuscan sun!

Secure your spot today with non-refundable deposit of $2222 (with the remainder to be paid by June 15th, 2013).

*Cancellation policy: Up to half of the retreat cost will be refunded for cancellations before June 15th. All reservations include a $2222 non-refundable deposit.

 Register on Amanda’s personal site, here.


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