The Saturday Post: Bad Days are People Too

The Saturday Post


This last week has been studded with solar flares and in my world this means trouble.  Solar flares hit me like a run away bread truck.  BEEP BEEP get out of the way!  I’m constantly on the edge of my seat and irritable as the proverbial lion with a thorn in it’s paw.  Bad days are on the forecast with a chance of mopey.

solar flare

These things have a way of affecting us without our knowing and for a long time we may just go on with life wondering, “What was that all about!?” or “What the heck is wrong with me!?”

But as most with a healed broken bone or arthritis can tell you, when a storm is brewing they can feel it in their bones.

So why is it so outlandish that we may be sensitive to the point of picking up solar weather? Perhaps it’s an unexplored sense or an under appreciated one.

Either way, no matter what you choose to believe, bad days are a part of life. At the very least, they teach us where not to stay.

Being at an undesirable place in your life or even an undesirable geographic location can be hard enough.  But many exacerbate the problem by doing emotional drive-by’s or indulging in “kick the cat.”  Although on the surface these forms of bypassing can alleviate stress and make us feel better for a time.  All they’re really doing is throwing another shovel full of dirt onto an already deeply buried issue.

There is nothing wrong with feeling like crap for a day, a month, or even a year.  Let me say that again.  There is NOTHING wrong with feeling like crap.  It is part of life.  “Oh but if I just get rid of my ego everything will be perfect and I’ll have tea with inter-dimensional beings and live in a mushroom forest with my pet unicorn Bob.”  Probably not……..Have we as a people learned nothing from what has come of the Catholic priesthood repressing themselves for thousands of years?  Not good.

So all that being said, what is the point of all this “negative” emotion and “bad” days?  Perspective and growth.  How would we even know what we like to experience without the opposite perspective of what we do not?

stormy weather

It is through this polarized perspective that we grow as people and hopefully one day, as a global community.

Yes, we came her to experience polarization. Good and bad, hot and cold, happiness and sadness, frustration and ease.

Sound a little crazy?  That’s ok, it just might be.  I will use myself as an example of all this.  For the first 7 years or so of my adult life I was dead set against buying a house.

I thought it was a scheme to keep people forever impoverished and in monetary bondage so they would keep going to their jobs every day.  All of that steamed from a core believe that money is evil and only bad people have it.  So with this perspective, I went from rental to rental never really making a home for myself.

Until I ended up back with my parents through a long series of events.  This won’t be so bad I though and it really isn’t ……most of the time.  Without getting into too many personal details, moving back in with my parents has given me the push to change my belief, which no longer suited me anyways, and begin the process of creating my own home.

Now, this took nearly a year and a half of self deprogramming and reprogramming.  It was through a lot of frustration, bad days, and screaming into the woods to get me to this point.  But, had I not experienced all that “crap” I never would have been pushed to change my belief and thus my reality.


Now we’re back up to the present again. I was talking about all this with my older sister, and lets just hear it for older siblings! They have the most grounded approach to looking at life and putting everything into perspective.

Nearing the end of our conversation she says to me, “But think of how awesomely calm and zen you’ll be in your new place because of all this. You’ll be meditating and levitating all over the place!”

I don’t know about the levitating part but I’m defiantly ready to ride that wave.

Namaste Friends


The Saturday Post: Jamie Mortinson, self proclaimed renaissance woman extraordinaire, tackles life with the same fortitude as her handicapped house duck.  Together they fly through the realms of spirituality and self expression in almost every way possible.  From organic gardening and duck farming to painting and crochet, no part of life’s “creation-fest” is off limits.  Interior design, wild edible foods, reading, writing, cooking, self-sufficiency, photography, meditation, yoga and a general love of life encompass nearly all of her time.  Those moments not promised to her passions are extended to her husband, and their celestial children: a dog, two cats, and lots of ducks and chickens.  She resides in Wisconsin but her home is the world and all the people in it are her family.

Jamie is the Saturday Post girl, delivering you news/updates/and thoughts on spiritually via YouTube and the blogging world.









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