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The tranquil tide at sea does not weep at its ebb,

because it trusts that next is its flow.


Nature is the symphony and dance of the Universe.  With trust in it’s purpose, nature does not live in resistance to itself because it knows it’s an extension of Creator and in the care of Creator.  nature1Nature comes and goes with ease, inspiration, and love – void of worry, void of fear.

Fear is a debilitating emotion, yet most of us have found ourselves in the grasp of it.  When we are in fear, we resist the flow of nature because fear is it’s antithesis.  Fear operates in distrust, while nature operates in trust.

Beneath even the most unsuspected emotion is fear.  In fact, fear of not being entirely loved, accepted, and valued is the collective disease of this planet.  So whether or not you feel loved and valued, know this:  You are loved and creatorvalued by a breathtaking Universe.  You are wanted because your thoughts and desires continue to shape and eternalize this Universe into more.  You are the most important, the most powerful, the most loved, because you are its beautiful hands.

Nature makes it look so easy.  How can we turn our lives over to the Universe in trust, as nature does so well?  How can we step into the vortex of the truth it shows us?  The truth that our nature is inherently rooted in ease and alive with infinite value.  And most importantly, that we are forever taken care of in divine timing.

We can do this by remembering that we are nature.  We may not see or feel it all the time because we’ve become so comfortable with our instinct, but nature pulses within us always.  We are as natural as the tide at sea.  When we live in opposition of it, we live in opposition with ourselves.

In this day in age, we are allowing fear to cloud our inherent trust in the Universe that we’ve been born with.  In that cloudy anxiety, we hold on so tightly to our lives and identity that we can no longer move with the tide.  What Source discovered after this collective experience, was the magic of Surrender.

Surrender is the antidote to fear.  Surrender has taught us that to LET GO is to give permission for divine flow – that is to say, allow the fullness of your desires to unfold.  The state of surrender accepts all conditions and transmutes every pain into a beautiful experience.  It is a powerful and fearless state to be in.  It pulls us through experiences, as we plop out the other side inBXP157711 amazement.  It is much like a life vest, keeping us buoyant in raging water.  It treats all emotions such as Source would; a time to feel, awe, expand, and shift to a greater bliss.  Surrender is one with trust, one with nature.

The best way to explore this is to simply live our part.  The more we surrender and tune into our instinctual and intuitive nature, our trust to be carried by the divine grows, and recollection of the nature kingdom within us grows.

If you cannot yet tune into the nature kingdom within yourself, choose an element of nature thatgaia you resonate with.  For a couple of days, keep your thoughts and actions entangled with the energy of that element – move in the same way that it might, talk in the same way that it might, love in the same way that it might.  Notice the difference in the way your days flow.

Above all else, surrender as you are.  You don’t have to be anything in surrender.  Surrender is void of judgment and effort; it wants nothing more than to take you as you are – exactly as you are.  Flaw or perfection, you are infinite offering in surrender.

Since you are part of nature, you know surrender better than you might think.  Nature does not try, it just IS.  It trusts, it flows, it becomes.  It’s free and flexible.  It revels in the pleasure of it’s own existence.


The weary depths of worry

Where heart and mind distrust


You wage a war against what you truly feel

And what someone told you you must


But what you must do is recognize

The freedom in your fibers

The genius that binds them together

As you


And your natural inclination

To move in the direction of your intuition

And virtuously choose

You must fall deep into the well of your heart

To let it’s pristine waters cultivate

And nourish its seed

Which is you


Then rising out a flower in full bloom



6 thoughts on “EmBody Bliss: Our Surrendered Nature

  1. So glad to finally find your blog. I didn’t realize you had one until the other day when I clicked on a story that looked interesting. So glad to have found you and it! And thanks for liking our blog. I will begin to post again very soon. Most likely regularly after taxes are done. Ugh. Love your site. Things at word press have really changed. I am going to have to relearn everything again. 🙂

    1. I didn’t know you had a blog either — so I’m happy we connected! I hope I get to see you soon when I head to Portland for a visit. Feel better. Sending you lots of love and healing!

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