The Saturday Post: Short and Sweet

The Saturday Post


inner kingdom

This Saturday Post is going to be a little different guys.  Sometimes, life happens in such a way that we cannot ignore the message being delivered.  My message this week is that of priorities.  As this post is one of my top priorities, just not doing it was not an option.  But as events have turned out I simply cannot tell you a story or come up with a quirky anecdote about expansion or love and light.  It’s just not possibly.  But, all moments are opportunities and this is one for you.  This is your chance to write the story this week.  Please feel free to post how this collection of videos makes you feel, what it makes you think of, or how your story relates.  We would love to hear more from our readers as you’re all a part of us and we love you.  Have a good week, Namaste.


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