Numerology: It’s All Around You

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Today we feature one of the top numerology blogs on the web to help us decode the patterns of the Universe: Be sure to stop by their site and check-out the magic!

Patterns are everywhere. They’ve always existed, and they will go on existing in their unassuming way whether we notice them or not. From organic life forms and manmade objects to recurring situations and the cycles of time, they’re there.

Many people will go through life blind to these patterns, and end up happy people with fulfilled lives, completely unaware of what they’ve overlooked. But those of us who have our eyes open to these patterns, who observe and absorb the ordered, connected nature of the universe in which we live and the role we play in the grand scheme of things, we have the potential to understand ourselves, the environment and the ups and downs of life on a very different level.

Numerology is a study of order, and the patterns we see and experience in life are a tangible representation of that order. An understanding of Numerology and an awareness of these patterns, on any level, can bring us greater understanding of who we are and why we think the way we think, experience the things we experience and so on. Through studying Numerology, we create a space within our awareness that allows us to consider parts of life that others look past; we hone our subconscious to observe the world with openness and knowledge.

Life, time, nature — everything is a cycle. It’s a concept that’s easy to say and easy to hear, but when we tap into the science of numbers, it becomes easy to truly understand, easy to apply.

We may not always know exactly what a pattern means or how it will impact our lives, but the simple acknowledgement that these patterns are out there, influencing us in both trivial and significant ways, well, sometimes that’s all we really need to know. When we realize that there is order around us, that everything is a cycle, including this very moment, it makes the difficult parts of life seem less dramatic. They become workable situations, lessons in progression rather than setbacks.

And so I invite you to build your awareness! Here at we’re dedicated to helping you in your quest for answers by keeping you up on the patterns that are happening around you and teaching you all we can about the language of numbers. Enjoy the journey!


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