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Questions…they are the building blocks to comprehension. They are the bridge to growth and discovery.  This Universe was formed and continues to form by a burning curiosity, a question – ”Who am I?”  This simple question is the platform for all of expansion and because we are fruits of the Universe, our individual question is the same, “Who am I?”


Happily and willingly, we became life.  It’s not something we do; it’s something we are.  As streams of curiosity pulsing with boundless potential, we came into human form to explore the ends of this world through experience, epiphany, and expansion.  Knowing that as we individually experience, we also make up the collective experience.  Those who have truly set out to find their limits, and therefore the limits of the Universe, have found that there is no limit.  We hear this all the time, but our doubt seems to cloud its truth.  What can we do to instill this belief in us that we are infinite?

All of life desires growth.  We seem to understand this magical concept of limitless growth and give it generous encouragement and confidence to occur in plants, children, animals, science, technology, etc.  But what is this wall we hit, this Wet Seedlingbarrier, which has made us stop giving ourselves the same encouragement and absolute confidence to do the same as adults?  Where did our child go who never saw limit, where is the vibrancy inside of me akin to a newly sprouted tree?  Can I embody limitless growth, happily?

At some point, our individual paths will be compromised for the benefit of strengthening our cause, our intention.  That may look like somebody putting us down for our discoveries, which don’t look like their discoveries.  Or it may look like us putting ourselves down for our seemingly failed attempts.  Whatever it is, it has caused us to fear our own bloom.

This pain involved in our individualized path of expansion has weaved within us a worry of what other people think, a worry of what’s right or wrong, good or bad.  These barriers have made us not trust ourselves anymore – which kill the intrinsic inspiration behind our expansion.  When we invite these barriers into our path of universediscovery, we aren’t in alignment.  For this Universe is not ruled upon right, wrong, good, or bad…and not even truth.  This is a non-judgmental, all-becoming Universe, and your truth is its truth.

When we step out of the fear of the unknown, fear our potential, or fear of what others may think…and instead…become open to our questions and accepting of our magnificent discoveries (which may possibly dismantle our last discovery), then we become the expanded version of ourselves that we’ve asked for and felt inside our hearts.  We embody the vibration of flexible, ever changing, joyous life.  When we feel safe enough to flow in this way, we will come to know freedom and boundlessness.

Some people get insecure around the idea of pure freedom or no boundary because it feels safer to have something to grab onto, but the realization of boundlessness is the byproduct of growth.  Each individuals expansion is served in it’s own way, in it’s own time, but it is inevitable that one graduates to freedom and the answer to their question, “Who am I?”

It is not up to someone else to define your roots, decide what color your branchespaths should be, or which direction they should reach.  You have not come to adhere to anyone else’s path; you have come to create your own because this is the way that the Universe becomes most expanded.  If we all realized this, we could relax and enjoy our own power instead of being at war with everyone else’s.  To be at war with anyone else’s path is to be at war with your own.

You are the experience, the discoverer, and the creator.  You will become whoever you think you are, you are as open as you allow yourself to see, you are as expanded as you allow yourself to go, and you go as far as you allow yourself to reach.  You have the power to create something that has never been done before.  Your own questions, find your own answers.  Each silent or spoken question will lead you to your answer, which will most likely take the form of a new question.  This is an exciting process of creation!

So what do you want to discover?  What do you want to create?  What is pulling you?  Trust and move with this pull, for your inspiration is divine.  Feel free to breakeyes free, free from the mold!  Feel free to be the individual perspective that you are!  Feel free to be a constantly growing and changing landscape!  Feel free to be the deepest YOU, because YOU are the exact way that Source wanted to express itself.

Once upon a time, Source wanted your eyes to be its eyes…

and then you came.



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